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“I don’t know them.” Chu Han wanted to cry but had no tears.

Xiao Mengqi’s eyes reddened suddenly and looked like her man had just abandoned here, “Chu Han, how dare you say something like that?”

Shocked by Xiao Mengqi’s red eyes, He Peiyuan and Cheng Xianguo nodded heavily. You still claim not knowing them after saying your name? Chu Han how could you be so irresponsible!?

“Boss! That’s simply wrong!” Yue Zi said.

“Although it is your private affair, you should take responsibility as a man!” Cheng Xianguo also tried to persuade him.

“Idol, ah!” He Shang, who did not know the truth just sighed and patted Chu Han’s shoulder, “Having a child with such a beautiful wife is a blessing. You can’t turn your back on them!”

Chu Han suppressed his anger and took a deep breath. The situation was so messy that even he didn’t know how to deal with it.

Chen Shaoye had spent more time with Chu Han and looked at Li s.h.i.+rong several times. He came to the conclusion that she was Chu Han’s child. Chu Han was only twenty-year-old and Li s.h.i.+rong looked older than ten-year-old. Could the boss have s.e.xual relations.h.i.+ps when he was ten-year-old? But Xiao Mengqi seemed to be infatuated with Chu Han. So?

Suddenly Chen Shaoye patted his head and looked at Chu Han with sympathy, “Boss, she must have cheated on you!”

“F*ck your cheating theory!” Chu Han’s face turned black and finally erupted, “These two women are crazy!”

“Who did you call crazy?” Li s.h.i.+rong shouted at Chu Han, “Do you believe that I can’t cut you into pieces!?”

Xiao Mengqi dragged Li s.h.i.+rong and touched the girl’s head. She looked at Chu Han apologetically and said in a soft voice, “Chu Han, stop saying vulgar things.”

Everyone nodded because what she said sounded correct but her next words shocked them, “I’d hate dealing with you because of your vulgar language.”

Everyone was surprised and looked at Li s.h.i.+rong who wanted to cut Chu Han in pieces and Xiao Mengqi who uttered those words in a violent tone.

Hate to deal with? Girl, what did you mean ‘dealing with’?

“I will build a mental hospital for you to stay, okay?” Chu Han was really annoyed and said to Xiao Mengqi and Li s.h.i.+rong, “Stop stalking me.”

“No!” Li s.h.i.+rong still clung to him.

“No.” Xiao Mengqi was soft and then said, “I will be worried if you are alive.”

The shocked people were confused by the women’s words.


“Let me explain!” Shangguan Yuxin snapped out of it and said, “They are patients at Third Hospital’s psychiatry department. The old one is Xiao Mengli and the little one is Li s.h.i.+rong.”

Chu Han nodded.

“Psychiatry department?” He Shang was stunned and understood what was going on.

Chu Han was not an irresponsible as they had thought; everyone felt that they had swallowed a fly!

The two women’s eyes were really complicated to be described. Were they deceiving them all along? What’s worse their boss was right; they were really crazy!

“h.e.l.lo.” Xiao Mengqi was very polite, cute and sensible, “Nice to meet you all.”

‘But we are not happy to see you!’ That’s what everyone thought but didn’t say out loud.

They were not fools since Chu Han was afraid of Xiao Mengqi. They misunderstood the whole situation and thought they were in a relations.h.i.+p. A cold feeling surged out and overwhelmed them. They’d better not get involved with the woman Chu Han was afraid.

“Chu Han,” Xiao Mengqi said again, “Can I kill you now?”

“You are insane!” Chu Han lost his patience and cursed.

“Chu Han.” Xiao Mengqi’s voice became cold, “Didn’t I tell you to stop using vulgar language?”

The atmosphere was tense and Chu Han aimed the ax’s cold edge at them; his killing intent started leaking out.

Chu Han’s action made everyone nervous. Because of their loyalty to Chu Han, they could feel his domineering disposition; their boss was spectacular!

Xiao Mengqi’s shyness disappeared and was replaced with coldness.

Feeling the young woman’s aura, Chen Shaoye held his weapon since he felt something wrong!

Li s.h.i.+rong ran away and clapped her hands with bright eyes. It was like she was about to watch a good movie.


Chu Han raised the ax, jumped in the air as usual and chopped at Xiao Mengqqi. He took the initiative and tried to land a hit. Their fight startled everyone!

Chu Han had pushed his speed to its limits and only his shadow could be seen. As he was rus.h.i.+ng to Xiao Mengqqi, he suddenly found no one there!

Clas.h.!.+ Chu Han was nervous and turned back immediately.

Their positions had changed. The weird woman stood where Chu Han previously was. No one could see how she accomplished it.

Everyone was dumbfounded and they looked at Xiao Mengqqi who was faster than Chu Han.

Chen Shaoye loaded the gun. There were two evolved people there and one of them was stronger than the other!

Xiao Mengqi was stronger, she had reached phase 1!

It was definitely a magical and outrageous thing. Chu Han didn’t expect that there would be someone stronger at the hospital. The woman was like Chen Shaoye, awakening her ability?

The fact that she had gained two phase 2 black crystals could be ignored, but how could a normal person swallow them simultaneously?

“Oh, yeah… I almost forgot, she’s insane and must have considered it was something fun to do…” Chu Han felt hopeless.

Whatever, who was really stronger would show after one month at least. Chen Shaoye didn’t hold the advantage against Xiao Mengqi.

Chu Han clearly knew that and he had to do something. How many were the things that he did not know? How many unknown masters were in the world?

How about her strong talent and speed?

He had not heard about Xiao Mengqi in his previous life and that messy situation gave him a headache. Everyone else was also shocked by her speed.


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