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At that moment, Kuang Zhiran was not in high and vigorous spirits, he was lying on a bed weakly. Two beautiful nurses were looking after him and the needles in his hand carefully.

“When will my son wake up?” Kuang Cheng asked with a dark face. Kuang Zhiran had shocked lots of people as he was rus.h.i.+ng to find his father; as soon as he opened the car’s door his cut hand fell down, it was terrible.

Who was so courageous to cut the hand of a major general’s son!?

As Kuang Zhiran was driving he almost collided several times, truly a pitiful fellow. He was too dizzy because of the blood loss and barely kept his life because he received first aid treatment immediately.

Kuang Cheng, with military power, was like a volcano about to erupt after seeing his dizzy son. He had killed several exclusive military nurses that had slept with him.

Kuang Cheng’s anger shocked the soldiers, so they were extremely careful not being shot by Kuang Cheng. That was not a civilized period, principles had deteriorated and people with power would act outrageously.

Huaxia had yet to fall and the military’s power was still at its peak, so people of higher ranks still retained their power.

Facing Kuang Cheng’s killing intent the two huge-breasted nurses almost knelt down, they were afraid of uttering a single word. If the major general’s son had an accident, they would follow the other nurses’ path, death! Being a medic before the apocalypse was a good job, but after, it was quite the opposite.

In the face of Kuang Cheng’s unbearable gun, they were helpless and scared.

“Ah! Ah!” The dizzy Kuang Zhiran shouted weakly and opened his eyes in panic.

“You just woke up.” Kuang Cheng held his son’s hand.

“Dad!” Kuang Zhiran shouted seeing his father, “My hand, were you able to reconnect it?’

Kuang Cheng’s eyes darkened and said in a comforting tone, “Just forget it. Who did that? I will kill him!”

“Hang!” Kuang Zhiran tried hard to raise his left hand but he was unable to, “Where is my hand? Hand!”

Kuang Cheng had no choice but to tell him the truth, “I will find the best prosthetic for you-”

“Nooooo!” Kuang Zhiran listened to the word ‘prosthetic’ and shouted madly, “I don’t want a prosthetic hand! My hand!”

Facing his nearly crazy son, Kuang Cheng kicked the two nurses, “Useless tras.h.!.+”

They were afraid of saying anything, Kuang Zhiran’s hand could not be connected anymore; even saving his life was a miracle.

After the noisy morning, the caravan’s atmosphere calmed down. Kuang Zhiran had no power to shout anymore, he had to accept being a cripple from then on, all thanks to the ax!

“Tell me, who did that to you?” Kuang Cheng’s face was gloomy since he had to take a revenge for his son.

“Chu Han! Chu Han!” Kuang Zhiran shouted madly and he thrashed on the bed; his wound started bleeding again.

His hate had reached unparallel levels!

Daxing Manor was a work of art before the apocalypse, but now, it was just a large and messy wasteland. In the middle of the manor, there was a villa which had lost all of its vibrancy.

Everyone was confused seeing Chu Han leading the dozens of vehicles toward the manor, they thought it was just a wasteland.

“You should wait here.” Chu Han drove the G55 into the manor after speaking. Bai Yun’er, He Shang, and Su Xing did not get off the vehicle.

The people in the other vehicles were really confused and parked on the roadside looking at the G55 going into the manor.

“Did the boss deliberately take a detour to come here?” Lu Hongsheng touched his head pondering over the detour’s purpose.

“Don’t ask or think about it.” Chen Shaoye looked at him, “You are a fool, so stop trying to figure out our boss’ plans.”

“I do agree with the fact that I can’t figure out his plans,” Lu Hongsheng was unwilling, “But I will not acknowledge that I’m a fool, you’re no better than me.”

Chen Shaoye pointed at the rifle, “Do what you should do. I am not smart so I am in charge of shooting. I will shoot where my boss orders me to shoot, everything else is irrelevant. If you are not smart, then take care of laborious tasks. It will be okay as long as you don’t slow us down.”

Lu Hongsheng was speechless with Chen Shaoye’s argument but it was really true after thinking about it carefully. Was Chu Han in a lack of people? No! He had a superb sniper, a female killer with top-notch fighting ability, a doctor, a chemist, a physicist as well as an unknown technology technician.

He had all kind of talents and his memories from his previous life, so Lu Hongsheng could be ignored.

He Peiyuan who was guessing his intentions too smiled. He had lived for long but could not see through everything, like the twenty-year-old boy, Chu Han. He looked at Cheng Xianguo and Yue Zi eating their food silently and Shangguan Yuxin taking care of Luo Xiaoxiao. His eyes were cast on Shang Jiuti who could not be by her appearance. There was a blush on her pretty and coquettish face.

The huge manor’s road was bad, not because of zombies, overgrown weeds were all over the place after the gene mutation; those weeds had lowered the G55’s visibility.

“Idol,” He Shang was the first one unable to bear it, “Why we are here?”

Su Xing also confused listened carefully since he also wanted to know the reason they were there.

Bai Yun’er was the only one who kept silent and was relaxed, in contrast with the two unbearable men. She had a calm expression; it felt like should take a photo of the scenery with a camera.

Chu Han glanced at Bai Yuner, he wasn’t in the mood of explaining, “You will know after we get there. You should speak less and watch more.”

“Er-” He Shang and Su Xing were dazed and looked at each other without asking further.

They reached the only house which looked gloomy just from looking at its high iron door. After parking Chu Han stayed quietly in his seat with his hands on the wheel, doing nothing; their surroundings were really silent.

Bai Yun’er closed her eyes slightly, it was like she was sleeping.

It was five minutes past and only the lovely sleeping Bai Yuner’s breath could be heard in the vehicle. Chu Han was patiently waiting, without pressing the horn.

He Shang and Su Xing were really impatient; they looked at Chu Han several times without asking.

At the moment that He Shang and Su Xing were bored by the weird atmosphere-


A faint sound came from the iron gate.


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