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Ji Qingliu`s shouting greatly shocked everybody as they looked towards where she was pointing.

It was a very handsome cross-road vehicle, the G55 of the Benz` G series. It looked so tall and strong after it was cleaned up. Its body was filled with scratches but there were no deep marks on it, a testament to the toughness of the car. All of these were testament to the power of the car. Perhaps only G.o.d knew how many zombies it had crashed on, and you could not deny the fact that it was a vehicle that could accompany its owner through fire and water. The faded license plate under the b.u.mper really had the number 888.

Ji Qingliu was correct and the vehicle really belonged to her. It was Duo Ming who asked someone to smuggle the vehicle and to send it to her as a present. She broke the Pandora chain that Chu Han had saved money for a year to buy when she received the vehicle.

Zhou Shuli had stopped cleaning the vehicle and alertly looked towards those people. These people wanted to take away his thing. The vehicle belonged to him and he would not let anyone take it away even if he had no position, no women nor food!

“It`s mine! That vehicle is mine!” Ji Qingliu madly shouted as she rushed forward to confront Zhou Shuli. She was so dirty. Her previous elegance was now gone as she completely became a mad woman.

“That car is actually here! You thief!” Duan Ming also rushed out since he spent so much to buy it with the aim to make Ji Qingliu happy. The vehicle`s functions were so useful and it was also very powerful and it was far better to use than the 458 during these times. He would not have suffered so much if the vehicle was not stolen.

The explosion of madness of Duan Ming and Ji Qingliu made the others feel at a loss. It had already been one month since the apocalypse started and the idea of stealing and robbing had become weak in the hearts of the people. Vehicles, food or living places were gained with the principle “first come, first served”.

Everything was back to zero and it was a new beginning.

“I will kill you! I will kill you!” Ji Qingliu rushed and gritted her teeth to show her set of completely yellow teeth. The slim arms that were more scary than the zombie`s grabbed Zhou Shuli`s neck, “You impoverished man! How dare you steal my vehicle! You could not afford it so you had to rob mine!”

Poor man? Could not afford?!

These two words were taboo words for Zhou Shuli.

“f.u.c.k you b.i.t.c.h!” Zhou Shuli became mad and caught Ji Qingliu`s hair as he heavily pulled her towards the ground. Ji Qingliu`s face, especially her nose, was bleeding profusely. Her face looked very b.l.o.o.d.y and meshed. Next, he fought with her and kicked Ji Qingliu off, “You said I`m a poor man? You are rich but you sure are a f.u.c.king b.i.t.c.h! f.u.c.k you!”

“Return my vehicle!” At that time, Duan Ming also rushed forward as his anger made him lost his reason. The things that he was proud of were gone because of the apocalypse and he was already having a hard time just to fill himself with food. He could no longer bear that the vehicle that was very suitable in escaping had been actually stolen by others!

“f.u.c.k you!” Zhou Shuli was so mad as he picked up Duan Ming`s collar, “Do you really think that I won`t shoot you? This vehicle is mine! Mine!”


Suddenly, the huge gun sprang into action.

The three people who were raging stopped in their tracks. Duan Ming was very scared while Ji Qingliu was still on the ground after being beaten so seriously.

Zhou Shuli coldly looked at Chen Zehao who fired a gun. He used to have a gun but he lost it while escaping. f.u.c.k! s.h.i.+t!

“Fighting is forbidden here!” Chen Zehao was so angry.

He shot another bullet towards the sky and deliberately took the silencer off because he wanted to shock all these people with the gun fire. His actions seemed to be so familiar. Zhou Shuli also shocked others with it before but now the situation was totally different. The shocked person was Zhou Shuli.

Ding Xue frowned and looked at the base that seemed to be very tranquil. It was a residential district that resembled the same place during the civilized times with the park that seemed to be a field of greenery as well as the people who had lost their humanity.

Suddenly, a person came to her mind, a man who asked her to prepare food before the exploration of apocalypse. She knew nothing about him, including his current location.

“You three people will have no dinner tonight!” Chen Zehao ordered. He pointed at the G55 and said to his men, “Put the inside for confiscation!”

“You cannot rob my stuff. It is mine! It`s mine!” Zhou Shuli resisted.

“Bulls.h.i.+t! It is mine. I bought it!” Duan Ming shouted loudly and then he said towards Chen Zehao and his men, “I have heard that this place is governed by military rules so I thought you would be reasonable. How can you just take my thing away? That car is mine. The entirety of the Mingqiu students know it!”

“Yes! You can ask them.” Duan Ming looked towards the dozens of students, “You guys say something! Is the car mine? Ding Xue? Cla.s.s Monitor? Say something!”

Ding Xue was asked and she suddenly thought about Chu Han. She saw that Chen Zehao looked at her with doubtful eyes as she then looked at the G55. Her eyes stayed at the familiar license plate. Then, she nodded, “It is Duan Ming and Ji Qingliu`s car. However, it should be in the parking lot of Mingqiu University. How would it be here?”

“It is so simple!” Ji Qingliu had recovered as she fiercely stared at Zhou Shuli, “He stole my vehicle and then drove it here.”

“No.” Ding Xue retorted Ji Qingliu as she looked at Zhou Shuli with calm eyes, “His accent is that of a local of Tong City. I was born in that city and I could clearly feel it.”

“Hahaha! Did you hear that?” Zhou Shuli laughed out loud, “This vehicle is mine, not yours. You cannot take it away from me.”

Ding Xue`s mouth strangely curved into a smile as she then looked at Zhou Shuli directly, “The license plate is clearly of Mingqiu City and the vehicle belongs to Duan Ming and Ji Qingliu. The vehicle was stolen by another person and you also stole it from that person?”

Ding Xue suddenly understood as that obscured line had been cleared. The vehicle in the parking lot of Mingqiu University was driven to Tong City. So the person that stole it should be the missing Chu Han.

Ding Xue’s heart suddenly beat faster. From the conversation they had one month ago, Chu Han seemed to know something. Where was he then, if he really was that person?

“It doesn’t matter who is the owner of this car, it should be confiscated.” Chen Zehao broke the conversation between these people as he peeked at Ding Xue. This smart woman should not be allowed to stay as he must get the vehicle. He must rob it!

“No way!”

“You a.s.shole wants to steal my car!”

“Return it to me!”

Zhou Shuli, Ji Qingliu and Duan Ming all shouted at him. Their pale complexion were just the same as zombies.

It was another gunshot.

“I will kill you if you guys keep shouting.” Chen Zehao shouted loudly.

“Who fired a gun?” Suddenly, a steady and angry voice came from afar but the anger could be felt from the place they were on even if it was far away.


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