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Chapter 520 – Death

Jiang Ling made similar arrangements outside the Grand Sky Gate. The Ancient Qilin Clan’s army was composed of about a hundred thousand youths, commanded by Chong Yang.

As an Astral General, Tianming’s position was equivalent to the exalted ones, and might even be higher than Qilin Kings. As the heavy rain continued pouring down, Tianming glanced at the Ancient Qilin Clan.

He could see complicated expressions written on the faces of everyone from the Ancient Qilin Clan. Chong Yang sighed, “Why is this the outcome for geniuses of my Ancient Qilin Clan? Especially Li Muyang and Li Tianming, this father and son pair.…”

“That’s just life, don’t dwell on it,” replied Jing Yue.

“Speaking of which, is there any reaction from the Cyclic Map?”

“Yeah, Li Muyang is gradually approaching the Divine Capital. It looks like he thinks he has nothing to fear after Autarch Qian’s death.”

“Wait, wasn’t he crippled by Autarch Qian? How’d he regain his cultivation? Did he start all over again?”

While they discussed the traitor, their orders finally came. Sitting on his ferocious tiger, Bai Zijun roared, “Skycore Legion, heed my orders! Kill!”

Countless people charged toward the Imperial City from all different directions in an instant. This tactic forced Dongyang Yun’s army to disperse in different directions. If they allowed Jiang Ling or the Decimo Dao Palace to break through, it would spell trouble. After all, the vulnerable and elderly were still in the city. With Jiang Ling’s banner and the Decimo Dao Palace’s principles, none of them would act hostile toward them.

This was something that Autarch Yun didn’t have to fear. When the army charged into the Sun-Moon Imperial Formation, the entire Divine Capital was trembling.

“Follow me!” Tianming wasn’t anxious at all. Weisheng Yunxi had said that tonight would be a battle of strategy, not the final battle. They would have to act depending on the situation. Their objective was to weaken their enemies. Regardless of Dongyang Yun or Jiang Ling, it would benefit the dao palace if either of them suffered heavy losses. So there was no need to risk their lives; they just had to put up an act.

“Dark Astral Battalion!” Tianming charged into the formation with the Three-Thousand Starfield in his hand. It enveloped the entire battalion, making sure none of them were spread out. That was extremely important.

The Sun-Moon Imperial Formation was enchanted with the Silverymoon Illusory Formation, a five star heavenly pattern formation. Tianming could negate most of the formation’s illusions with his Insightful Eye, but the Dark Astral Battalion didn’t have that advantage.

“Steady! Steady!” Tianming shouted.


Tianming paid attention to the position of the other Skycore Legion’s battalions and slowly pressed forth with the Dark Astral Battalion. The Ancient Qilin Clan’s army charged past them. They were ferocious in their advance, as they needed to get on Jiang Ling’s right side.

“In such a hurry to bootlick?” Tianming smiled. Everyone had their own fortunes, so Tianming didn’t want to comment about theirs. It wasn’t easy for them, either. The Skycore Legion couldn’t fall too far behind the Ancient Qilin Clan, or it would seem too fake.

“Our principle is to speed up their losses. Make sure that none of them are defeated.” That was what Weisheng Yunxi had said. It was also the reason why they weren’t taking down Dongyang Yun tonight.

The dao palace disciples increased their speed, speeding up the deaths by following this principle. The fighting had already grown to this extent. But if there weren’t any new factors added to the war, Dongyang Yun and Jiang Ling would slow down their battle to drag the Decimo Dao Palace down.

The moment they had stepped into the Sun-Moon Imperial Formation, it was a three-way gamble.

“This time, killing is second. Our goal is to have the fewest casualties.” Bai Zijun had reinforced that several times. Now that Tianming had become the commander of ten thousand people, he had to be responsible for them.

“But those that should be killed must still be killed!” Tianming pressed forth with his eyes narrowed into slits. He heard the commotion coming from afar, and if things went as he expected, the formation’s spirit hazard should be coming soon.

The next moment, a wild wind blew within the Sun-Moon Imperial Formation. Flames had taken the form of tornados and were charging toward the Imperial City. At the same time, the rain contained saintly heavenly patterns with corrosive ability. But that was only a small part of it.

“Take on the formation and protect each other! Quickly pa.s.s through the spirit hazard! Put away all of your lifebound beasts to reduce the number of targets!” There were no eyes on the battlefield, and anything could take place in a blink of an eye. Luckily, they had the Ancient Qilin Clan taking the spirit hazards head-on.

“Charge!” Tianming charged forth, opening the path with Lan Huang. The Dark Astral Battalion was like a hot blade slicing through b.u.t.ter.

“Keep it up!” The Three-Thousand Starfield extended to its full three kilometer length, allowing the people behind to find him within the illusion. Tianming wouldn’t be far away as long as they could see the Three-Thousand Starfield.

“Hold it up!”


With the lifebound beasts returning to their lifebound s.p.a.ces, it wasn’t a problem for the Three-Thousand Starfield to lead everyone. Tianming hung the chain from Lan Huang’s tail. With its immense strength, it wouldn’t be a problem to pull ten thousand people along.

Taking out five Oceanspirit Tomes, Tianming threw them out. The tomes immediately released an ocean into the battlefield. Charging into the ocean, Lan Huang was like a fish, surfing through the spirit hazards while dragging ten thousand people behind it. The Dark Astral Battalion was moving faster than the Ancient Qilin Clan, and only suffered a few casualties from the spirit hazards.

“Wait.” Tianming wasn’t in a hurry after arriving in a safe area. Patience was the key to this war today. The spirit hazards were being controlled, and they were directed at places with many people gathered together. So they were much safer, as they only had ten thousand people.

On the contrary, the Ancient Qilin Clan had attracted a large number of spirit hazards and was thrown into chaos. The spirit hazards were as lethal as Invincible Sword Ki, with different elements grinding together.

“General, won’t the Ancient Qilin Clan notice us if we stay here?” Liu Yuyi asked.

“What can they do about it even if they notice us? Are we going to charge in the front for them? It’s already good that we’re not using them as meatshields,” replied Tianming.

“And here I thought the general would charge in the front,” said Chen Fang.

“Haha! Are you mocking me? Be careful, or I’ll beat you up,” said Tianming.

“Please forgive me, general,” Chen Fang replied. Everyone was in a good mood.

They could only admit that Tianming was a decent Astral General. They had such an easy atmosphere while they were in the Sun-Moon Imperial Formation, especially how Tianming had pulled everyone along using the Three-Thousand Starfield, which had greatly decreased their casualties.

With that, everyone was convinced by Tianming’s ability. Honestly speaking, they had been afraid that Tianming would be impulsive, due to his young age. But seeing how he could calm himself down and a.n.a.lyze the overall situation, they felt more at ease listening to his orders. That way, they could fight more efficiently.

“Get ready!” Tianming called out. He swept his glance across the battlefield and saw an allied army coming in their direction. “We’ll be fighting Dongyang Yun under the ravages of the spirit hazards. Keep close to me. I’ll use the Three-Thousand Starfield and fight to our advantage. Don’t jump into the enemy ranks recklessly, understood?”

“Understood!” the Dark Astral Battalion chorused.

“In summary, none of you are allowed to die!” Tianming roared.

“Roger!” Everyone agreed with that command. After all, who wanted to die if they could live?

“General, are you trying to reveal your location with the Three-Thousand Starfield for us to find you? But if that’s the case, enemies will also discover your location and target you. You’re special, and what happens if you attract someone powerful?” Chen Fang sounded his concern.

“Let them come then. They’ll only die!” Tianming squinted his eyes.

“General, please be rea.s.sured. We’ll follow you to our death!” Chen Fang said with bloodshot eyes.

“Very well.” Tianming came to Lan Huang’s head. “Summon your lifebound beasts and fight!”

The Dark Astral Battalion immediately transformed from infantry to cavalry. Ye Lingfeng was even riding the Soulfiend. Lan Huang was at the forefront, loudly roaring. Its eyes had already turned bloodshot and it was impatiently smashing its claws on the ground.

Beside Tianming, Ying Huo smirked. With Lan Huang’s protection, it would become a nightmare on the battlefield. As for Meow Meow, it was still sleeping between two of the mountains on Lan Huang’s back. It seemed that Meow Meow wouldn’t wake up anytime soon, unless they were placed in a dangerous situation. Tianming also couldn’t be bothered with the little cat. He had tens of thousands of underlings right now, and one fewer wouldn’t make any difference.

Tens of thousands of lifebound beasts roared. Tianming raised the Grand-Orient Sword and separated it into two, wielding each one in his hands. “Get ready!”

The Three-Thousand Starfield coiled around his arm and body, allowing him to use it to defend himself any time. Wearing his Dark Astral Armor, Tianming’s white hair fluttered in the wind.

“Big brother, you look handsome right now!” Jiang Feiling said in an infatuated tone.

“Are you wet then?”

“I’m ignoring you!”

“What the h.e.l.l is going through your mind? I’m asking if your eyes are turning wet. What were you thinking about?” Tianming said seriously.

“Go away!”

Tianming laughed. Teasing Ling’er was a joy in his life. Then again, it was time for killing right now. Tianming yelled, “Dark Astral Battalion, listen up! Follow me and kill!”

The ground rumbled as Lan Huang opened a path. With his Insightful Eye, Tianming had already discovered his enemy’s location and roared, “Prepare your long-distance abilities!”

The Ancient Qilin Clan was the first to clash with the enemy, and countless spirit hazards were descending upon them. Tianming’s eyes were cold when he looked at the battlefield. “Attack!!”

Countless abilities shot out, including Lan Huang’s Primordial Soundwave and Ying Huo’s Sixpath Infernal Lotus. The ground was shaking from the collision between abilities.

“What’s with all the noise?” Meow Meow opened its eyes to see countless abilities flying by. It was like a fireworks festival. “Fighting again? Boring! I’d better preserve my strength.”

Meow Meow slid off Lan Huang’s back and fell into the muddy water. It had fallen asleep again.


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