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Chapter 135: Your Sweetheart Is Here Again

Chi Yan’s Weibo was also under attack. A wave of scolding flooded under her latest selfie two days ago.

Rich Family’s Cat: “I heard you s.n.a.t.c.hed your sister’s fiancé. You sure are shameless.”

SSS: “Mistress BS.”

TianLanlanlan: “You’re quite pretty, and an intellectual as well. Why do you have to be a third party?”

Pulling Your Heartstrings: “We should @S911laboratory here. Is such a person worthy to stay in your laboratory? No matter how high your academic level is, it’s useless if you have such bad conduct!”

Chi Yan was verified to be a researcher at the S911 Laboratory on Weibo, so the person who scolded her didn’t forget to pull the S911 into it as well.

The storm came extremely quickly and suddenly, not giving the Lan family and Chi Yan any time to prepare.

Lan Yunhan, who was currently in the CEO’s office, turned green with anger when he saw the news.

He had been wondering why the employees were looking at him differently when he came to work today.

They clearly didn’t invite any reporters to the banquet yesterday. How did this news get out?

There were also photos of him and Chi Yan being intimate. He didn’t even know when it was secretly taken.

Someone had obviously deliberately arranged for the news of his engagement refusal with Chi Jiao to be leaked in order to take revenge on them.

Lan Yunhan called the public relations department with a black face, asking them to make the negative news disappear in a day.

Then, he called Chi Yan.

“Where are you? We’re meeting right now,” Lan Yunhan said word by word after the call went through.

At noon.

Chi Jiao brought the bento she made herself and headed off to find Quan Jue.

The academic responsibilities in Grade 12 were more important. Quan Jue had previously taken a year off due to special reasons, so he couldn’t repeat this academic year. He had to get into the university he wanted.

Missing a day of lessons, Quan Jue took the notebook Lin Ye had given him. He wanted to have a look at it during the afternoon break.

“Brother Quan, your sweetheart is here again.” When Lin Ye saw a cute little head poking in from the cla.s.s’ entrance, he nudged Quan Jue hurriedly with a smile.

Quan Jue looked up from his notebook and saw Chi Jiao standing at the entrance of the cla.s.s. She waved at him, gesturing for him to go over.

Putting down the notebook, Quan Jue stood up and walked to her.

At this moment, other than Lin Ye and Quan Jue, there were no other students in the cla.s.s. Everyone had gone to eat or rest during their lunch break.

Lin Ye picked up his jacket, stood up, and walked out of the cla.s.s.

“The two of you can stay in cla.s.s to chat. I’m going to eat.” With that, Lin Ye winked at Chi Jiao before leaving.

“I prepared lunch at home today. Let’s have it together.” Chi Jiao waved the heavy lunch box at Quan Jue.

Inside the lunch box was the bento that she had woken up at five in the morning to make.

She felt that Quan Jue was too skinny. Probably because he didn’t have proper meals usually.

Recalling how Quan Jue ate irregularly, she felt that she couldn’t let him continue like this.

In the future, she would be in charge of all three of his meals every day.

After not seeing Chi Jiao for a day, Quan Jue looked at her with fondness in his eyes.

The girl had a sweet smile on her face and her eyes were curved into crescents. Even the corners of her eyes were filled with warmth.

“Come with me.” With that, Quan Jue walked out of cla.s.s.

If she stayed in cla.s.s and was seen by others, it would be bad for Jiaojiao.

Chi Jiao followed behind him as they walked out.

Quan Jue brought Chi Jiao to the garden behind Xing Teng Academy. The environment of the academy was very good. There were a total of three gardens—two large ones and a small one.

Not many people would come to the small garden.

Coincidentally, the pavilion in the garden was empty.


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