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Chapter 558: Did the Male and Female Leads Die?

Chi Jiao raised her eyebrows and asked curiously, “According to the plot of that horror movie, what will we meet next? What was the ending of this movie?”

“The next step was to find the little girl in red. The story behind this movie was that the old director of this mental hospital was a paranoid person. He used crazy methods to treat patients. For example, patients with claustrophobia would be locked up in a dark and small s.p.a.ce. Or patients who were afraid of water would be soaked in water. He used the excuse of letting those patients face their fear as treatment. Because of this, many people were killed. After the old director died, the souls of those patients who died gradually piled up in this hospital.” Beitang Lie tried his best to recall the horror movie’s plot.

“Then, is this little girl in red also a mental patient?” Chi Jiao asked curiously.

“No. There was an emergency department in this hospital in the beginning. That little girl was the last patient in the emergency department at that time. She had an accident and was sent here. However, the old hospital director’s wife was also a pervert and liked to use the blood of young girls to nourish herself, so that she could stay forever young. Therefore, after the little girl was sent here, she was given to the old hospital director’s wife. After all the blood in her body was drained, she was tortured to death. Then, because this little girl was born in the Yin year, the Yin month, and the Yin day, she already knew how to communicate with spirits. Coupled with the fact that her grievance was too intense, she absorbed the souls of the other patients and became an evil spirit.” Beitang Lie was forced to recall this childhood trauma which he had tried his best to forget. He was frightened and felt very uneasy.

It was because of this movie that he was afraid of ghosts.

“What about the ending? Don’t tell me the male and female leads ended up dead?” Chi Jiao asked. Her head was starting to ache.

“No. The ending of the movie was that the male and female leads reformed the little girl in red and escaped.” Beitang Lie looked at her carefully.

In fact, the ending of the movie was that the male and female leads escaped together and fell in love.

However, Beitang Lie looked at Chi Jiao and did not dare to have such amorous thoughts. He quietly lowered his head and pretended not to know anything.

After all, it was Chi Jiao. He didn’t dare to say it out loud or he might get beaten up.

“So the key is still that little girl in red. I think whatever we encounter will be according to that movie. That little girl in red can’t really be a vengeful spirit. Instead, the Soul Stone and this s.p.a.ce we are in must be linked. Let’s go and take a look at the fourth floor first.” Chi Jiao looked up at the rooftop.

The doctor and nurses who had tried to capture them earlier, as well as the other patients, had already regained their composure. They stood at the edge of the roof, looking down at them.

Watching the monsters standing at the edge of the roof, Chi Jiao suddenly had an extremely bad premonition.

“Ah! I remember now. They’re going to sacrifice themselves and jump off now.” Beitang Lie hurriedly pulled her away.

With a “whoosh”, the hospital director was the first to leap down. His body smashed into the ground, the bones in his body broken at odd angles. He exploded like a blood-colored flower, creating a bizarre sight.

After that, the other nurses and patients all jumped off the rooftop without hesitation.


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