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Chapter 93: How Could There Be Such a Cute Girl?

“How could I bear to kill you?” Jin Yiming smiled softly and raised his hand to gently wipe the tears off Xing Xiaoyu’s cheeks. “I’ve never killed anyone before. Do you understand?”

With her face in Jin Yiming’s hands, Xing Xiaoyu was forced to look into his eyes.

It felt as if a hand had reached out from his deep eyes and grabbed onto her soul tightly.

Xing Xiaoyu was stunned for a moment before nodding blankly.

It was 9 AM on a weekend. Dang Nan, Yi Lanlan, and Bai Weiyu came to Chi Jiao’s house together.

Early in the morning, Zhu Limin and Chi Yan brought Chi Ze back to the old residence to visit Grandma. Chi Mingwei wasn’t home either, and the servants were on leave today as well. Only Chi Jiao was at home.

It suited her intentions perfectly.

The snow had finally stopped and the sun was s.h.i.+ning brightly today.

Chi Jiao, Dang Nan, Yi Lanlan, and Bai Weiyu sat beside the fireplace, surrounding a small round table.

On the small round table were various snacks and freshly squeezed fruit juice.

The living room was very warm. Chi Jiao was wearing a milk-white, long fur sweater paired with a pair of white socks. She looked soft and adorable.

As Chi Jiao’s number one fan, this was Dang Nan’s first time seeing her in her private clothes. She smiled and asked, “Jiaojiao, did you grow up eating cute food?”

How could there be such a cute girl?

Chi Jiao was stunned for a moment before realizing that Dang Nan was praising her. She picked up a strawberry milk candy and stuffed it into her hand. “I grew up eating strawberry milk candy.”

She loved strawberry milk, and milk candy was a necessity in her life.

“Weiyu, what happened to your hand?” When Bai Weiyu reached out to take something, Yi Lanlan saw the wound on the back of her hand.

The long and thin scar was obvious on the back of her fair hand.

A look of panic flashed across Bai Weiyu’s face. She pulled the sleeve of her sweater to cover the back of her hand as she lowered her gaze and whispered, “I accidentally injured myself. I’m fine.”

As Chi Jiao looked at her, a fleeting, dark glint flashed across her eyes.

She could tell at a glance that Bai Weiyu was deliberately hiding something.

That wound looked like it had been caused by a whip.

“Oh, right. Have you heard? A girl went missing from our school.” Dang Nan’s expression turned solemn.

Yi Lanlan nodded without hesitation. “I heard about it! This girl is a Grade 10 junior, and she’s our form teacher’s younger sister! Two days ago, when I pa.s.sed by the teacher’s office at school, I heard Teacher Jin comforting Teacher Xing because of this. Teacher Xing’s family has already called the police. I believe the police will be able to find that girl very soon.”

“It doesn’t seem to be that simple,” Bai Weiyu said softly. “I saw a thread on the forum. The two seniors who committed suicide in our school previously both killed themselves after disappearing for three to four days. One of them slit her wrist at home, and the other jumped off the building.”

When Chi Jiao heard this, she frowned without batting an eyelid.

If this was true, then it couldn’t have been a coincidence. Someone must have been secretly orchestrating this.

“That’s creepy.” Dang Nan frowned. “Do you think there’s a ghost behind this?!”

Yi Lanlan was the most afraid of ghosts. She was so scared that she leaned against Bai Weiyu with a conflicted expression. “You’re scaring me.”

When Chi Jiao saw that Yi Lanlan’s face had turned pale from fright, she couldn’t help but chuckle. “Lanlan, Xiao Nan was just joking. Ghosts don’t exist.”

Sometimes, the human heart was scarier than an evil spirit.


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