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Chapter 1217 – 1217. Crumble

Noah, G.o.d’s Left Hand, and Great Elder Diana continued to attack the Dog while they waited for the other powerhouses in their organizations to arrive.

The trio didn’t expect the puppets to have a flaw in their healing skills. Noah’s slash had revealed that weakness, and they could adapt their strategy to that discovery now that they saw hope in destroying one of the defenders.

Retreating and reorganizing was worth it only if they couldn’t destroy the puppet during that a.s.sault. Yet, the three had managed to inflict more damages after one of its heads was out of the picture.

That had opened the path for a crucial victory. It didn’t matter that the leaders had discovered it just now as long as they managed to exploit it.

Dreaming Demon, Flying Demon, and the other cultivators from the Hive were the first to arrive on the scene. The golden flames spewed by the puppet were too dangerous for them, but they could help taking care of the protections around its body.

The Council’s powerhouses reached the battlefield right after their allied Elders, and they quickly created an offensive strategy that could ease the Matriarchs’ role.

True Speed was the last to arrive, and he joined the plan that the other powerhouses had devised.

Among the powerhouses, only a few of them wielded enough power to affect the golden flames. The Demons, Elder Julia, and Elder Regina could replace one of the Matriarchs’ attacks if they worked together.

June had to go through a few exchanges before she could join them, but Daniel, Faith, and the others lacked the sheer destructive power needed to affect that threatening fire.

They didn’t even have weapons that could enhance their power and make them surpa.s.s the limits of their cultivation level. Yet, they could deploy a strategy similar to that used against King Elbas inside the separate reality.

All kinds of flames had similar structural weaknesses, and the golden ones protecting the puppet weren’t even higher energy. The group of powerhouses only had to make a few attempts before they found something that could heavily affect the fire.

The Demons and the other powerhouses who had already fought against King Elbas knew which abilities they had to use, and the others adapted to their battle style.

Faith condensed her individuality in the shape of a few bubbles that flew through the storm of attacks before exploding when they touched the golden flames.

The bubbles released shockwaves during their explosion, and the golden flames became harmless for a few seconds when Faith’s individuality swept them.

Daniel imitated Faith, but he had to modify his attacks since his individuality wasn’t as intense as Faith’s. He unleashed his white light before condensing it into beams that landed on the flames protecting the puppet’s damaged parts.

Skully couldn’t do much in that situation. Her mental waves were too frail to survive among those powerful attacks, so she could only use her innate ability to support the other spells.

Her mental waves made her companions’ attacks faster and increased their piercing ability. She covered their spells with a few layers of condensed energy aimed to enhance some of their properties.

Laura did her best with her arrows, but she was in a similar situation to Skully. Her attacks lacked the power needed to survive in that environment, so she could only use them to s.h.i.+eld her companions’ spells.

As for June, her attacks became stronger every time she failed to hit the golden flames. Her lightning bolts initially crumbled due to the shockwaves released by the many spells that filled the area, but they eventually became strong enough to help with the offensive.

The powerhouses’ efforts were commendable, especially in a battlefield that could easily lead them to their death if they failed to dodge the puppet’s offensive.

However, they only managed to replace Great Elder Diana. They still needed G.o.d’s Left Hand’s help to open a path through the golden flames.

Still, that was already a lot. Having more than one liquid stage powerhouse inflicting damages on the puppet made their offensive far more threatening.

Noah and Great Elder Diana used every chance created by their companions to enlarge the damages on the Dog. After many exchanges, its severed neck had become the origin of wide cracks that spread until the other heads.

That approach was slow, and it didn’t bring immediate results. Yet, it worked, and the three organizations didn’t mind keeping that trend for entire days as long as they managed to destroy one of the defenders.

The puppet only had to crumble once for its territory to become part of the invaders’ domain. One victory was all the three organizations needed against that type of defense.

The Dog’s flames began to lose intensity after that battle continued for an entire week. Even that inscribed weapon had limits, but the Royals didn’t let it die so quickly.

Third Prince and Second Princess appeared on the scene while their enemies were busy defending against the rain of fireb.a.l.l.s created by their puppet.

The Royals dropped blood on the creature’s heads, and their flames returned to their initial intensity after they burned that resource. Their power also increased as the two powerhouses continued to add fuel to their puppet.

That gave birth to a series of violent offensives that forced the invaders to focus on defending. The Dog had managed to surpa.s.s its limits for a few hours thanks to the Royals’ blood, and that gave it enough time to heal part of the damage that it had acc.u.mulated during the previous exchanges.

However, the invaders regained the upper hand in the battle after the puppet depleted that surplus of energy, and its power returned to its previous level. Noah and the others only had to last a little longer than they had predicted to defeat that defender.

The shockwaves released in that battle destroyed the region and the lands nearby. There were too many powerhouses fighting at the same time, and that affected the condition of the new continent.

Wars among existences on that level always led to those outcomes. Both invaders and defenders knew that they couldn’t avoid causing damages to the environment unless they found a peaceful way to settle their battle.

Of course, no negotiations happened. The Elbas family was the enemy of the world, and the three organizations would gladly sacrifice some regions to take a step toward reclaiming the new continent.

Noah and the others would a.s.sess the condition of their domain only after they reclaimed it. They wouldn’t hesitate to destroy it as long as it continued to belong to their enemies.

Third Prince and Second Princess appeared on the battlefield to give their blood two more times. Their gesture always made the puppet unleash a wave of power that forced the invaders to slow down their offensive, but that never managed to stop them completely.

By the time the Dog crumbled, only Noah, the two Matriarchs, June, True Speed, and Skully still had enough energy to keep fighting. The others had depleted their reserves of “Breath” to lead the puppet toward its destruction.

The invaders didn’t need their full force at that point. The three leaders were enough to conquer that land and eliminate all the inscriptions in the region.


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