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Chapter 1300 1300. Violen

The shockwave generated after the clash between the two attacks covered the entire world. The waters opened until they revealed the seabed, many islands crumbled, and the fabric of the sky shattered under its might.

One simple clash gave birth to a catastrophe that engulfed the entire world in its raging might. Many living beings died before they could understand what was happening. Only the creatures that had escaped on the other side of the plane managed to survive after suffering serious injuries.

The world saw its fauna and flora vanish again. Nothing could withstand the power generated by the clash between two existences capable of divine might!

The lightning bolt had higher piercing capabilities, but it depleted part of its power as it flew through the wave of black flames. By the time it reached Noah, he could stop it with his bare hands.

Noah grabbed the lightning bolt and tightened his grasp. The attack shattered into a wave of sparks that burned when they touched the black flames.

Surges of power filled Noah and healed his injuries. Dark matter flowed in his black vessels and pushed his body beyond its limits.

Noah roared again. His flames and black hole gave him so much energy that he had to express his power with his voice. More fire also came out of his mouth in the process.

Heaven’s broken arm reformed. The figure raised both hands in the sky, and a blinding orange halo spread in the environment again.

Noah’s instincts screamed at that sight. Heaven was preparing something ma.s.sive, and he could feel the danger that it carried.

Magma flowed out of the broken seabed, but Noah didn’t dare to move. His aura surged, and intense sharpness began to spread in the area as he closed his eyes to focus on the world.

The laws appeared in his mind. Noah could sense all of them, and he could understand the best way to destroy them in an instant. His mental waves also studied Heaven’s fabric, but they didn’t manage to grasp its nature.

The laws expressed by Heaven were chaotic and unclear. That figure appeared made of pure destructive energy. Still, that was enough to make Noah understand how he had to defeat it.

That humanoid figure was a representation of the Heaven Tribulation. The amount of energy that it carried had a limit that reflected the world’s fairness.

Noah only had to force Heaven to deplete its energy. He could achieve that through many approaches, but he preferred the most violent ones.

Noah’s fingers curved to create claws as he raised his hands to the sky. His sharpness intensified as he focused his physical might and the darkness left in his dantian on the preparations for a ma.s.sive attack.

The orange halo around Heaven condensed in the shape of two thick lightning bolts. A rumbling noise then spread in the sky as it launched its attacks.

Noah’s fingers pierced the fabric of the world before he forcefully slashed his hands toward the incoming lightning bolts. Large fissures appeared in the sky as black lines flew to meet the incoming attacks.

The entire plane trembled when the attacks clashed. A violent shockwave flew through the world as ten slashes met two lightning bolts. The might released in that exchange surpa.s.sed the previous one, and most of the seabed broke in the impact.

The lightning bolts destroyed most of the slashes, but Noah’s attacks eventually triumphed on Heaven’s blows and continued to fly toward its figure. The crackling shape couldn’t do anything to stop their arrival.

Three giant fissures appeared on Heaven’s position. Only three slashes had survived the clash, but they carried the entirety of their initial power when they crashed on the orange figure.

Rumbling noises echoed in the sky as Heaven found its body divided into four parts. Some sparks fell inside the void after the exchange, but the others immediately tried to reconnect the severed sides.

A roar suppressed the rumbling noises as Noah reappeared next to Heaven and slashed at its head. His dantian didn’t have any darkness anymore, but he didn’t need it at that moment.

His hands resembled blades as he slashed them toward his opponent. His fingers pierced the structure of the world and opened horizontal cracks that severed the figure again.

Noah then punched Heaven. His fists forced part of its sparks to disperse in the sky every time they landed on its body. Blood and injuries appeared on his knuckles, but that didn’t stop his offensive.

A rain of punches fell on Heaven, who lost a large number of its sparks while Noah’s offensive continued. He even spat flames from time to time, so the injuries appearing on his body never managed to become too severe.

Heaven’s vague mouth enlarged as a deafening rumbling noise spread in the sky. A series of lightning bolts shot out of its figure and flew everywhere in the area.

Noah was right next to the orange figure, so he couldn’t avoid that attack. Lightning bolts landed on his chest, shoulders, face, and legs, and all of them opened injuries where they hit.

The impact of those attacks threatened to fling Noah away, but he promptly stabbed Heaven’s body with his fingers to create a handhold. The lightning bolts running through his skin continued to injure him, but he didn’t show any hesitation in his actions.

His legs darted to throw kicks that destroyed the sparks in multiple spots, and his hand alternated between launching punches and releasing slashes that opened large cracks in the sky.

His flames filled the area whenever his injuries were about to become severe, and the energy they acc.u.mulated healed him. It also provided more fuel to his violent and reckless approach.

A second deafening noise arrived. A third followed, and the fourth wasn’t late either. Heaven released a wave of lightning bolts whenever it shouted in anger, but Noah never let it go and continued to a.s.sault it with the best that his physical might could offer.

The orange halo radiated by Heaven eventually began to darken. Noah was forcing it to waste a lot of energy in those exchanges, and nothing it did seemed able to make Noah retreat.

The figure tried to condense the thick lightning bolts again, but Noah didn’t give it any chance to complete any attack. He would destroy Heaven’s limbs every time they reformed, and he even headb.u.t.ted the maimed shape whenever he had the opportunity.

Heaven slowly became unresponsive. The lightning bolts that ran through its body lost power as the energy stored in its figure began to reach its limits.

A few attacks in the divine rank were already at the limit of Heaven and Earth’s fairness. Noah had triggered the most powerful type of Tribulation due to its immense power, but even that had to respect the world’s limits.

If that battle continued, the entire lower plane would turn into a wasteland. Heaven and Earth had to limit the amount of energy poured into the Tribulation, or they would risk losing an entire world.

Heaven shrunk under Noah’s a.s.sault, and the energy that it released entered his body and flowed inside the black hole. The fourth center of power then purified that energy and redirected it toward his dantian, becoming his iconic darkness.

The process continued until Heaven’s figure completely disappeared, and Noah’s dantian shrunk to elevate the nature of the darkness that it contained.


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