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Chapter 1365 1365. Stronger

Lady Lena couldn’t do anything as the dark world enveloped her. The dark matter stole that area’s owners.h.i.+p from her, and its influence began to suppress her individuality.

However, her aura seeped out of her figure and gave birth to raging waves that slowly created a safe zone around her. Even inside the dark world, Lady Lena expressed her individuality and turned part of the environment into her domain.

The safe area wasn’t big, but it continuously expanded as her azure waves pressed on the dark world. Lady Lena could only affect a four square meters wide zone, but her individuality was slowly enlarging it.

Shadows moved inside the dark world. Lady Lena couldn’t see much. Her senses were dull due to the suppression of Noah’s technique. Yet, she could feel that something was brewing inside that darkness.

Noah didn’t think. He let his instincts drive his actions against that powerful foe. He had yet to become used to his new power, so only his vast battle experience could make him express a decent prowess.

Lady Lena was stronger than him. Her individuality alone could fend off Noah’s ambition and the dark world at the same time. She was an expert who had learnt how to use her liquid stage prowess.

Instead, Noah had to bring himself on the verge of death to achieve that power. He didn’t even know what would happen when the effects of his ambition ran out. Everything that was happening to him was new and unclear.

Still, his condition didn’t change his intentions. Noah had to deal with Lady Lena and all his pursuers. He had to win that battle to establish his place in the Immortal Lands.

Mental energy flowed inside the spider-shaped ethereal figure that he had completed after his empowerment and came out of his mind to fuse with the dark world. The dark matter around him became tense after those orders seeped into its fabric, and creatures quickly took form under his attentive gaze.

Noah saw a giant six-legged spider appearing among the dark world. Dark matter made the entirety of its body, and simple instincts ruled its limbs. Its overall structure seemed quite fragile, but it moved and could act on its own.

A second spider appeared as the ethereal figure continued to affect the dark world. Small vortexes formed among the technique and gave birth to those creatures.

The dark matter only took a few minutes to create an army of spiders. Those creatures didn’t even look at Noah. They directly shot toward Lady Lena once dozens of them had formed.

The dark world continued to create spiders that shot toward Lady Lena, and Noah followed them to join the a.s.sault. Those creatures couldn’t win on their own. They contained power in the liquid stage, but their bodies’ frailty made them too weak to defeat that threatening opponent.

Lady Lena’s waves had continued to expand her domain, but she had to redirect her ability when she saw the spiders coming out of the dark world to a.s.sault her. Dozens of spiders recklessly charged in the area under her control and stretched their sharp limbs toward her figure.

The waves destroyed them before they could touch her, but the dark matter in their bodies filled her domain and gave part of the owners.h.i.+p back to Noah. Moreover, their a.s.sault seemed endless since more spiders jumped out of the darkness to attack her.

The dark world began to close on her figure as dark matter acc.u.mulated around her. Her waves continued to rage and destroy anything that came too close. Still, her methods lost against the endlessness of the beasts’ tide.

Noah didn’t let that chance go to waste. He waved his Demonic Sword to launch ma.s.sive slashes that ran through the army of spiders and crashed on Lady Lena’s safe area.

Snore and Night also joined the offensive. Dark beams flew through the dark world and crashed on Lady Lena’s waves. The Pterodactyl used its speed to cut through that defensive ability and slowly create an opening in her technique.

It was a proper siege. Noah used all his abilities to create a flaw in Lady Lena’s defense, and he seemed on the right path. Her waves were slowly giving in to Noah’s attacks.

However, Lady Lena was a rank 7 cultivator in the liquid stage who had lived in the Immortal Lands for countless years. Her abilities didn’t stop the activation of her individuality. She had techniques that Noah couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Lady Lena closed her eyes, and the waves around her stopped moving. They remained still against Noah’s offensive. They didn’t even try to block his attacks.

The dark beams, the army of spiders, Night, and the slashes crashed on her figure, ripping her domain to pieces. The dark world soon came into contact with her skin, and a sense of weakness filled her existence as the technique suppressed her law.

Another series of attacks was about to land on her defenseless body. Noah could almost see his victory drawing closer. Yet, a blinding azure flash suddenly shone among the dark world and radiated energy that fended the technique back.

Pillars of light ran through the dark world and cut its fabric as they rotated around the expanding sphere that had replaced Lady Lena’s figure.

Those pillars resembled swords capable of destroying Noah’s technique, but he soon understood their true nature. He could sense Lady Lena’s individuality inside them. They weren’t blades. They were a threatening tide that had taken a condensed form.

The endless expanding waves had transformed after the activation of that technique. Their power had increased because Lady Lena had condensed them into a slim shape, making them able to pierce the ability that was trapping her.

The efforts exerted during that technique were substantial. Lady Lena’s individuality could potentially be endless, and condensing its power into such an orderly form required all her concentration. Still, it also brought incredible results.

Noah saw his dark world crumbling under the power of an individuality that he couldn’t stop. His strongest technique against cultivators couldn’t do anything against Lady Lena. She was stronger than him, and no tricks seemed to work.

Noah looked around his crumbling dark matter. Parts of his dark world were still active, and that gave him the chance to continue his offensive for a while. After that, he would be in the open again, and she wouldn’t fall prey to his technique so quickly at that time.

‘I need to kill her here,’ Noah concluded after allowing his mind to think again. ‘The workshop, Snore, and Night will cover me. Those techniques usually have the same weakness, and I need to risk it.’

Snore formed next to him and spewed a wave of violent matter. The Demonic Sword left Noah’s grasp and flew inside Night to shot toward the spherical structure together. The remaining dark matter transformed to give birth to an army of spiders that ran toward the threatening opponent.

Noah was still holding the disposable puppet back, but he found no reason to use it there. The surface of Lady Lena’s technique could barely contain his companions’ attacks. The spiders had managed to join because Noah didn’t care if they fell during the offensive.

Then, he shot forward, right behind the army of spiders. He would use them as a s.h.i.+eld to reach the central sphere and give Lady Lena a demonstration of the power inherited from the magical beasts’ world.


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