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Chapter 1698 – 1698. Doubts

Noah and the others informed Harold’s group about the events near the floating lake. His army had gathered a few more liquid stage experts and weaker troops during the exploration of the Immortal Lands, but Robert remained the strongest in terms of cultivation level.

The overall power level of the army didn’t matter for Noah. He only cared about their determination. Facing an organization that featured a rank 9 beings was an issue that he couldn’t overcome with his law, so his companions obviously had doubts about the mission.

The issue became even greater when it came to the natives of the other side of the Immortal Lands. They didn’t have another home waiting for them. Telling them to move and face a possible suicide mission was a lot when Noah was the only existence capable of granting power that could hurt Heaven and Earth.

Harold’s army didn’t see Robert as Noah’s equal in terms of source of mutations, and their judgment wasn’t off tracks. They could sense both experts’ aura, so they could understand who was the real threat to Heaven and Earth between them.

“Why would we even attack now?” Moira asked. “We can continue to gather rebels and wait for Heaven and Earth’s armies to leave. I don’t see a problem with you waiting either. The higher plane is basically identical on the other side. You only lack a clearer enemy.”

“This peace won’t last,” Noah announced. “Heaven and Earth will definitely try to get rid of us. A single platoon isn’t enough for the entire higher plane, and I don’t believe the world to be so incompetent.”

Noah had no proof to justify his lines, but he knew Heaven and Earth enough to predict their behavior. He even had Robert at his side, so his ideas about those rulers had a decent foundation.

Heaven and Earth had depleted a lot of power to summon the army from the sky. Robert didn’t know about their plan, but he could confirm that his previous rulers had wasted an immense amount of energy during the last battle.

Noah didn’t dare to think that Heaven and Earth had exhausted their reserves of energy, but everything seemed to work in his favor. His team had escaped from the final war, and he had even gained an army out of it.

Those benefits made Noah paranoid. Heaven and Earth had flaws, but they wouldn’t play around when it came to the entirety of their higher plane. Mistakes were acceptable in normal situations, but the world’s issue was far beyond typical crises.

‘How is it possible for Heaven and Earth to underestimate the very team that crosses its dimensional tunnel?’ Noah wondered while his companions stormed him with questions.

The answer to that question was quite evident. Heaven and Earth couldn’t commit such a mistake. They had to know how powerful the entire group was, which would also make them aware of the might wielded by Noah’s team.

That reasoning led to another conclusion. Noah could believe that Heaven and Earth were unable to judge his power, but the battlefield had gone far past his level. He couldn’t help but feel like a p.a.w.n in a game that he didn’t understand.

‘Summoning rank 9 existences makes no sense in my reasoning,’ Noah thought while the experts around him continued their discussion. ‘At the same time, calling us to help the Immortal Lands is a waste when Heaven and Earth are ready to send their troops. Maybe their followers have misunderstood the signs.’

Doubts filled Noah’s mind, but his actions didn’t reflect his thoughts. The army had stopped inside the windy regions, and Noah didn’t hesitate to test his influence in those areas.

Noah turned out to be correct. The power that came from the Devils gave him the chance to remain among dangerous, chaotic laws and grant them meanings. His influence naturally affected that power and pushed it to overcome its natural limits.

Seeing how laws transformed gave Noah a greater understanding of his existence. He suddenly felt able to improve the Foolery’s transformation again, and no one stopped him from tinkering with his black chrysalis.

“You must convince us to follow you in battle,” Moira announced when she realized that the discussion among the higher-ups of that army had started to grow awkward.

“Heaven and Earth will convince you sooner or later,” Noah replayed plainly. “The world has tried to suppress you for eras, but you still live in fear. I’m giving you the chance to fight your problems, but you refuse even before studying my approach.”

“What do you have to offer?” Moira asked.

“My law,” Noah replied without bothering to look at the expert in her eyes. “I can force your existence to evolve and develop an innate resistance to Heaven and Earth’s laws.”

Noah then grabbed Robert and used him to explain his position. “I can force my ambition to evolve living beings, but the process generally is troublesome. Still, he is one of my best accomplishments. You can question him to learn more about the matter.”

Robert added details to the story that Noah couldn’t describe. After all, he was a cultivator who had successfully escaped Heaven and Earth’s system without suffering drawbacks from the process.

Noah ignored most of the questions that rained on him. He knew how stupid some of them would be, so he didn’t dare to listen to them at the moment. His focus was on his plan. He had to reach the dimensional tunnel with most of his group, and that usually meant sacrifices.

‘We need something more,’ Noah sighed in his mind after his plan began to involve the new army.

It didn’t matter how many liquid stage cultivators Noah could deploy. None of them could handle Heaven and Earth on their own. He would have to let them evolve through his ambition for a while to create a proper force.

Noah developed a new approach after witnessing how his new companions reacted to his law. It still depended on the escape, but they gave him a new idea on how to avoid the rank 9 creatures.

In theory, avoiding the consciousness of a rank 9 existence was impossible. However, Noah could deploy many techniques that hid his figure, and other companions could do the same through spells.

Still, Heaven and Earth’s power made everything unclear. Noah could be confident in specific techniques, but those rulers might have already deployed countermeasures. The same went for their troops. He couldn’t be sure that his ideas would work, so he had to set his mind for a different approach.

“I think it’s quite clear,” King Elbas said once Noah questioned him about his opinion on the matter. “Heaven and Earth will come for all of us. It doesn’t matter how much we hide. They will eventually find us.”

“So we attack first,” Noah announced, and everyone became ready.

The group eventually had to return to the battlefield, and Noah couldn’t find a reason to waste time, especially when he was still unclear about the outcome of the main fight.


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