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Chapter 2009 – 2009. Money

King Elbas and Sepunia’s eyes lit up when they saw Noah coming back from the underground world. However, their expressions soon turned ugly when they saw the bald liquid stage cultivator following behind him.

It was clear that a battle had to unfold, but both experts noticed that something was off. The liquid stage cultivator didn’t carry the same arrogant att.i.tude that Heaven and Earth’s followers usually had. He appeared conflicted as he gazed at the dragons that Noah’s roar had suppressed and the island as a whole.

“This one seems strong,” Noah commented when he crossed the opening..

King Elbas immediately wore a solemn expression, while Sepunia ended up confused. She was still keeping the pa.s.sage open, but her companion had already crossed it. The idea of closing the hole in the barrier appeared in her mind, but King Elbas shook his head as soon as he noticed her hesitation.

The liquid stage cultivator heaved an exasperated sigh when he noticed the faint arrogance in King Elbas’ solemn expression. Still, his eyes turned cold when they fell on Sepunia. She was a traitor, but attacking her now would only prove Noah right.

The expert stepped into the void without bothering to inspect the restrained dragon. The latter couldn’t move since the effects of Noah’s cry still affected it, but it began to struggle at the sight of the cultivator. The creature didn’t remember him, but the trace of Heaven and Earth’s aura carried by his figure made its instincts go wild.

Sepunia let the barrier close when King Elbas dispersed his formations. The two experts followed the cultivator before separating to encircle him. The bald man sensed the duo in two different spots behind him, but he kept his eyes on Noah, who had crossed his legs after stopping above him.

“Sepunia, do you recognize him?” Noah asked.

“He is Dinia,” Sepunia stated. “I don’t know much about his world. He is secretive even among the privileged cultivators.”

“He is an inscription master, right?” King Elbas questioned.

“I know about your bet with Divine Architect,” Dinia replied before Noah could say anything. “You have no idea how much I had to pay to discuss the matter about your final existence with her.”

“I bet you lost your money,” King Elbas smirked.

“What do you even call money in the sky?” Noah wondered. “What can Heaven and Earth possibly give you?”

That was a topic that interested Noah a lot. After all, rank 9 existences had worlds to nurture, so external resources didn’t do much unless they were developing new techniques or were immersed in similar projects.

“I think I can answer this,” Sepunia revealed.

“No need to voice a half-a.s.sed guess,” Dinia interrupted Sepunia. “Heaven and Earth can stare at the worlds past the sky. They give us the chance to look for superior laws that suit our path.”

Understanding immediately dawned upon Noah and King Elbas. They actually felt stupid for not considering that option after studying Sword Saint’s breakthrough for so long.

Rank 9 existences might require various valuable resources, but they weren’t necessary except for special cases like Noah and the hybrids as a whole. The energy was an important part of the cultivation journey, but the sky was full of power that could take over the world. Noah and King Elbas knew that those in Heaven and Earth’s system wouldn’t lack that or the materials they needed.

However, the special cases among Heaven and Earth’s followers desired to achieve the same goal that defined their leaders. They wanted to reach the tenth rank and continue the cultivation journey past the sky. Their existence had transformed into worlds in the ninth rank, but they could go past that, and the arrays of laws in the universe could provide enlightenment.

Noah and King Elbas’ knowledge about those structures was still too vague. They had guessed that broader and universal paths existed in the universe. Those arrays of laws that concerned some general aspects of the cultivation journey could even be the very foundation of everything, but the duo had no way to prove that.

Still, they could understand how beneficial studying those arrays could be for rank 9 existences. Noah would never refuse to look at the destruction or creation paths if he ever had that chance, and King Elbas shared that feeling. They both imagined those structures as superior versions of the four spheres left by the upper tier dragons, and their weak minds couldn’t even start to guess how much stronger they could actually be.

Noah and King Elbas exchanged a meaningful gaze. They could see the greed in each other’s eyes, and a similar plan formed in their minds. They would go to the sky soon, meaning that they would have a chance to find items capable of gazing at those arrays.

“How accurate are these views of the superior laws?” Noah asked without even bothering to hide the obvious meaning behind his words.

“I’m afraid that my understanding of the universe’s structure doesn’t allow me to give a proper answer,” Dinia explained. “The arrays of laws aren’t in places that Heaven and Earth have the power to reach, but they can gaze upon their effects. The whole void is full of their influence.”

Dinia spread his arms before continuing. “Take this area, for example. We can see Heaven and Earth’s light seeping past those cracks and illuminating the void, but the sky isn’t here. The s.p.a.ce path contains laws capable of explaining this phenomenon. That array is the reason why multiple dimensions that we see as reality can overlap in the same spot, but you won’t be able to read those answers unless you reach the tenth rank.”

“How can you study them then?” King Elbas asked. “You might be stronger than your peers, but you aren’t us. You can’t close the gap from the tenth rank at your level.”

“I don’t read them,” Dinia admitted in an annoyed tone, “But Heaven and Earth makes me able to feel them. Those who decide to join them have the chance to become the most prepared rank 10 cultivators in the entire universe.”

Noah focused on Dinia’s tone and sensed deep confidence. Joining Heaven and Earth could give countless advantages, especially if the experts managed to preserve their worlds, but that was the true reason behind everything. The chance to improve by studying aspects of the universe meant for stronger existences could provide benefits that Noah knew far too well.

It was the same as the rest of the cultivation journey. Gaining access to knowledge hidden behind superior ranks would naturally benefit the path before the breakthrough. Chasing Demon and the other Elders of the Hive had done that with Noah, and it seemed that Heaven and Earth were giving that chance to Dinia.

“Why are you telling us everything?” King Elbas eventually questioned. “Are you so confident in killing us?”

“Yes, but that’s not the reason,” Dinia stated while gazing at the cultivator behind him. “I must stay true to my perfect self, the best expression of my world, who finds lies pointless. You might feel that I’m helping you, but I’m only doing what’s best for myself. Also, Caesar is willing to pay those who smoothen your path to the peak.”


Author’s notes: I messed up more than usual. I need more time for the second chapter.


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