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Chapter 225 A beauty

“Boss, why did you let Wen Yunfeng go? Why don’t you crush him so that he will never make trouble again?”

Wu Gang asked, following Mo Yichen closely. Mo Yichen was so handsome that everyone made way for him. The women were attracted by his appearance and the men became self-contemptuous.

Mo Yichen ignored Wu Gang since he didn’t need to explain to others!

One day, if you did everything for a person, it meant that you fell in love. n.o.body, even Mo Yichen who was indifferent, could withstand the magic of love when it came to us.

He did everything for Gu Yan. He wanted to save her from the entanglement of Wen Yunfeng in spite of the crosscurrent from the board of directors. Although he took a risk of being expelled from the company, he wanted to help Gu Yan start a new life.

Mo Yichen let Wen Yunfeng go just because of Gu Yan. Although he hated that man and felt wronged, he would like to do so for Gu Yan as long as she could trust and rely on him, believing that he was the man who could give her a wonderful life.

Mo Yichen already had a plan. He had predicted everything since he received those photos. He believed that he would be the winner of the battle.

“Everything is alright. Gu Yan, will you be with me forever?” Mo Yichen thought.

“Atishoo.” Gu Yan sneezed in the bathroom. She rubbed her nose and put her hair on her smooth back. The water dropped from her hair.

“Who is missing me?” Gu Yan thought. She rolled her bright eyes and looked at the ceiling. “It must be Mo Yichen. He is missing me.” Gu Yan was happy to sing a song.

“I will love you more and more and will always be with you…”

Gu Yan wrapped in a bathrobe after showering. The beauty who had smooth and bright skin walked up and down, leaving faint scent in the room.

“Look at the beauty who was like a rose.” Manla was totally attracted and couldn’t help looking at Gu Yan evilly.

Gu Yan rolled her eyes at Manla, then sitting on the sofa to dry her hair. She was the dream lover of many boys due to her long and blinking cilia, beautiful bridge of the nose and delicate face.

Manla gawked at Gu Yan. It was the first time that she had been totally attracted by a beautiful woman. She even felt jealous and self-abased.

“Hey, what are you looking at?” Gu Yan asked.

Sitting beside Gu Yan, Manla was expressionless and even didn’t bat an eyelid, as if she was attacked at a vital point, which made Gu Yan embarra.s.sed.

“Nothing, I suddenly thought of something.” Manla scratched her head. She was blushing gradually.

“Well, did Wen Yunfeng make trouble to you recently?” Manla changed the topic to avoid Gu Yan noticing her embarra.s.sment.

“I didn’t remember him at all until you talk about him. I haven’t seen him for a long time. How is he?” Gu Yan replied.

“It’s no wonder that he didn’t come to you. He had trouble in his business. He must worry about his business very much now.” Manla said.

“What happened to him?”

Gu Yan asked in puzzlement, stopping her action. She frowned as if she was worried about Wen Yunfeng, which surprised Manla.

“Why do you care about him? I think that you don’t want to mention him anymore.” Manla asked.

“I just take him as a friend since we knew each other for many years. Shouldn’t I care about a friend?” Gu Yan replied.

She didn’t love Wen Yunfeng anymore because of what he did. However, they once loved each other for many years. Both of them had responsibilities about the current situation.

Gu Yan had forgiven Wen Yunfeng actually. She just didn’t want to get back to him since she no longer loved him.

Manla didn’t believe her. She glared at Gu Yan with sneer.

“Really?” Manla asked.

“Of course. Come on, tell me what happened.” Gu Yan begged.

“Well, I heard that he had big trouble in his business.”

“Other companies refuse to corporate with him. Besides, he had financial problem and even can’t pay the wages. His company was in a whir.” Manla described.

“What? Why?” Gu Yan was confused.

“He must offend someone in the past. His company is going to go bankrupt. n.o.body would help him in such a crisis. A rich is going to experience the poor life. I don’t know whether he can go through it.” Manla said.

“You mean that someone played dirty tricks to him?”

Gu Yan asked and suddenly paused. She remembered that Wen Yunfeng threatened her by photos. Mo Yichen was the only person who knew about that. “Was he made trouble to Wen Yunfeng?” Gu Yan thought.

“Of course. He tried to borrow money from the bank but n.o.body cared about him at all. He is really lamentable.” Manla sighed.

“Is Mo Yichen teaching him a lesson? Good job.”

Manla suddenly thought of something and clapped her hands, smirking. She regarded Mo Yichen as the perfect husband for Gu Yan. Mo Yichen thought about Gu Yan in every detail and could do everything for her.

Gu Yan mused about Manla’s words. “Mo Yichen really did what he promised. He told me that he knew everything. He also said that he would try his best to help me get rid of Wen Yunfeng. What’s more, Wen Yunfeng didn’t bother me these days.” Gu Yan thought.

She should be happy since n.o.body would make trouble to her. However, she didn’t feel happy at all. She didn’t like this result. But she also didn’t know which result she really expected.


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