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Chapter 629 Be a Good Helper

“Yichen, since aunt and Xiangyan are now at home, I should leave now. If you need me, please make a call.”

Gu Yan couldn’t stand the embarra.s.sing scene, so she broke the silence first. However, Gu Yan’s suggestion was not comfortable for the others to hear it.

Although Li Yunhong didn’t say anything, she gradually got used to Gu Yan by her side during this time. But now, Gu Yan suddenly said that she was going to leave here, which made Li Yunhong a little sad.

Mo Yichen did not refute. He knew what would happen if Li Yunhong and Gu Yan lived under the same roof. He didn’t worry about Gu Yan at all, but Li Yunhong was the problem. The doctor had told her to keep a good mood. However, she couldn’t do that if someone she disliked was around.

There were many houses under his name, and Gu Yan could live in any one of them for a while. Compared to the trouble of living together, he preferred helping Gu Yan move out.

“Why? We have many empty rooms. Don’t you feel troublesome to move out? Otherwise, are you tired of me?”

Mo Yichen and Gu Yan glanced at each other. The reason that Mo Yichen let Gu Yan move out was that he was afraid Gu Yan’s staying at home would make Li Yunhong unhappy. If Li Yunhong had no objection, they would agree with it as well.

“Thank you, Aunt”

Gu Yan was not a member of Mo’s family yet. So, she should keep her manner perfect.


Li Yunhong seemed to make this sound with her nose, then she left the living room. She didn’t want to be the third wheel between them in case they felt uncomfortable.

After taking care of Li Yunhong these days, Gu Yan had known her temper. Li Yunhong was the kind of person with a harsh mouth and soft heart. She was not a bad person.

Gu Yan and Mo Yichen looked at each other and smiled. This was a milestone in winning Li Yunhong’s support.

The happiest one was Mo Xiangyan. He was running around the house. Seeing her grandson was so happy, Li Yunhong had abandoned her last resistance. At least her grandson was happy.

At the same time, she was a bit jealous. She raised Mo Xiangyan for so many years, but he still loved his mother more.

Mo Xiangyan was a smart boy. He sensed that Li Yunhong was jealous, so he came to Li Yunhong and stayed with her until Li Yunhong turned happy.

Mo Yichen and Gu Yan just watched them playing. Until now, the relations between his mother and Gu Yan thawed a little eventually.

Now, Li Yunhong and Mo Xiangyan had been discharged. The only thing left was taking time to recover. Gu Yan thought that as long as she took care of them well, both of them would be fine soon.

Although the company’s affairs were not optimistic, at least Mo Yichen had swept away the previous depression and cheered up. Therefore, the business would soon get back on track. Gu Yan believed in Mo Yichen’s ability.

She only needed to trust him, support him, and help him deal with family affairs so that he would focus on the company.

Gu Yan knew it was her duty and she had to help Mo Yichen stand up again.

Because of the hospitalization, Mo Xiangyan missed his studies a lot. The three adults agreed with letting him go back to school as soon as possible, and the task of picking up Mo Xiangyan naturally fell on Gu Yan’s shoulder.

Tomorrow, Mo Yichen must go back to work at the company. Although he was no longer the president of the company, he still had a lot of works arranged by his uncle. The works listed in the email that Mo Yichen received this morning were even more than before. Besides, none of these tasks were easy.

Of course, there must be hard jobs for him! Mo Yichen was confident in doing these things well, but he still felt nervous. The previous thing done by his uncle had taught him a lesson, and he was afraid that it would happen again.

In that case, his uncle would have more reasons to blame him. He didn’t want his uncle to get anything on him.

Anyway, it was all for the company. Whether it was difficult or easy, he must do his job well for the company and himself. Besides, it was a best way for him to understand the company from another angle.

However, Mo Yichen did not intend to tell Li Yunhong and Gu Yan his concerns. He didn’t want them to worry. He should be the soldier at the frontline.

Mo Yichen only needed Gu Yan to be a good helper, and Gu Yan had indeed done well in this aspect. He no longer wanted Gu Yan to suffer from more pains. Mo Yichen was ready to face what was coming next.

Mo Yichen could never take another wrong step. If he did, he would be dead forever.

The current works arranged by his uncle intended to suppress Mo Yichen’s prestige. Although he had lost his status as a president, he still enjoyed a good reputation among gra.s.sroots employees. Everyone was complaining about his uncle to replace Mo Yichen by despicable means. Of course, his uncle would definitely do something to prevent him from taking everything back.

His uncle used some means. He couldn’t lay off all the employees, but he could start with Mo Yichen. The employees all liked Mo Yichen because he was omnipotent. Therefore, he wanted Mo Yichen to get clobbered and let everyone know that Mo Yichen was just a piece of garbage.

Mo Yichen would not produce the result his uncle wanted.

It was evening, and he should go to bed instead of thinking too much. He had to do it to know the truth. Now, he had better go to bed and refresh himself so that he could cope with any tricks from his uncle.

“Good night.”

Mo Yichen hadn’t held Gu Yan in his arms and said goodnight for a long time.

“Good night.”

Gu Yan responded, and then the two fell into dreams together.


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