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Chapter 67 Inviting Gu Yan

“Director Gu, I am very satisfied with your design. My friends praised it and wondered who the designer is.” A customer said to Gu Yan in the lounge of the studio.

Gu Yan smiled shyly, “I’m flattered. Thanks for your support.”

After the cooperation with Qi Fei, the business in Gu Yan’s studio was getting better and better. Gu Yan was busy every day, and her life was slowly getting on track.

Having just finished a deal, Gu Yan sat down on the chair and leaned back to relax. “It seemed that I need to have a rest.”

Mo Yichen had not contacted her for a while. Recently, the appearance of Mo Yichen often emerged in her mind in spare time. “What was he busy with recently?” Gu Yan thought and fell asleep gradually.

In the airport

A group of people looked around at the exit, holding a board to motion the person they picked up. Today, they were commanded to entertain the important guest well and they wondered who he was.

With many pa.s.sengers pa.s.sing by, a tall man walked out and attracted many people’s attention.

He wore a simple black backpack and dressed in casual clothes. People who didn’t recognize him might regard him as a college graduate at first glance.

“Mr. Liang!” The sharp-eyed colleagues saw him at once and called him.

Hearing his name, Liang Shaohun took his off, nodded and smiled to them.

“Wow, your Boss is really willing to spend time and energy to welcome me fervidly!” Liang Shaohun looked up and down and nodded with satisfaction.

“Mr. Liang, Mr. Mo has already made a reservation in hotel for you. You can go to take a break.” The person who received him said and guided him.

“No, I’m going to see Mo Yichen first.” Liang Shaohun said with an unintelligible smile.

The car carrying the distinguished guest slowly drove to the company. Instead of putting his stuff first, Liang Shaohun came to Mo Yichen directly.

“Mr. Mo, long time no see.”

Hadn’t seen the person yet, Mo Yichen had expected who was talking.

“It seems that your journey was relaxed since you come here directly.” Without stopping what he was doing, Mo Yichen replied to Liang Shaohun calmly.

He typed out a s.p.a.ce bar, and then stood up to welcome Liang Shaohun.

They patted each other on the shoulders and sat down on the sofa.

“I’m wondering what kind of woman you like deeply.” Liang Shaohun unceremoniously picked up and ate the dessert on the table.

Mo Yichen was in a trance for a second and then smiled.

“Hey, I can’t believe that you should smile when I mention women. Now, tell me the truth.”

Noticing Mo Yichen’s different expression, Liang Shaohun became more excited.

“She is Gu Yan.”

Mo Yichen spoke slowly, as if he had fallen into his memory.

“She is Wen Yunfeng’s ex-wife. To turn Wen Yunfeng’s company around, she promised Mo’s family for surrogacy and gave birth to a child. However, she was blamed for this, and I never allow her to tell the truth. After all, it will influence the reputation of Mo’s family.”

“What? She’s the wife of another man?” Liang Shaohun opened his mouth in surprise and took a bite of the apple.

“Originally, I only have a contractual relationship with her. However, when I knew that Wen Yunfeng treated her so bad, I defended her against the injustice. So, I helped her for many times, and even helped her divorce to get rid of that dilemma.”

Mo Yichen recalled what happened between him and Gu Yan. With time pa.s.sing by, he should have been through so much with her.

“I believe that you like her.”

Without waiting for Mo Yichen to go on, Liang Shaohun interrupted and thought.

“He must like her since he pays much attention on that woman.”

Then Mo Yichen became silent because Liang Shaohun’s words. .h.i.t his heart heavily. That was the problem he didn’t dare to face.

He replied, “I’m not sure. Just…I just want to help her every time she was in trouble. After all, what she had suffered has something to do with me.”

“Well, you will be sure about that with time pa.s.sing by.”

Liang Shaohun did not say so much, but he knew the answer in his heart.

“By the way, would you invite Gu Yan to come to the banquet where you will introduce your child?”

“She doesn’t know that Xiangyan is her child. And I am considering about whether should I invite her or not.”

Mo Yichen had been thinking about it after Li Yunhong told him something about Chen Qian.

“She doesn’t know Xiangyan is her baby? My G.o.d…Mo Yichen, how long can you keep it as a secret?”

Liang Shaohun finished the fruit in his hands in a few bites, and then he cleaned his hands and moved his body into a comfortable posture to listen carefully.

“But I think you should let them meet each other. After all, Gu Yan is the biological mother of Xiangyan. Whether they know each other’s ident.i.ty or not, they should meet each other.”

Liang Shaohun said in a serious tone.

“It makes sense.” Mo Yichen nodded in agreement.

“Well. What about Chen Qian? Since you always have an affair with her, I thought the child was Chen Qian’s.”

Liang Shaohun mentioned the name of Chen Qian that Mo Yichen didn’t want to hear.

“Chen Qian? Don’t mention her. I thought this child could make my mother not to force me to marry Chen Qian for a while. However, Chen Qian told my mother that she didn’t mind the child. She was so crazy.” Mo Yichen said worryingly.

Chen Qian imposed herself on him like a ghost.

“You really don’t like her. Chen Qian is also a great beauty that many people like. She likes you so much but you don’t care. What a pity!”

“You got me.”

They ended this topic.

“Well. I have to take a break in the hotel. I am exhausted after a day’s flight. Take me to see my nephew tonight. Although I’m an uncle now, I have never seen him. I brought him a lot of gifts.”

Liang Shaohun said as he walked toward the door of the office.

The room was quiet again. Mo Yichen was alone, but his mood at the moment was not so calm.

Picking up the phone, Mo Yichen looked at the WeChat dialog box with Gu Yan, and hesitated for a moment before sending out a word.


“Ding.” Gu Yan’s cell phone rang. At a casual glance, Gu Yan caught sight of a familiar name.

She didn’t notice her smile, and replied calmly, “Hi.”

“I will hold a banquet to introduce my son, Mo Xiangyan, in two days. I sincerely invite you to attend and I hope you can arrive on time.”

The smile on Gu Yan’s face froze for a second and her fingers trembled slightly. After a few minutes, she sent a word as a matter of routine, “Okay.”


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