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Chapter 280 – Charge Towards The Dark ChurChapter

Everyone was shocked and their bodies trembled.

The people from the Church of Light looked at each other silently and subconsciously swallowed their saliva.

They all had the same thought in their hearts: this Lord Throne was really ruthless!

Up until now, none of the people from the Dark Church had survived. Moreover, their deaths were extremely cruel.


Harriet Terrence and the others looked at Joelson with a complicated gaze. There was a hint of fear in many of their eyes.

Although Joelson had returned, his strength and personality were too unfamiliar to them.

“Teacher, you should know.”

Joelson’s expression was calm as he said, “If I had not returned today, what would have happened to all of you—especially Dayshannon?”

Everyone was startled and suddenly came to a realization.

That’s right, they only felt that Joelson’s methods were cruel but they had never thought about who he was doing it for.

These sc.u.m from the Dark Church were capable of doing anything.

After doing all of this, Joelson stepped into the void step by step and walked behind Du Lu.

“Teacher, are you interested in accompanying me to the Brightmoon Empire Again?”

Joelson looked at the people below.

Everyone was stunned.

The Brightmoon Empire, wasn’t that the territory of the Dark Church? What were they going to do there?

Seeing that everyone was silent, Joelson made a decision for them.

With a wave of his hand, an invisible force lifted everyone onto the dragon’s back.

Du Lu flapped his wings and turned into a red light that disappeared into the clouds.

The people from the Church of Light looked at each other. They knew that this time, the Dark Church of the Southern Region was completely finished.

A country like the Scorching Sun Empire and the Brightmoon Empire, which were affiliated to the Church of Light, had divine power over the royal power.

The bishop’s power was above everything else, and the king was just a puppet.

The Dark Bishop was giving his “blessings” to a few young and beautiful female believers. He walked out of the room comfortably.

“Has Ulysses and the others returned?”

One of the believers immediately stepped forward and said in a low voice, “Not yet. If you don’t love them, you should be back soon.”

The Dark Bishop nodded his head faintly. His mind was filled with thoughts.

If he could take down the Alcott Empire and the Yheng Empire, he could be considered to have contributed greatly to the mission. Perhaps he could leave the Southern Region and return to the central continent.

However, there was Ulysses.

A cold glint flashed across the Dark Bishop’s eyes as killing intent filled the air.

Ulysses was too outstanding. He had personally helped Grover ascend to the position of Chief Inquisitor. He had also intentionally roped in a few other saint-level cultivators. They posed too much of a threat to him. He had to find an opportunity to eliminate them.

Just as he was thinking, a disciple of the Dark Church ran in in a panic.

“Sir Bishop! Sir Bishop!”

“What’s wrong? Ulysses and the others are back?”

The Dark Bishop frowned and asked.

The follower opened his mouth, not knowing how to explain, but his face was full of shock as if he could not believe what had happened with the way of the sword.

“You go outside and take a look.”

Just as he finished speaking, a terrifyingly loud sound shook the ground under his feet.

The Dark Bishop was shocked and quickly walked out of the door.

When he saw the scene outside the door, his eyes instantly widened.

He only saw that the square outside the Holy See was in a state of chaos, and screams and yells continuously rang out.

In the middle of the square, there was a deep ravine that extended from the end of the square to his feet.

On both sides of the ravine were mutilated corpses.

And all of this seemed to have been caused by a casual blow from a powerful existence.

Who was it!

The sky suddenly darkened, and the Dark Bishop subconsciously raised his head.

He saw an extremely terrifying gigantic dragon crouching in the sky, its golden pupils staring at him, like flowing lava.

On the back of the gigantic dragon, there was also a shadow that blocked the sun.

The Dark Bishop could not see that person’s face clearly. He could only see a pair of cold eyes. Just by looking at each other, a cold feeling quickly spread from the bottom of his heart, making him feel as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

Further away, the Church of Light’s troops were lined up neatly in the air.

They looked very strange. Everyone’s faces were filled with respect and nervousness as if they were watching.

The attack of the Church of Light?

Have they gone mad?

Before the Dark Bishop could regain his senses, a figure rushed into the sky beside him.

It was another saint-level from the Church of Light.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, How dare you offend the Dark Church, you guys—”

Before he could finish his words.

The Dark Bishop saw the person on the dragon’s back wave his hand in an extremely casual manner.


The saint-level powerhouse above his head was instantly split into two halves by a platinum light like a ragdoll.


The saint-level powerhouse from the Dark Church fell at his feet, and fresh blood just so happened to splatter all over his face.

The Dark Bishop was stunned.

He stood there in a daze, unable to move for a long time.

A deep fear rose from the bottom of his heart and every muscle in his body trembled along with it.

He quickly turned around and ran into the main hall. There was only one thought in his mind.

“Request for help! We must immediately request for help from the central continent’s Holy See!”

There was a magic teleportation array in the depths of the Dark Church. It could send powerful people over at any time.

Joelson stood on the dragon’s back. A group of people stood behind him. As they looked at the scene that looked like the end of the world, a strange feeling rose in their hearts.

They were the people who brought about the end of the world.

They looked at the back of the dragon with awe, shock, and amazement.

Until now, they still did not know what level the dragon had reached.

No matter what kind of strength the opponent was, an early-stage saint-level or mid-stage saint-level would definitely die in one strike under the hands of the dragon. They did not have the ability to resist at all.

Even a late-stage saint-level would not be able to do that.

Peak-stage saint-level?

They were not sure. They did not dare to think about going any higher.

Joelson rode the giant dragon and brought them into the imperial city of the Brightmoon Empire in an overbearing manner. No one could stop him along the way.

The people of the Church of Light escorted him like a guard of honor.

Then, a bright light blossomed from Joelson’s hand. It was like a huge sharp blade, splitting the entire central square of the Dark Church into two halves.

Too strong!

This was just a casual attack from Joelson.

“That’s the Dark Bishop.”

Harriet Terrence walked to Joelson’s side and pointed at a middle-aged man whose face was covered in blood.

His eyes focused, and he said anxiously, “Edward, don’t let him go back. The Dark Church has a magic teleportation array. He will gather all the powerhouses from the central continent.”

As if he did not hear him, Joelson let the Dark Bishop escape.

Then, he turned to Harriet Terrence and said, “I hope he can call more people.”

Joelson whispered, “It would be best if he could call the Dark Monarch himself. Hehe.”

The few saint-level knights from the Church of Light heard his laughter, especially Tockden.

He felt cold all over and his scalp tingled.

The Dark Throne.

Didn’t you chop off an arm of the Dark Throne? Where would he dare to appear again?

This Lord’s killing intent was too terrifying!


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