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Chapter 333 – The Trial Plane

After killing the giant python, Joelson understood.

Neither the lizard just now, nor the giant python he had just killed, were real creatures!

It was just that, in this plane, the laws of slaughter had materialized and evolved!

Joelson absorbed the blood-red ball of light in his hand, and the divine slaughter crystal on the spirit tree grew a little larger.

Although it was just a little bit, it must be known that in the Land of Slaughter, only a dozen or so demiG.o.d divine sparks would be able to grow so little.

And now, just a peak demiG.o.d giant python had the same effect as more than a dozen ordinary demiG.o.ds!

Joelson’s eyes lit up slightly.

If there were many creatures like giant pythons that had evolved from the dense laws of slaughter, then he would be able to increase his power to his heart’s content!

However, Joelson was also somewhat puzzled. The law of slaughter could actually evolve into life?

Although it wasn’t real life.

Then, he controlled the law of destruction to absorb the power that the slaughter divinity had just increased. Joelson’s gaze turned towards the strange blood-red sun in the sky.

In the next moment, Joelson’s figure suddenly disappeared from where he was, flying towards the direction of the blood-red sun, continuously flying towards the center of the plane.

On the other side of the plane.

A group of more than ten people wearing white armor or white robes were resting here.

The clothes of these more than ten people were engraved with the same symbol, which belonged to the G.o.d of Light, the Plane of Heaven.

“Diaboli, have you contacted the Archangel?”

A knight wearing white armor asked the man wearing white robes beside him.

The man called Diaboli replied respectfully, “Lord Tarth, the Archangel hasn’t responded yet.”

If Joelson was here, he would be surprised. This man called Diaboli, who was extremely respectful, was no one else except…

It was the Light Throne of the central continent!

“G.o.d of Light, these d.a.m.n guys have separated us from the Archangel!” Tarth gritted his teeth and said angrily.

The Light Throne, Diaboli, did not speak. His face was filled with depression.

He was no longer the Light Throne that everyone looked up to and respected.

Ever since he had ascended to the heavenly realm, he no longer had the prestige he had in the central continent. Even though he had a Platinum Throne that suppressed everyone in the central continent.

However, he was at least one of the strongest people below the Platinum Throne. He was an existence that the entire central continent looked up to.

However, after arriving in the heavenly realm, everything changed.

With his divine domain level strength, he couldn’t be considered an expert at all. On the contrary, he could only be considered an existence at the lowest level.

Diaboli sighed in his heart.

If he was a super genius with high talent, he would still be able to obtain a large number of resources even after arriving in the higher planes.

However, most people like him, whose potential had already been exhausted, would never have any hope of advancing to become a demiG.o.d.

Perhaps, if he was lucky enough, he would be able to gain the favor of the G.o.d of Light, or perhaps he would have a chance to leap over the threshold of being a demiG.o.d and leave the lowest rung of society.

But after letting out a sigh, Diaboli quickly recovered his mood, no longer worried.

Although his potential had already been exhausted, he was different from the others.

“Diaboli, I heard that you are very familiar with the great archangel?” Tarth asked in a friendly tone.

Diaboli was stunned for a moment but he quickly came to his senses.

Tarth was the most powerful of the ten or so of them, a middle stage G.o.d.

Tarth far surpa.s.sed him. For him to speak to him in such a friendly manner, other than because of the Archangel, there was no other reason.

Diaboli shook his head. “I’m not very familiar with her. It’s just that the reincarnation of the Archangel and I are in the same plane.”

This was also the reason why he wasn’t worried that his potential would be exhausted.

He came from the same plane as the Archangel and could be considered a member of the Archangel faction. He would at least be able to acquire some resources.

Just like that, in another hundred thousand years, he might have a chance to become a demiG.o.d!

“Diaboli, your luck is quite good!”

After receiving Diaboli’s affirmative reply, Tarth’s tone became even more friendly. “Diaboli, I treat you fairly well. If I have the chance, I hope that you can help me put in a few good words in front of the Archangel.”

Diaboli nodded and said, “Lord Tarth, of course, there’s no problem. It’s just that it’s not up to me to decide who the Archangel will choose to join the paladin group.”

Sure enough, Tarth was so kind to him because he wanted to join the paladin group led by the Archangel.

However, Tarth’s strength was not bad to begin with, so he still took care of him.

He did not intend to refuse, since it was only a matter of a sentence.

As for the result?

That was not something that he could control.

“Then, thank you very much!”

When Tarth heard Diaboli’s reply, not only was he not disappointed but he was also delighted.

He also knew that it was not so easy to join the Holy Knights, but if Diaboli was willing to put in a few good words for him, the probability of him joining would be greatly increased!

Listening to the exchange between the two, everyone at the side revealed curious expressions.

Diaboli usually had no sense of presence. Who would have thought that he actually knew the Archangel?

Immediately, someone couldn’t help but curiously ask, “Diaboli, what plane are you from?”

“The central continent.”

“Oh, right, the central continent!” That person revealed an expression of remembering. Then, he lowered his voice and asked, “I heard a rumor that when the Archangel was in the central continent, she once lost to a central continent native whose cultivation level was lower than hers?”

“How is that possible?”

“That’s right, how can the Archangel lose to those natives from the lower planes?”

“Even if the Archangel’s talent is placed in the higher planes of fate, she is definitely the most outstanding existence!”

Everyone began to retort.

In their eyes, the natives of the lower planes were all extremely low in talent.

The number one attendant of the G.o.d of Light, the Archangel.

How could she lose to an aborigine from the lower planes?


Tarth angrily rebuked in a low voice and said seriously, “The Archangel will not lose to anyone, not to mention an aborigine from the lower planes. It’s not something you can casually talk about!”

Everyone immediately shut their mouths and fell silent. Their gazes fell on Diaboli.

Seeing that Diaboli didn’t say anything, everyone believed in their own judgment even more.

How could the Archangel lose to a native of the lower planes?

However, they didn’t know that the figure of that man had appeared in Diaboli’s heart. His heart couldn’t help but tremble.

Platinum Throne!

Joelson Edward!

That man who had created countless legends in the central continent!

Diaboli looked at the silent crowd.

He thought that if he told them that Joelson had defeated the Archangel the moment he entered the Saint Realm…

They would probably be so shocked that they could not close their mouths.

Even in the heavenly realm, he had never seen an existence that could create so many legends!

If he had to say it, only the G.o.d of Light could compare to him.


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