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Chapter 587: After the Storm, the Auction Will Continue!

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The Kardas family did not expect that just opening this small box with dragon scales would release such a terrifying power!

On the stage, Freya climbed up from the ground in a sorry state. Many staff members quickly came forward to help her up.

After all, Freya represented the face of the Kardas family. She could not afford to make a fool of herself when there were so many important guests in the inner city and the outer city.

Soon, with the help of many staff members, Freya recovered her original appearance. Other than a faint expression on her small face, there were no other problems.

Previously, when she had opened the small box that contained the aura of Hades’s dragon scales, Freya was the one closest to it. Naturally, she was the one who had been affected the most.

Fortunately, compared to most of the bidders in the auction venue, Freya’s physique and strength were much stronger.

At this moment, this auction house was within the sphere of influence of the Kardas family. Although the Kardas family was originally nothing compared to the existence in the inner city, in the eyes of ordinary people in the outer city… it was a t.i.tan.

The moment this disturbance appeared, many staff members and security personnel immediately entered the auction house. The originally dim auction house immediately lit up.

The lighting gemstones used to illuminate the surroundings were fully activated. Every corner of the hall could be seen clearly.

There was no other way. After all, the people partic.i.p.ating in the auction were not necessarily good people. If someone wanted to make a name for himself in this riot, it was not something Kardas wanted to see.

Therefore, countless security personnel and staff members were deployed to immediately maintain order in the venue.

Many of the staff members changed the tables and chairs with the help of the staff members.

Although the position of Joelson and Elena was not far from the stage, they were surprisingly not affected at all. Even their chairs did not move at all.

This made many of the staff members feel puzzled, but they did not dare to show it. Otherwise, if they offended someone they should not have offended, their lives would be over.

From the staff members’ point of view, it was likely that Joelson and Elena were descendants of large families from the inner city. It was likely that after this riot was over, they would immediately report this news to the management of the Kardas family.

This was not the result that Joelson wanted to see. He raised his eyebrows.

A mysterious spiritual fluctuation swept over a dozen meters in the surrounding area. All the staff members were suddenly stunned. A lost expression appeared in their eyes.

Clearly, a certain memory in their minds had been erased by Joelson.

Joelson’s technique of deleting memories was extremely exquisite, to the point that they hadn’t discovered any clues at all. They had only thought that they were feeling a little uncomfortable because of the pressure of the dragon scales. And so, they immediately continued their work.

After all, Joelson had the power of a peak demiG.o.d. If these staff members of the Kardas family were able to resist Joelson’s spiritual power, then the entire underground city would probably be in chaos.

It took roughly ten minutes to maintain order and then repair the entire place.

When the lights dimmed once more, the many bidders began to enter their original positions.

Clearly, after this short period of chaos, the auction was about to continue.

Within the VIP room, both Briz and Doldona opened their eyes at the same time.

Although the dragon scale had indeed created a great pressure and caused them to be in an extremely sorry state, compared to the auctioneers in the hall, Briz and Doldona were in a much better condition.

After a short period of palpitations, both Doldona and Briz revealed a surprised look in their eyes.

Just what was this thing?

It was actually able to release such a terrifying pressure?

The fear that came from the soul level made Doldona feel that it was even more terrifying than the inner demon from before!

Briz’s brows were tightly knitted together.

The aura that this thing emitted was even more powerful than the strongest expert that Briz had seen in the inner city.

How could such a treasure appear in the small Kardas Family?

Briz could not understand it no matter how much he thought about it.

However, even if thirty Brizes racked their brains, they still could not think of anything.

On the stage, Freya coughed lightly and focused everyone’s attention on Freya once again.

“Everyone, the chaos that was caused earlier was indeed because our Kardas family did not fully understand the information about this thing.”

“Initially, we knew that this item was a little intimidating, but we did not expect it to be so terrifying.”

“In order to express our loyalty and apology to all of you, all of you who have come to our Kardas auction house this time can receive a membership card from our Kardas auction house. You will receive preferential treatment compared to other bidders.”

After Freya finished speaking, the eyes of many bidders below the stage suddenly lit up!

It was actually a membership card of the Kardas auction house!

One had to know that there were very few people in the outer city who could obtain a membership card of the Kardas auction house.

In addition, the families in the inner city looked down on the existence of the Kardas family. As a result, all of the people who had this membership card were those with prominent status in the outer city.

Right now, they had no power or influence. Yet, they were actually able to possess the same membership card. How could they not be excited?

Freya looked at the many excited fellows below the stage. A cold glint involuntarily flashed across her eyes.

Did these fellows really think that they could be on the same level as the big shots in the outer city just because they had obtained their family’s membership card?

If they really thought so, Freya would also think that these people were just toads who wanted to eat swan meat!

The membership cards that were compensated to these bidders were all specially made by Kardas and were not standard membership cards.

Although they would receive a little preferential treatment compared to the customers who did not have anything, it was impossible for them to reach the true level of membership.

Of course, someone like Joelson who had a purple-gold card also didn’t need a membership card to receive the best treatment from the Kardas family.

The Underground City’s money house was both internal and external. This money house that could control the underground city’s lifeline was controlled by the true king of the underground city.

It was the proof of the king of the underground city!


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