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Chapter 109 – Sean

Zhao and Meg turned around. It was Green.

Green had put on his armor. To others, wearing armor on their bodies would be c.u.mbersome, but it didn’t bother Green. His footsteps were normal, and even seemed ethereal.

Thanks to the benefits of the s.p.a.ce, Green’s strength had reached the peak of the eighth level. He was just waiting for the opportunity to make a breakthrough and become a ninth level warrior. Then he would be among the few strongest people in the world.

Every large clan needed an extremely strong expert, otherwise that clan would have no way to escape the bad luck of being swallowed. The Buda clan was one such example.

Although Green and Meirin were very strong experts at the eighth level, it was nothing in comparison to the ninth. With those two, the Buda clan could be considered very powerful, but not invincible. Still, although they weren’t able to stop the Buda clan’s banishment, with their strength, they were able to deter the n.o.bles from trying to completely wipe out the Buda clan.

When Zhao saw Green come up, he asked, “Grandpa Green, is it time?” They had been waiting for the someone from the Markey Company to send the rabbits that Green bought. That was why Zhao asked that question.

Green nodded. “They will arrive soon. With one hundred gold coins, I bought a total of three hundred blue-eyed rabbits. And with the remaining ten gold coins, I bought five scaled wildebeests, which will be used to pull the carriages that are carrying the rabbits.”

Scaled wildebeests were a common spirit beast on the Continent. Although they weren’t fast at running, they were very strong, making them suitable for carrying things.

Zhao agreed with this purchase. Although they could have just asked the Markey Company to help with the transport, buying the scaled wildebeests was the right choice. Once he brings them into the s.p.a.ce, the scaled wildebeests would reproduce, becoming another source of income.

“Grandpa Green, remember to not allow them to drive the carriages up to the villa, or else they will be attacked by the undead,” Zhao said.

Green nodded. “Well, I’ll go make the arrangements.” He didn’t oppose Zhao using the undead to stop those carriages. After all, Zhao wasn’t just pretending to be a black mage, but a Necromancer who used black magic. If he didn’t use his undead, then that wouldn’t be normal.

It could be said that if there was a mage on the Continent that didn’t use slaves, it was a black mage, since some of them could just summon undead skeletons to do their work. Plus, the undead were easier to use than slaves.

So right now, Zhao sending some humanoid undead to help Green with the carriages was completely normal.

Sean worked for the Markey Company branch in the Purcell duchy. He was just a small steward, and his main job was to manage the porters. His position in the company wasn’t that high.

But Sean also had another job. He was also responsible for finding news for the Markey company. He had a special way of finding things out, which was to check the goods that were being transported. This allowed him to collect a lot of useful information.

It looked difficult, but in fact, it wasn’t. You could tell a lot of things from the stuff people move around in the Purcell duchy. Even if the stuff was wrapped up, you could learn what it was from its size and weight.

The Markey company was a well known firm throughout the Continent, and so there were a lot of people in a cooperative relationship with them. One of which was Sean, who no one paid attention to because of his menial job. They wouldn’t suspect him of gathering information, some of which was quite useful.

No one on the Continent, including Sean, had ever heard of the black mage named Zhao before. But recently, he became a household name in the Purcell duchy. Even beggars knew who he was.

The most Sean was able to find out so far was that Zhao had the Markey company’s VIP gold medal which had the Bana symbol on it. That could mean that those rumors of Zhao saving Laura could be true!

Because of this, he wanted to pay closer attention to Zhao. When Green came to buy things, Sean immediately went to the Markey company and won the task of helping him mount the blue-eyed rabbits on the carriages and transporting them to Stony Mountain.

Sean was very enthusiastic in helping Green, seeking ways to please him. He wanted to leave a good impression, and did his best to talk to Green on their way to Stony Mountain.

Everyone in the Purcell duchy knows that a very powerful and mysterious black mage now lived on Stony Mountain. But it was just a desolate mountain with nothing but rocks and stones. How could rocks be useful for black magic?

It was because no one knew that a lot of rumors about the black mage sprung up in Casa city. They say that he was preparing a powerful spell to attack Casa city. They say that he was collecting corpses to help him practice black magic. They say that he was using the hot spring to wash his body with something evil. Out of all these rumors flying back and forth, there was no good words that were said.

But Sean knew that what the people were saying was not true.

After making his living collecting information for the Markey company, Sean had some understanding of black mages. He was very clear on the fact that black mages simply weren’t as terrible as the rumors say. They just acted a little strange. In fact, there were a lot of black mages that were good. A lot of the ways to treat traumas were created by black mages. But in the Continent, light mages were very popular, while black mages were unwelcomed.

However, these rumors had nothing to do with Sean. What he was most concerned about was find out more about Zhao the black mage, and that was why he was going to Stony Mountain.

Sean wasn’t part of the Markey clan, but he was one of the people that were loyal to Laura Markey.

Supposedly, Laura’s father, Kevin Markey, was terrible at business, so he was a.s.signed to run the Markey company branch in the small duchy owned by the Purcell clan. But everyone didn’t realize that Laura was so good at business, with skills impressive enough to take over for her father. Now she had a confidant in each store that she ran, and Sean was one of them.

Sean’s allegiance was only to Laura, and because of this, he was concerned about Zhao. With all these rumors of Zhao saving Laura or attempting to kill Laura, in the end, he had to know what kind of person Zhao was.

But Sean didn’t think that with less than a day’s journey left to Stony Mountain, Green would tell them to continue transporting the shipment, while he ran ahead.

Although Sean didn’t know why Green wanted to buy so many blue-eyed rabbits, he didn’t ask. It was clear that there were some things that should never be asked.

Once Sean reached Stony Mountain, he could see that it was shrouded by a black fog. Although this blanket of darkness was very strange, Sean knew that it wasn’t some sort of offensive magic, and was simply meant to block people’s attention.

Sean stopped at the foot of the mountains. He didn’t know what to do next until he suddenly heard a burst of footsteps. Along with the footsteps came the sound of bones crackling across the ground.

When Sean and his men heard these sounds, they couldn’t help but feel scared.

Suddenly, they saw Green, who was wearing full armor, appear in front of them. Sean didn’t actually know Green’s name. He only knew that he was a very strong warrior and a servant to the black mage.

Sean went up to greet the warrior, but then he suddenly stopped and his face became pale. That was because behind Green was a lot of undead.

Green had brought twenty humanoid undead to help him with the carriages. These undead used to be ordinary warriors, but now they had the appearance of dark green skeletons. They simply looked monstrous.

Translator Notes: Porters are people that carry or transport things as their job.

Translator Notes #2: For those who don’t remember, the symbol for the Markey company is a Bana, which is a type of flower.

Translator Notes #3: This chapter was MTLed by Trung and edited by theno1fan. Please leave a comment if you’ve spotted anything that looks wrong.


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