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Chapter 1536 – Black Dragon Comes

The reason why Zhao Hai wanted to know if this hidden hand exists was because he wanted to see his current situation. Zhao Hai felt that the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield was similar to a jar of gu worms. The worms kill each other while people watch. If they don’t fight, then an enemy would be introduced. The Bug Race was like this.

Therefore, Zhao Hai wanted to nibble through each realm in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. He wanted to see if the other party really didn’t want the battlefield to be peaceful. And he wanted to see what method they would use to deal with him.

Laura and the others looked at Zhao Hai and understood his thoughts. This wasn’t the first time that Zhao Hai mentioned the hand behind the curtains. He was still trying to probe the situation.

Laura and the others didn’t oppose this decision. In fact, they didn’t like being treated as chess pieces. If they don’t understand the situation, then they wouldn’t be able to get rid of this thorn in their heart.

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, is it really time?” Laura was really worried. Their performance recently had been very dazzling. If some people were paying attention, then they would certainly observe Zhao Hai. If Zhao Hai made another huge move, then the other party might do something.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “If we don’t try to know, then we won’t know. If they want to deal with us, they will reveal some clues. Then we might use it to track them down. As long as they come to light, we will know what a higher-level existence is like.”

Laura nodded, “That is also good. Now, there isn’t anything left in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield that can be used for the s.p.a.ce. We already gained all the good things from the Hundred Treasures Realm. And with the s.p.a.ce’s ability to level-up on its own, the best time to start is right now.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll proceed step by step. First let’s see if we can find anything at sea.”

Laura and the others looked at the dark clouds. The dark clouds looked like any other cloud. But compared to dark clouds of a rainy day, these clouds covered everything. Supposedly, even Immortal Experts would need to be cautious upon entering the dark clouds. Moreover, the only thing they could do inside was to get out again. They couldn’t afford to die inside. But this could only mean that maybe there’s something mysterious in this sea.

At this time, Cai’er suddenly said, “Young Master, look. There’s the poisonous purple fog.” Zhao Hai turned his head towards the monitor and saw purple fog appearing in the distance.

Zhao Hai replied, “Let’s receive the purple fog first, then we’ll see how to proceed.” Cai’er nodded and immediately received some purple fog for the s.p.a.ce. Before long, the s.p.a.ce issued a prompt, “Poisonous gas detected. Poison level, high. Extracting poison and integrating it to the s.p.a.ce. Integration completed. The s.p.a.ce’s poison has leveled up. Transcending Tribulation Experts subjected to this poison wouldn’t survive. Transcending Tribulation Experts will die after three days. Severed Soul Experts would live no more than a month. After being poisoned, Severed Soul Experts would have their lifespan reduced by 100 years. Their vitality would continue to drop after that.”

Zhao Hai breathed in cold air. He didn’t expect the poison to be this lethal. Cai’er looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, there’s no need to be surprised. This isn’t just because of the purple mist. This is poison mixed with the s.p.a.ce’s own poisons. Moreover, the s.p.a.ce has an antidote. So there’s no need to worry.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then he said, “It won’t affect us much. Lets go.” Cai’er nodded and directed the h.e.l.l King’s Ship to move forward.

At this time, the display on the monitor changed showing the deck of the h.e.l.l King’s Ship. The Transcending Tribulation Experts were currently grouped up.

Seeing them go out, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but know his brows. He moved and appeared on top of the deck. The Transcending Tribulation Experts were currently pale as they looked at the approaching purple fog.

Seeing Zhao Hai, one of the pale Transcending Tribulation Experts said, “Zhao Hai, the purple fog is coming. Can we survive?” The person who spoke was named Xiang Bo, a member of the Puppet Realm. Zhao Hai didn’t know what his weapon was, but his strength was indeed at the Transcending Tribulation Stage.

Zhao Hai looked at Xiang Bo and then smiled faintly as he replied, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

Xiang Bo relaxed. Then he looked around him and said, “Brother Zhao Hai, your ship is really good. There’s n.o.body in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield who doesn’t know of it.” Although he was commending the ship, Zhao Hai could see the anxiety on Xiang Bo’s face. It wasn’t only Xiang Bo, the others looked afraid as well. If not for Zhao Hai calmly standing in place, they would have thought of running away.

Before long, the purple fog covered the h.e.l.l King’s Ship. However, the fog had no influence on the ship. The ship continued to go forward in a steady manner.

When they saw this, Xiang Bo and the others couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. Xiang Bo looked at Zhao Hai with beaming eyes as he said, “With this ship, we might successfully explore the sea.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “If we’re successful, it would be a huge achievement for all of us. A lot of our predecessors failed, only we succeeded. Hahaha” Everyone was smiling as well. If they really finished the exploration, then their contribution would be big.

Seeing everyone’s expression, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “But we cannot treat it lightly. Although the infamous purple mist couldn’t do anything to us, there should be something else in the sea. It’s better for us to be careful.” Everyone nodded.

Before long, the h.e.l.l King’s Ship pa.s.sed through the purple fog. They were now quite far away from land. In front of them was an increasing amount of dark clouds.

Zhao Hai turned his head to the others and said, “You should all go back to rest. I’ll call you over if something happens.” As they thought about the increasing danger outside, they nodded and went back to the rooms that Zhao Hai arranged for them.

Seeing the others going back, Zhao Hai returned to the s.p.a.ce. Upon entering, he found that Cai’er and the others were looking at the children. The children were currently learning. Although they were at sea, they still needed to attend their But because of their situation, their were simplified.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind it. They currently don’t have any encounters at sea, nor did they find any land. There was nothing worth doing at the moment.

Time flew by and two days have unknowingly pa.s.sed. Two days was quite short for cultivators. But in these two days, Zhao Hai and the others were already very far into the sea. This area was very different from the sh.o.r.e. The usually spa.r.s.e dark clouds now covered the entire sky. Moreover, the dark clouds were now very close to the surface. The h.e.l.l King’s Ship was almost sailing on the waters instead of flying on air.

The Transcending Tribulation Experts hadn’t come out of their cabin since then. After all, two days was nothing to cultivators. They can sit for a longer amount of time.

As for the children, Zhao Hai didn’t treat them badly. He also installed an activity area inside the ship. This way, the children wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable during the trip.

On this day, as the h.e.l.l King’s Ship flew forward, Cai’er suddenly said, “Young Master, we found something.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he immediately looked at the monitor. Seeing what was on the screen, Zhao Hai was stunned. The dark clouds rumbled and lightning struck down non-stop. The lightning resembled tribulation lightning.

Looking at the dark clouds, Zhao Hai said, “How far is it from us? Can you tell if it’s a dark cloud or tribulation cloud?”

Cai’er replied, “It’s definitely a dark cloud, not tribulation cloud. The silver needles could no longer enter it. I don’t know what’s happening. But based on the s.p.a.ce’s a.n.a.lysis, it’s very likely for beasts to hide in the cloud. We will reach the area in an hour or so.”

Zhao Hai replied, “Can we go around it?”

Cai’er nodded and said, “We can. Wait. It seems to be a black dragon. It seems to have found us. What’s this? We’re so far away. It’s coming over, it’s too fast!”

Zhao Hai looked at the monitor and saw a black snake-like shadow flying towards them. But Zhao Hai was sure that this wasn’t a snake. It was because he discovered that it has grown four claws.

Zhao Hai was certain that it was a golden clawed dragon! As a Chinese person from Earth, Zhao Hai knew that the Chinese worship dragons. Four-clawed and Five-clawed Dragons were all dragons in Chinese mythology. Dragons were very important to the Chinese people. Dragons can rise and hide among the clouds. They can ascend the nine heavens and call the wind and rain. The dragon that Zhao Hai saw this time was similar to the ones in his memories. Therefore, Zhao Hai was sure that it was a golden dragon.

Although he didn’t know what’s happening, upon seeing the golden dragon, Zhao Hai was certain that it wasn’t simple. At the very least, it wasn’t related to the Transcending Tribulation Experts on the ship.

The Transcending Tribulation Experts don’t know that a gold dragon was coming. They also didn’t know that lightning was about to strike the h.e.l.l King’s Ship.

The h.e.l.l King’s Ship shook lightly. Before they could figure out what was going on, the h.e.l.l King’s Ship rushed towards the dragon.

Seeing that its attack was useless, the silhouette of the dragon paused. Then it swung its body as it used its four claws to attack the h.e.l.l King’s Ship. However, as the claws. .h.i.t the h.e.l.l King’s Ship, it suddenly flashed a white light. After a few bursts of electricity, the dragon retrieved its claws.

Although the dragon’s claws contain lightning, it wasn’t tribulation lighting in the end. Because of this, its claws couldn’t defeat the h.e.l.l King’s Ship. Despite this, Zhao Hai knew that the dragon just retreated and it would come again.

As Zhao Hai thought, although they tried to escape, it was useless. The dragon could find the h.e.l.l King’s Ship when it was an hour away. It was impossible for the Ship to circle around the thunderous clouds in just an our.

Lightning can break anything and the dragon was an embodiment of it. The lightning on its limbs was already invincible, let alone its other abilities. Zhao Hai saw it with his own eyes, a flash of lightning from the breath of the dragon almost broke the shield of the h.e.l.l King’s Ship.

It must be known that the h.e.l.l King’s Ship’s shield wasn’t very simple. Not only did it contain netherworld fire, it also incorporated the dark clouds and the purple mist. Despite that, the h.e.l.l King’s Ship was almost broken by the dragon. This was out of Zhao Hai’s expectations.


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