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Zhao Hai began to understand how great Three Saint City was when he entered it. The city wouldn’t lose against any great Human city.

Its walls were made of stone. However, the adhesive used to paste them together wasn’t cement nor mud, instead it used a b.l.o.o.d.y red soil that had a strong b.l.o.o.d.y smell.

The city wall was about 20 meters high with a gate that was 20 feet wide and ten feet high. The gate was made out of bones and looked horrible.

Zhao Hai still can’t feel the total length of the city wall, but he reckons that it should be more than 10 thousand meters. On such a huge wall, there was only this single gate, and there seems to be no other carriages around. I looks like there weren’t a lot of carriages here in the Underworld.

There were two rows of skeleton soldiers standing by the city gate. All of them were Silver Skeletons equipped with spears. There was no armor on their bodies, but high-ranked skeletons with weapons was still terrible to go against.

Zhao Hai curiously examined this group of skeletons. Although he already used his spiritual force to inspect them, Zhao Hai was still used to using his eyes to ‘see’ things.

The skeletons were motionless, they looked like statues. After glancing through them, Zhao Hai immediately used his spiritual force to scan the situation inside the city.

Upon feeling what was inside, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get shocked. Zhao Hai imagined that the Undead in the Underworld wouldn’t have houses. After all, Undead weren’t sensitive to cold nor heat. For them, having shelter was basically useless.

However, Zhao Hai found out that Three Saint City not only has houses, but there were plenty of them inside. Zhao Hai swept his spiritual force towards the city to see its structure. He thought that he was seeing a human city. The city’s design was good, it’s roads were very neat. It’s streets were covered by stone slates, the same material was used for the houses. There were three towers on the east side of the city. Each tower was 100 meters high and stood in a triangle, overlooking everything inside the city.

If one just looks at the structures, then one would think that it was just an ordinary human city. But when you see its inhabitants, you would immediately change your mind. The majority of those roaming the streets were Zombies and Skeletons. There were also Dark Creatures, Lich, and so on. After a while, you would even notice pale faced people. They were actually vampires wearing neat clothes as they walked the street.

It was a city comprised of Undead and Dark Creatures. Zhao Hai didn’t notice it at first, but as his spiritual force explored the city, he noticed that almost all the houses had an undead theme. And with the addition of the dark mist, the whole city looked like a ghost forest, a miniature version of how one would imagine the Underworld.

At this time, when the Undead and Dark Creatures saw Zhao Hai’s group, they were really respectful and even bent down their bodies.

In the Underworld, the difference with each ranks were very strict. Existences like Guli stood at the very peak, low-level undead needed to give them a salute whenever they meet. Naturally, if the Undead belonged to another faction, instead of giving respects, they would immediately proceed to attack.

However, in this Three Saint City, Guli and the others were the genuine rulers. The Undead inside the City wouldn’t dare to neglect Guli’s group. Or else, their fiery souls would be pulled out and eaten. It was this overbearing here.

Guli commanded the group to head towards the three towers in the city. These were the tallest structures here, and naturally this was also where Guli stayed.

Before long, the group arrived at the tower. Zhao Hai also came out of the carriage and entered. But since that tower belonged to Kampala, Zhao Hai called Kampala out. One must know that this tower had many Lich living inside it. These Lich were subordinates that Kampala kept here in order to manage Three Saint City. And if Zhao Hai just entered the tower without Kampala, then these Lich may attack.

Kampala was now immersed in Magic Formations. For Kampala, the world of magic formations was a really wonderful world. He didn’t want to go outside and waste time. So when he was called out by Zhao Hai, he immediately called his subordinates over and had Zhao Hai take them to the s.p.a.ce. Then he returned to his research, he didn’t care how Zhao Hai wanted to deal with these Lich.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw Kampala’s action. Kampala and the others, these immortal beings, used to have nothing to pursue. After countless years, power or desire had almost nothing to do with them. They just wanted to do what interests them. And now, the world of magic formations just provided this thirst for Kampala.

A few days ago, when Zhao Hai entered the s.p.a.ce, he went to visit Karen’s laboratory. He was surprised to find that the laboratory already had some improvements. These were the benefits they gained from books regarding magic formations and magic armors that were gained from the Atlanta Plane.

Although these books were only at a primary level, they were undoubtedly treasures to Karen and the others who had been in the dark.

Besides these books, another thing that Karen and the others cared about were the computers that Zhao Hai had provided them. The formidable computational abilities of these computers greatly helped Karen’s group. More importantly, Zhao Hai didn’t expect them to use a computer much better compared to him.

Zhao Hai was very surprised about the learning capabilities of the group. One must know that Karen and the others had only been introduced by Zhao Hai to the simple operations of a computer. Then Zhao Hai just gave them books in order to use alongside the computers. Who would’ve thought that Karen and the others would be able to learn how to use computers with more ability than Zhao Hai. At this time, Karen’s group were now able to do magic formation simulations using the computer’s tools.

And with the addition of Kampala and the others, Karen’s progress became faster. The knowledge of the Lich allowed Karen to discover that the Lich had also been performing strange and foreign research. Every time the researches discussed, their outcome had always been constructive.

Zhao Hai began to recall. After arriving in Three Saint City, he saw that the Lich weren’t really needed to manage the undead in the city. Some of these Lich were completely erudite, they preferred learning than fighting. So Zhao Hai took these Lich into the s.p.a.ce and then replaced them with large quant.i.ties of skeletons.

This change went unnoticed by the Undead in Three Saint City, nor would they care. In the Underworld, strong beings killing another strong being and taking over their territory was very common; there’s nothing strange about it. So when Zhao Hai sat inside Guli’s bone carriage and entered the city, the Undead weren’t very surprised. For these undead, this only meant that the City had a new ruler.

The Underworld had the rule of the jungle and respected the strong. Here, as long as you have the strength, then you can do whatever you want. If you were weak, then your fiery soul could only be used as food and currency for the others.

After taking care of the Lich, Zhao Hai arrived at the topmost level of Kampala’s room. Upon entering the room, Zhao Hai was shocked. He felt that this wasn’t a room that was made for living. Instead, it seems to be like a huge ancient library as well as a museum!

The entire room was very big, it seems to be hundreds of square meters. However, there were no chairs in this room. There weren’t any living supplies inside instead of a small study. There were rows upon rows of shelves. Some of the shelves had rolls of beastskin scrolls while some had strange items such as fried tree bark, dried gra.s.s, a hoe, a pickled head, a broken knife, and an unfinished embroidery. When Zhao Hai saw these things, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but freeze. He couldn’t believe that this would be the room of a peak-level Lich.

Before long, Zhao Hai arrived at a desk with a beastskin scroll rolled out on top. He didn’t know which beast this skin belongs to. There was a bone pen beside this scroll. The skin was treated and was pale yellow. It was also filled with blood red words.

The things written on this beastskin seems to be the records of Kampala’s research. But when Zhao Hai saw it, he was a little dumbfounded, Kampala’s research turned out to be poetry!

The Underworld followed the rules of the Jungle where the strong reigned king. But a Lich race’s top existence actually researched poetry? n.o.body would believe it if they were told.

Zhao Hai put the beastskin down as he turned his attention to a nearby shelf. He picked a scroll at random and gently opened it. Zhao Hai took a glance at the scroll and carefully read its contents. When he saw what was written, Zhao Hai’s eyes couldn’t help but shrink.

Written on this scroll wasn’t poetry, instead it was a magic spell. It was a fire-element attack that Zhao Hai hadn’t seen before. The steps to casting this magic, from the incantation to the hand signals were clearly written. It can be said that the scroll had turned a complex fire-element magic into an inscribed blueprint. As long as one casts the magic spell according to what was written, then one would be able to use this powerful magic.

Zhao Hai carefully followed the magic from the first step. His finger moved while his mouth mumbled the incantation. After completing these steps, a three-winged boomerang made out of fire appeared in his hands.

Zhao Hai stared blankly at this boomerang. He didn’t think that he could use this magic. Moreover, it was as exactly as what the beastskin scroll described!


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