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Chapter 1526: Is That What You Want?

The two Mrs. Li were elders in the family, so how could they leave just like that?

They did not manage to borrow anything, so why did they have to leave in anger for nothing? If they did not vent their anger, they would not be able to bear it!

“Sister-in-law, Sister-in-law!” Second Aunt Li stood on the second floor and called out to the kitchen downstairs. Mrs. Lu did not answer, so she changed her tactic. “Li Guizhi! Li Guizhi! Come here and see what your son has done. Is this how you treat family?”

Mrs. Lu pretended not to hear her while she was in the kitchen,

Jiang Yao could even hear Mrs. Lu grumbling to herself as she sat there, asking why the two of them had not left yet. She wanted to go out to buy chicken.

Mrs. Lu believed that Lu Xingzhi could resolve the conflict upstairs, so when she first heard the noise, she walked out of the kitchen to take a look. At first, she was worried that her child would be at a disadvantage, so she had a worried expression on her face. Later, when she saw what had happened to Li Qing, she quietly returned to the kitchen and pretended not to know.

“Don’t use your status as an elderly person to pressure me. You are not qualified.” Lu Xingzhi spoke very bluntly and did not leave any room for negotiation. “When our family was having a hard time, I didn’t see you running here to say that you’re family. Now, you are willing to change your tune?”

Lu Xingzhi’s words choked the two Mrs. Li. They could not come up with a reply. They had long regretted it. If they had known that the Lu family would become rich, they would not have cut ties with their sister-in-law. If they had known that the Lu family would have such good standing, why would they have bought bicycles in the first place?

Lu Xingzhi could even buy them a car if he wished, let alone a bicycle. 

However, it was too late for regrets. Lu Xingzhi’s family had gotten quite wealthy, so they could not cut ties with them then. 

Then, Lu Xingzhi raised his hand and pointed at the door. “That is the Lu family, not the Li family. You don’t have the right to speak loudly here. Speak politely. You are our guests. To put it bluntly, you are unwelcome guests. Are you here to keep the peace or to do something else? I think you know better, so don’t come here for no reason in the future.”

Lu Xingzhi was the son of the Lu family. He had the right to say such things on behalf of his family.

He maintained a neutral stance with those people because of his mother. They were not sincere, so there was no reason for him to treat them differently.

Even Mrs. Lu had the same thoughts. Therefore, Mrs. Lu would not stand up for her sisters-in-law.

Lu Xingzhi did not dislike his relatives. He did not mind that they were poor; he did not like their greed.

“Is that what you want, Lu Xingzhi?” Second Aunt Li was also furious. “Are you going to sever your relations.h.i.+p with the Li family? Fine, I want to see how your family will come and beg us when your sister gets married!”

Second Aunt Li would not have said that if she was not sure that Lu Yuqing would remarry after her divorce. It did not matter if it was a first or second marriage; she would need her uncle’s help in the wedding.


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