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Chapter 658: Spare Tire

“She did say that, but she was just being kind. Second Brother, Mom and Dad don’t really like you. Think about it. How many times have mom and dad mentioned that they wanted you to settle down with her? Which of them did she agree to? She always said that she was still young.”

“To be honest, do you also think that she’s still young? Your sister is younger than her. I’ve been married for more than a year! She just doesn’t want to marry you and wants to keep you as a spare tire. This kind of woman’s character isn’t very good. ”

Jiang Yao’s words were not polite at all, “She keeps saying that she’s still young. If there’s a rich boss who wants to marry her now, see if she still refuses. See if she still wants to talk to you! “! “Jiang Lei, I’m not happy about it. You’re my second brother. Why do you have to be a spare tire for a woman like her? “Why do you have to pour out your heart and lungs to her? She doesn’t take you seriously and is still looking for someone else? ”

The More Jiang Yao spoke, the angrier she got. She finally understood the reason why Lu Yuqing didn’t like her back then.

“Jiang Lei, You are my second brother. In My Heart, in this world, there aren’t many men who can compare to you! Why do you have to support a woman who doesn’t take you seriously? How is she worthy of you? ”

How could a woman like that be worthy of Jiang Lei hurting his feelings for someone like her?

“Alright, this is my own matter. You’re a married daughter. It has nothing to do with you. ” Jiang Lei was not happy to hear that. After all, she was his girlfriend. When he heard his sister talk about her like that, he was not very happy either.

Afraid that Jiang Yao would continue, Jiang Lei quickly changed the topic. “You sure know how to talk. Then tell me, in this world, who can compare to me? Since Young, have I treated you well? ”

“Xingzhi, Big Brother, father and I are ranked ahead of you. You can reluctantly rank behind them. ” Jiang Yao was very honest.

“PFFT, it’s really the water splashed by a married daughter. You’ve only been married for more than a year, and your husband is already more important than the brother who brought you up! As expected, girls are extroverted! Lu Xingzhi and father, fine, I won’t fight, why should Big Brother Rank ahead of me? ”

“Because Big Brother won’t fight with me! Every time you fight with me, you won’t let me! ” Jiang Yao replied matter-of-factly, “Between Big Brother and you, of course, I have to put Big Brother ahead. Oh, right, when are big brother and sister w.a.n.g Xian getting married? Have you discussed the date?”

“These two days, Mom and dad are discussing the date with the w.a.n.g family. What mom and dad mean is to set it at the time when you can go home during the winter vacation. We’ll see when it’s a good day and let Big Brother marry big sister-in-law. ” After Jiang Lei said that, he sighed.

These two days, he had helped Jiang Jie prepare some things for an official marriage proposal. In fact, Jiang Lei’s heart was full of envy. He also wanted to marry his partner into the family as soon as possible. Unfortunately, his partner had big ideas and was not as docile as big sister-in-law.

“Big Brother and big sister-in-law, I’m not worried at all. Big Sister-in-law is a very nice person in the future. After entering the family, she will definitely be filial to father and mother. I’m just worried about you! “Jiang Lei, I’ll bet with you. If you can marry someone like you in this lifetime, I, Jiang Yao, will write my name upside down for you to see! “! “You Cuckold. If you love her, then you can continue to wear it. Anyway, the words we say to you are all honest and harsh. ”

Jiang Yao really wanted to take the winter vacation earlier and go back to meet Jiang Lei’s girlfriend, but now, she couldn’t do anything through the phone.

“You should think about your girlfriend’s stupidity. I Won’t talk to You Anymore! “


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