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Chapter 924: Rich People Have Evil Hearts

Chen Jiaxian’s parents stood by the side and watched them. They felt happy when they heard that Zhou Xiaoguang would be released the next day. Then, they secretly observed Zhou Xiaoxia’s cla.s.smate. They had not expected Zhou Xiaoxia to attend university and that she would get to know such an influential cla.s.smate, who brought a lawyer to Yuan City.

One should know that no lawyer in Yuan City had dared to meddle with that problem. The Chai family had a hand in that.

“Oh, right! Didn’t you say that the bodyguard who Zhou Xiaoguang beat up is also hospitalized?” Jiang Yao asked, “Which ward is he in?”

“How can those rich men’s lackeys stay in a small hospital with ordinary people like us?” Mr Zhou spat his words. “He’s in a prominent hospital and pretends to be a victim. My son is only 15 years old; his height doesn’t even reach that man’s shoulder. So, how could he have beaten that man? But the Chai family and the bodyguard’s family insisted that Xiaoguang beat him up until his head bled and his life was in danger.”

Mr Zhou’s words were not to protect his son; it was the truth. How could a 15-year-old beat up a tall and strong professional bodyguard? That man could probably subdue Zhou Xiaoguang with only one finger. How could he have the chance to let a child beat him to a b.l.o.o.d.y pulp?

“But he is the Chai family’s bodyguard. He will say whatever the Chai family wants him to say. You two are worried, but that man may be having a good time in the hospital.” A patient in the same room said, “The rich people in this world are all black-hearted!”

Many people in Yuan City knew about the problem that involved the Zhou family and the Chai family. After Mr Zhou and Mrs Zhou were admitted to the hospital, the Chai family were also there to threaten and entice them. Therefore, the other patients in the ward knew about what had happened.

Jiang Yao touched the tip of her nose and thought she would never be that black-hearted rich person.

No, she was poor; she was not a wealthy person.

Jiang Yao and Zhou Xiaoxia stayed in the hospital for about an hour before they returned to Zhou Xiaoxia’s house. Jiang Yao did not know how Chu Sheng did it, but Chu Sheng had managed to get Zhou Xiaocheng to communicate with her while she was away.

Chu Sheng could not speak, so she communicated with Zhou Xiaocheng via pen and paper. The two of them buried their heads in papers in Zhou Xiaocheng’s room to write and draw. Moe was asleep beside Zhou Xiaocheng while Chen Jiaxian was alone in the living room.

When Zhou Xiaoxia was back, Chen Jiaxian had only praises for his friend. “Sister Chu is so awesome. After you left, she brought Xiaocheng into the house. Then, she started to draw with Xiaocheng. I could not understand what Xiaocheng was drawing, but Sister Chu took her drawing and looked at it for a long time. Then, she started to talk to Xiaocheng via pen and paper.”

Chen Jiaxian laughed. “I told you my captain would have a great recommendation!”

Zhou Xiaoxia was also a little excited. “I hope Sister Chu will be able to help Xiaocheng out of her sh.e.l.l. Oh, right! Jiang Yao’s lawyer said that he would get Xiaoguang out tomorrow; our family would be reunited then.”

“I’ll give you some medicine later. It’s an effective medicine to control one’s blood pressure. When your parents are discharged from the hospital, you can supervise them to take those pills on time. They should be discharged tomorrow. In Xiaocheng’s case, it’s always good to have her family by her side.” Jiang Yao held Zhou Xiaoxia’s palm gently—she wanted to give her some courage and motivation.


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