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Chapter 979: Why?

Luo Ruoran’s sudden words stunned everyone.

A quail egg in between Zhou Weiqi’s chopsticks fell back into the bowl. He quickly took a sip of the water beside him as if he wanted to suppress his shock.

“You’re joking, right?” Chen Xuyao looked at Luo Ruoran and then at Liang Yueze. “Are you guys celebrating April Fool’s Day in advance?”

Chen Xuyao did not believe it. His brother had kept his eye on Luo Ruoran for almost ten years before he could finally marry her. Why would they get a divorce in less than half a year?

Who would believe that?

“Don’t tease us! I’d rather prepare a big red packet! I’ll use my year-end bonus, okay?” Zhou Weiqi said, “I think that Sister-in-law is pregnant; it’s impossible that the two of you would get a divorce. Anyway, I don’t believe it.”

Jiang Yao tugged Lu Xingzhi’s sleeves. When he turned around to look at her, she asked discreetly, “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know.” Lu Xingzhi also had no idea. He did not expect Liang Yueze and Luo Ruoran to tell him to bring Jiang Yao with him to Jindo City to announce the matter like that.

Jiang Yao had mentioned to him that Luo Ruoran was not in the right mood, but Lu Xingzhi did not think much about that. He felt that a woman would better understand another woman, and Jiang Yao seemed to have taken it seriously. He did mention it once to Liang Yueze when they had dinner.

However, Liang Yueze did not say anything about that. Lu Xingzhi thought that his brother did not seem happy when he heard that. He felt that the man was in a strange mood.

“What pregnancy? Don’t spout nonsense. That’s too scary.” Luo Ruoran’s face stiffened. She raised her hand and punched Zhou Weiqi, who sat next to her. “Eat your food!”

Lu Xingzhi glanced at Zhou Weiqil; he was also shocked by that news.

“Are you serious? Does Uncle Liang Know?” Lu Xingzhi asked.

“We just got divorced two days ago. My parents still don’t know about it.” Even though they had been divorced for two days, Luo Ruoran still addressed them as her parents—it was a habit.

Then, Luo Ruoran glanced at Liang Yueze and said, “Big Brother and Sister-in-law already know about this; we told them the other day. Since it’s almost the New Year, we don’t want the elders to worry about us. We’ll tell our respective families after the New Year. I will also go abroad after that. I will probably stay abroad like Brother Haoyu.”

Luo Ruoran smiled and picked up some food for Zhou Weiqi. “So, you should cherish the time you have with me now.”

“Why did you get a divorce all of a sudden?” Lu Xingzhi was confused about that. He even looked at Liang Yueze when he asked that question, but the man remained silent. Divorce was a big issue, and most of the time, the reason had something to do with the man. “What are you thinking?”

Lu Xingzhi thought that Liang Yueze must have lost his mind when he was not in Jindo City. That was probably why he divorced Luo Ruoran.

It was apparent that the man loved his wife; it had not been easy to marry her. At least, for Lu Xingzhi, he would never get a divorce once he was married, not even in death.

If he had to get a divorce, then what about the things he did to get married? Had those efforts been meaningless? Were they useless?


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