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Chapter 1119: Slaying the Violet Serpent Dragon

The serpent dragon’s tail viciously whipped across Jian Chen’s back. His clothes were reduced to rags in an instant as the powerful force ripped Jian Chen from the dragon’s head. His back turned to a blood mess and many of his bones broke.

The serpent dragon was just too powerful after all. It lacked intelligence, but every single attack from it was at the level of Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings. Even with Jian Chen’s powerful Chaotic Body, he could not withstand such attacks.

Jian Chen was thrown back five kilometers. He then flipped in the air and steadily landed on the ground. A streak of blood ran from the corner of his lips as Chaotic Force coldly surged through him. Not only did he push the Chaotic Body to its limits, he also used the Chaotic Force to quickly regenerate his injuries.

At the same time, strands of white light rose from Jian Chen’s body. He used half a strand of Radiant Saint Force origin energy to heal as well; though, the glow was not very bright.

Crack! Crack!

With clear, crisp sounds that came from bones, Jian Chen’s broken bones on his back quickly healed at a visible pace. Under the recovery of both Radiant Saint Force origin energy and the Chaotic Force, he regenerated at an unbelievable rate.

Jian Chen dared not be careless against a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King serpent dragon. He needed to use everything he had. The beast before him was incomparable to the Spectral Elder of the Yama Hall, the opponent he fought most recently.


The violet serpent dragon let out a huge roar. It was filled with pain, and the might of a true dragon was vaguely present within it. Its three-hundred-meter-long body violently writhed, smas.h.i.+ng into the rocks and shaking the entire mountain. Broken pieces of stone were thrown everywhere.

When Jian Chen had stabbed the head of the serpent dragon before, he had injected a sliver of Chaotic Force into its huge head. It was currently rampaging wildly and wreaking havoc on the serpent dragon’s nerves, causing it excruciating pain.

However, the serpent dragon was still a powerful existence at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint King. Its body and vitality were just too powerful. Coupled with the fact that it lacked an origin soul, the Chaotic Force failed to harm it as heavily as it would harm a Cla.s.s 8 Magical Beast.

A bright, purple light began to glow from the dragon as terrifying energy caused the mountain peak to violently pulse. The serpent dragon instinctively used all of its energy to temporarily suppress the Chaotic Force in its head. It swung its tail, which cracked with a crisp sound in the air, as it shot toward Jian Chen in the form of a blur.

Jian Chen was still healing, but he was on guard. Almost the moment the tail shot out, he moved. Using the Illusory Flash, he s.h.i.+fted from where he had stood almost instantaneously, leaving in the form of a blur. He charged toward the serpent dragon up ahead fearlessly.


The tail viciously struck the ground where Jian Chen had been standing before with a great force, immediately producing a deafening boom. The entire mountain range shook and several smaller mountains began to collapse from the vibrations.

As Jian Chen approached the serpent dragon, he leaped, wanting to jump onto its head once more and deal a fatal blow.

The serpent dragon angrily growled. It lacked intelligence, but it had suffered once already. It had obviously learned and knew that it could not let Jian Chen onto its head. It immediately swung its head to one side and spat out purple flames at the same time, bathing Jian Chen in a sea of fire.

The purple flames were extremely terrifying. Blotting out the sky, they seemed to be able to burn even air. Some of the rocks on the ground had even been reduced to flaming-red lava.

Jian Chen was in the air at this time, so he could not avoid the flames. He was cloaked by the purple flames, and the temperature was so terrifying that even his Chaotic Body was not enough to endure it. He felt intense pain all over.

Jian Chen bellowed out and Chaotic Force immediately began to gush out from the chaotic neidan within his dantian. It exited through his skin, forming a barrier outside him to block the fire. Jian Chen then raised the Emperor Armament at the sky and a supreme sword intent radiated from him. He swung out twice with lightning speed.

Two sword Qi, completely condensed from Chaotic Force, flashed out as black streaks. They broke through the flames and shot toward the serpent dragon’s eyes with lightning-like speed.


The serpent dragon’s eyes exploded. It could not help but let out a howl from the agonizing pain, causing it to stop spitting out the flames.

Jian Chen did not hesitate at all. He quickly approached the serpent dragon with his Emperor Armament and stabbed at the center of its forehead.

Even though the serpent dragon possessed a very tough defense, its body was unable to stop a full-strength blow from Jian Chen. As blood squirted out, the Emperor Armament was stabbed into its head once more, and just like last time, only the hilt was visible.

Jian Chen’s eyes were cold. Without giving any time to the serpent dragon to respond. He immediately pulled out the Emperor Armament. With a tremble of his arm, he instantly stabbed out three times. The attacks seemed to barely be visible with only blurry afterimages remaining. The speed was unbelievable. As every strike entered the serpent dragon’s head, a strand of Chaotic Force was deposited.

In agony, the serpent dragon began to madly struggle. Its huge head rammed into Jian Chen’s body, sending him into the air.

Its vitality was just too great, and it lacked an origin soul, so it lacked a weakness. It remained just as lively as before even after sustaining so many life-threatening attacks.

Jian Chen landed on a huge rock and stabilized himself. Afterward, he suddenly pushed off and the rock immediately shattered. He shot toward the serpent dragon like a rocket as he wielded the Emperor Armament high above his head with his two hands. The Emperor Armament quickly expanded, reaching thirty meters in length in a short while. A layer of destructive Chaotic Force wrapped around it.

Jian Chen held the sword with two hands and his presence skyrocketed to the limit. With a deep growl, he swung the huge sword toward the dragon’s neck.

The serpent dragon’s neck immediately began to flow with blood. A quarter of its neck was chopped through, forming a vicious wound.

Jian Chen lifted his hands one more, raising the sword to the sky again. He wanted to chop down and completely behead the serpent dragon.

Suddenly, the violet serpent dragon opened its large mouth. Before Jian Chen could swing down a second time, it lunged out, after sensing where Jian Chen was.

Jian Chen had never thought that the blind serpent dragon that lacked intelligence could still sense where he was. Caught off-guard, he was bitten by the serpent dragon. One of its sharp teeth pierced through Jian Chen’s chest, lodging his body in the dragon’s mouth. Pain ached from his chest.

The serpent dragon’s head had already become b.l.o.o.d.y. It pinned down Jian Chen with its mouth and a sharp tooth through his chest. It then began to shake its head desperately. It was trying to rip Jian Chen to pieces.

If any other Saint King ended up in the same position as him, they would have been ripped to pieces long ago. However, Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body was just astounding. It forcefully resisted, and Jian Chen failed to become more injured. Though, violent pain flooded his body as his flesh was twisted.

Jian Chen furiously roared as the Emperor Armament returned to its regular size in the blink of an eye. Afterward, he swung it at the serpent dragon’s tooth as hard as he could.

The dragon had closed its mouth. If Jian Chen did not break through the sharp tooth, he would not break free at all.

Although the serpent dragon was of the Ninth Heavenly Layer, it lacked intelligence and did not possess any Saint King abilities. It purely relied its instincts to fight, so Jian Chen did not need any foreign help to deal with the beast. He could kill it on his own with the Emperor Armament.

The tooth was extremely tough. Jian Chen only managed to cut through it after swinging five times, and he immediately plucked the two-meter-long tooth from his chest.

But, at this moment, he smelled a sharp putrid smell. The serpent dragon’s mouth immediately wrapped around Jian Chen, who had just been freed from its head, immediately sucking him back down its neck without any time for Jian Chen to respond. It had swallowed Jian Chen whole.

The next moment, the serpent dragon’s body began to violently tremble. It wailed in agony and with a spurt, a b.l.o.o.d.y hole suddenly appeared in its body. Jian Chen had punctured a meter-wide hole from inside, making it out of the dragon’s body coated in blood. Afterward, he expanded the Emperor Armament to thirty meters once more and viciously struck the wound on the dragon’s neck. He expanded the cut to twice the size of before, where only half of the flesh kept the dragon’s head to its body.

Jian Chen did not stop at all. He swung viciously once more and the serpent dragon’s wound deepened again. He then moved and disappeared from where he was standing with an afterimage.

Almost the moment he disappeared, a purple light flashed by. The tail of the serpent dragon swept over to where Jian Chen had been explosively.

At this moment, Jian Chen swung a fourth time. The huge sword chopped toward the remaining quarter of the serpent’s dragon neck with a terrifying pulse of energy.


The serpent dragon wailed miserably in a deafening manner. Its huge head was finally separated from its long body. It hit the ground with a loud thud and kicked dust into the air.

The serpent dragon did not die after it had been beheaded. Its three-hundred-meter-long body constantly writhed on the ground as its head miserably growled. The two parts quickly approached one another, trying to reconnect.

Jian Chen could not let it do as it wished. He knew that it would basically be incapacitated once the head was separated from the body, so he took a step and stopped the head from reaching the body. He continuously swung the Emperor Armament, filled with destructive Chaotic Force, at the head, turning the head into mush.

The beasts here were different from magical beasts. No matter how powerful the magical beasts on the Tian Yuan Continent were, they would immediately die once their souls were wiped out. On the other hand, the serpent dragon lacked a soul in its head, so it possessed one less fatal weakness. With its extremely great vitality, Jian Chen could only use the most primal method to kill it.

Finally, the serpent dragon stopped wailing. Its long body slowly stopped moving, no longer struggling. Its vast vitality quickly leaked away, overtaken by the presence of death.


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