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Chapter 1460: Revival through the Saint Weapons (Two)

A head-sized luminous pearl was lodged into the roof of the room where Jian Chen had settled down. It gave off a gentle light, which illuminated the room. Jian Chen set in the center of the secret room. He silently reviewed the method of reviving Saint Weapons, thinking through every step it involved. He was making the final preparations for the process he was about to undergo.

A while later, Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly snapped open. They were bright, causing the room to lighten up slightly.

He slowly raised his right hand as he stared at the tip of his right index finger. A ball of white light had suddenly appeared there. Although the light was extremely gentle, it illuminated the entire room like sunlight, causing the luminous pearl in the ceiling to darken.

This was the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force. Although this energy was stored in the soul, after reaching the 8th Cla.s.s, Jian Chen could use this origin energy as he wished. He could now summon it through his hands.

Jian Chen used the Radiant Saint Force origin energy on the tip of his right finger as a pen, slowly drawing complicated and mysterious inscriptions in the air. He moved very slowly, devoting his complete attention to the process. He was afraid that something would go wrong somewhere and lead to failure.

The inscription he drew in the air did not disperse. Instead, it lingered, glowing with a faint white light. Each inscription contained a sliver of the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force.

Jian Chen drew a total of thirty-six inscriptions. Each inscription was different and they grouped into a formation in the air.

A thin bead of sweat had already appeared on Jian Chen’s forehead. Drawing the inscriptions seemed extremely difficult to him.

Jian Chen finally let out a breath of relief as he stared at the thirty-six inscriptions in the air. He thought to himself, “Every Saint Weapon contains the souls of their previous masters formed from their three vital energies. If I want to revive the Saint Weapon, I need to awaken the fragile soul in the weapon first. Then I must use a secret method to melt the weapon and use its power to condense a body of energy. That way, the fragile soul within the Saint Weapon can be revived. If I want to awaken the soul in the Saint Weapon, I need to send these thirty-six inscriptions condensed from Radiant Saint Force origin energy into the Saint Weapon. Condensing these inscriptions is the hardest step according to the method. I never thought I would succeed on my first try.” Jian Chen could not help but faintly smile as he stared at the formation he had created from the thirty-six inscriptions.

But, the next moment, his face suddenly froze. The thirty-six inscriptions rapidly faded in the air, disappearing completely in just a few short seconds.

“I failed?” Jian Chen became stunned before gently sighing. The Radiant Saint Force origin energy within the inscriptions had actually vaporized, making him lose some of the energy.

However, he had only lost a sliver of it. It was nothing great to him, a Cla.s.s 8 Radiant Saint Master.

“This step really behaves how the secret method recorded it to be. It is far more complicated than it seems. However, why did I fail just then?” Jian Chen did not lose heart at all. Instead, he sank into his thoughts and closely examined the reason why he had failed.

After that first failure, Jian Chen tried time and time again, ignoring his exhaustion. Condensing the thirty-six inscriptions was not difficult to him. What he found difficult was how he could not find the reason why the inscriptions would disperse once the formation was created. For a time, even Jian Chen had no idea what was going wrong.

In the blink of an eye, seven days pa.s.sed. Jian Chen tried time and time again, but the result remained failure after failure. However, he would sink into his thoughts after each failure and search for a reason. Finally, he discovered the reason behind all his failures after seven days of continuous trial.

“The formation created by the thirty-six inscriptions can awaken the fragile soul within the Saint Weapon. Not only do these inscriptions need to contain Cla.s.s 8 Radiant Saint Force origin energy, but they also need a sliver of soul and life from the caster,” Jian Chen reached an understanding. Without the slightest hesitation, he immediately fused a sliver of his soul into the thirty-six inscriptions and used the Zi Ying Sword to cut his finger. He let a drop of blood drip out and then split it into thirty-six portions.

This was no ordinary blood. It was blood from the Chaotic Body. It possessed great pulses of energy and life. Even though it was just a drop of blood, it possessed the power to kill a Saint Ruler.

Jian Chen fused a drop of his blood and a sliver of his soul into the thirty-six inscriptions, immediately causing them to s.h.i.+ne brighter. Their color changed from white to a faint red as they let out a dazzling red light. At that moment, the inscriptions seemed to gain the presence of life.

This time, the inscriptions remained and didn’t didn’t disperse. They created a perfect formation and became whole.

Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up. With eagerness and excitement, he immediately sent the formation into the Ruler Armament he had prepared beforehand.

As soon as the thirty-six inscriptions came in contact with the Ruler Armament, they disappeared. They quickly surrounded the fragile soul within the Ruler Armament under Jian Chen’s control, slowly fusing with it and awakening it.

A while later, the fragile soul completely absorbed the thirty-six inscriptions. The Radiant Saint Force origin energy within the thirty-six inscriptions awakened and rapidly nourished the sliver of the soul that was left, allowing it to recover very quickly. The droplet of blood gave it life.

Jian Chen could clearly sense the changes occuring the fragile soul in the Saint Weapon. He contained his swelling excitement and continued to use the secret method, condensing the solid weapon into a new ball of pure energy.

Whether it was a Ruler Armament, a King Armament, or even an Emperor Armament, they were all condensed from the Saint Force that had resided within their owner. What Jian Chen was doing now was returning the Saint Weapon back to its its original shape, condensing a body of energy.

Jian Chen did not come across any difficulties with this step, proceeding through everything extremely smoothly. The Ruler Armament had transformed into a ball of pure energy before morphing into the shape of an old man.

The old man’s appearance was distinct. Although he was only condensed from energy, he seemed no different than someone with flesh and blood. However, his presence as a Saint Ruler constantly rushed against the walls of the room, causing the room to shake, while his eyes were in a daze, without any emotions at all.

“A Saint Ruler of the Sixth Heavenly Layer. Just as I expected. Although I can revive people through Saint Weapons, their strength will fall after being revived. It won’t be at the Ninth Heavenly Layer,” Jian Chen mumbled to himself. He examined the old man before him in interest, failing to contain his joy.

This was because it was he who had revived this old man from a Saint Weapon with his abilities as a Cla.s.s 8 Radiant Saint Master.

However, Jian Chen noticed something wrong with the old man very soon. His dazed and empty gaze did not seem like a normal person at all.

“No self-awareness, just like a puppet!” Jian Chen realized what the problem was very soon. He was immediately surprised and greatly shocked. At the same time, he could sense an extremely familiar presence coming from this old man. It was actually the presence of his blood and soul.


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