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Chapter 1543: Onslaught (One)

The people from the World of Forsaken Saints were in high spirits after listening to Ouyang Yangwen. Even the Origin realm experts from the foreign world possessed a certain level of blind faith in Ouyang Yangwen, let alone the Saint Emperors. It was not because of how respectable he was but because of his power.

The Origin realm elders and protectors who understood Ouyang Yangwen from the World of Forsaken Saints knew just how great Ouyang Yangwen’s battle prowess was. Although he still belonged to late Returnance, he had gained some rough comprehension of the Way of the Sword. He had not truly begun to comprehend the Way of the Sword like the Spiritking, but being able to comprehend a little was already extremely impressive. Some of the protectors and elders even believed that Ouyang Yangwen possessed the strength to fight those who had just broken through to Reciprocity.

Jian Chen’s face slightly changed in outer s.p.a.ce. He suddenly turned his head toward the Tian Yuan Continent. Even though the Tian Yuan Continent was tiny in his eyes, he saw Ouyang Yangwen with a single glance. His face sank.

“I never thought that Ouyang Yangwen would break free so soon. That Spiritking from the other world must have released him from the disc,” Jian Chen thought. He could feel just how bad the situation was. While in peak condition, his battle against Xiong Zhong had been rather difficult, yet Ouyang Yangwen’s strength superseded Xiong Zhong’s, not to mention the fact that he was still injured right now. He probably would not be Ouyang Yangwen’s opponent even in peak condition.

Suddenly, Ouyang Yangwen attacked. He opened his palm and a finger-sized sword immediately condensed. It hovered above his palm, and the next moment, it suddenly expanded from the size of a toothpick to the size of a standard sword. It shone with a sharp light.

With a twist of his wrist, Ouyang Yangwen gripped the sword. At that moment, the sword immediately erupted with an extremely powerful ripple of energy. The surroundings shook and the ground cracked under the ripple of energy. He took a single step and his entire presence suddenly skyrocketed. He stabbed out.

A humongous sword Qi left the sword with a devastating might. It turned the s.p.a.ce it moved through into darkness as it shot toward Changyang Mingyue.

Ouyang Yangwen’s first target was not Jian Chen but Changyang Mingyue.

Changyang Mingyue’s clothes were as white as snow and her silver hair fluttered despite the absence of wind. A sternness filled her beautiful eyes at that moment. A new ability had appeared in her head. It was similar to when she had used the Domain of the Snow G.o.ddess and By Fate earlier. She had no inkling of it at all, but it had suddenly appeared in her head.

Before Changyang Mingyue had any time to think about it, she immediately used the ability that had suddenly appeared. She extended her left index finger and a strand of snow-white profound ice Qi drifted out. She quickly drew a circle before her, and as soon as the circle was completed, it turned into a mirror of ice. It shot toward Ouyang Yangwen, who stood near the tunnel, and the sword Qi that drew near.

The sword Qi and ice mirror collided. The mirror immediately flashed with a white light. Silently, a crack appeared on it, which spread outward like a web, covering the entire mirror in a single moment. In the end, it shattered with a clink.

The moment the mirror shattered, Changyang Mingyue grunted as well. Blood spurted from her mouth.

At the same time, the sword Qi seemed to bounce off the mirror. It shot back toward Ouyang Yangwen, but it was half as powerful as before.

A gleam of light flashed through Ouyang Yangwen’s eyes as he smiled. He said, “Interesting. I’ve never seen an attack like this before, reflecting my sword Qi back at me.” With that, Ouyang Yangwen shot out a second sword Qi. It was slightly more powerful than the first, so when it collided with the reflected sword Qi, it produced a great boom. The reflected sword Qi dispersed while the second sword Qi continued toward Changyang Mingyue without slowing down at all.

Changyang Mingyue clenched her teeth and created another ice mirror, but this time, it failed to reflect the sword Qi. It shattered to pieces and the sword Qi pa.s.sed through Changyang Mingyue.

Changyang Mingyue coughed up blood three times as she was blown back. She was severely injured.

Ouyang Yangwen raised his sword above his head and immediately shot out a streak of light that was several thousand meters long. It stabbed into the sky, so from afar, it seemed like a huge pillar of light. It shattered s.p.a.ce. Its surroundings were riddled with pitch-black cracks. It cleaved to one side like it was unstoppable, headed toward Tie Ta.

Tie Ta also became stern. His presence soared as a powerful battle intent gathered in his body. It condensed into an illusory axe above his head. As he raised up the glowing axe in his hand, it fused with the illusory axe and began to emit an even greater presence.

“Mysteries of War, Destruction!” Tie Ta bellowed. He swung his axe toward Ouyang Yangwen’s streak of light with a dazzling, golden light. The power of the attack had far exceeded Tie Ta’s personal strength. Even mid Returnance experts needed to face the attack seriously.


The collision of the two attacks immediately erupted with a great boom. Terrifying ripples of energy swept through the surroundings as a storm of energy, causing all the s.p.a.ce around the attacks to tremble and distort. The entire continent was affected. Having already been split into four pieces, a great region of the continent collapsed, immediately causing a super-sized earthquake to form across the entire continent. Several cities collapsed a million kilometers away.

However, Ouyang Yangwen’s attack had not been dispersed by Tie Ta’s attack. A small sliver of it lingered, now only three meters long. It shot toward Tie Ta with a resplendent glow.

Tie Ta’s eyes narrowed. Faced with an attack at such a close range, it was too late for him to fight back. He immediately blocked it with his golden axe.

With a boom, Tie Ta was blown away by a powerful shockwave of energy. Before he stabilized himself while flying back, a dazzling golden light immediately appeared on his left hand. He punched out toward Ouyang Yangwen in the distance and cried out, “Mysteries of War, Void-devastating h.e.l.lpunch!”


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