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Chapter 1554: Future Survival

Everyone was amazed by what Xiao Ling had said. In reality, no one truly knew the strength of the champions of the four races from the ancient times because the cultivation realms beyond Saint Emperor had never been pa.s.sed down. Any person who had reached Origin realm, whether it be Receival, Returnance, or Reciprocity, were all known as those who had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor. After all, there had only been four experts like that in the entire world.

Until now, only the sea G.o.ddess’ exact strength had been disclosed among the four champions. Everyone was still not exactly clear as to what Mo Tianyun, Aergyns, and the Winged Tiger G.o.d’s true strength had been. They could only deduce a simple estimate from the minimal amount of information they learned from Xiao Ling.

However, their estimates still caused them to sigh in amazement.

“Everyone, the experts from the foreign world have retreated, but the tunnel still has not completely closed. They can attack our continent at any time, so it’s best if you don’t leave the divine hall. Make sure you are ready at all times to channel energy into the structure. We can only guard this place by using the divine hall as much as possible so that we can prevent the foreign experts from entering our world,” Tian Jian said to the people around him. He slowly glanced over the Origin realm experts around him with his resolute gaze, but his heart could not help but surge with tremendous waves.

Shangguan Mu’er, Changyang Mingyue, the Winged Tiger G.o.d, and Tie Ta had all been his juniors in the past and much weaker than him. He had even a.s.sisted them and granted them protection. Yet, now that he had emerged from seclusion, it was as if countless years had pa.s.sed in the outside world. All the people who had once been his juniors, in fact, the people he had once protected, had all reached the Origin realm.

Houston used to be a Saint King at Great Perfection with him, an expert who stood at the apex of the Tian Yuan Continent together with him. Yet now, Houston who was roughly the same age as him, had already reached the Origin realm, which amazed Tian Jian.

The supreme divine hall blocked the entrance to the tunnel, but just Tian Jian and the divine hall would not be enough to guard the entrance. The people from the foreign world might not be able to smash through the structure, but they possessed the power to push it away. As a result, the divine hall required the support of all the Origin realm experts and Sainthood experts so that its formations could remain in operation. Only with everyone partic.i.p.ating could they fend off the foreign experts.

There was no need for Tian Jian to explain any of this. They all already knew why, so they did not object Tian Jian’s suggestion. They all agreed to stay behind and guard the divine hall.

“There’s an even more powerful Spiritking in the World of Forsaken Saints. The reason why he hasn’t come this time is because the tunnel is unable to endure his power. Once it stabilizes enough, the Spiritking will pa.s.s through and attack the divine hall, and the World of Forsaken Saints has origin energy, so even if the Spiritking uses up all his energy, he can recover in an extremely short amount of time. On the other hand, it is extremely difficult for us to recover. As a result, we need to save our origin energy as well as use all the resources we have, including all monster cores, regardless of cla.s.s; any remains of Sainthood experts; and the special crystal coins from the Sea race. We need to use everything that can offer us energy. Only with every resource available will we be able to last longer. We can think of a way to completely remove the foreign threat after that,” said Houston. He was extremely stern. He had mostly recovered from his wounds in the artifact s.p.a.ce and had changed into a new set of robes.

“It’s said that the Spiritking’s strength is on par with experts at G.o.dhood. Even if we have several hundred years to gather strength, it’ll be very difficult for us to fend off such a great force, and if they continuously waste the power of the divine hall, we will only last a few decades with all the power from the four races or a few years. How should we deal with this Spiritking?”

“In ancient times, Mo Tianyun entered the World of Forsaken Saints and conducted a ma.s.sacre, killing many Origin realm experts from the foreign world, so they suffered an extremely great loss. In the end, he sealed up the tunnel between the two worlds, so we’ve fallen out with them long ago. Coupled with the battles that have happened this time, we’re like ice and fire now. If we fail to guard this place, our world will be ma.s.sacred. We might even be destroyed all together.”

Everyone became heavy-hearted. Their joy from just repelling the invasion instantly vanished. They all understood that the Tian Yuan Continent could guard the entrance with the divine hall, but they would probably last a few decades at most. A few decades was not enough time for them to catch a breath. How were they going to survive in the future?

“In the years that we have left, we need to raise an expert who is powerful enough to stand his ground against the Spiritking,” Tian Jian said with a heavy voice as he slowly glanced over everyone.

Everyone felt a heavy pressure descend. The reason why their strength had rapidly increased was due to the fact that they had obtained some legacy or that they possessed some heaven-defying heavenly resource. However, Houston and the white tiger had already exhausted their legacies. It was impossible for their strength to jump a second time. Changyang Mingyue had only reached Returnance in such a short amount of time due to the ten-thousand-year Icesouls. However, there had only been three Icesouls, and each one had taken three million years to condense. It was impossible for a fourth one to form.

As for Shangguan Mu’er, she had been blessed by the world since she was the mother of a child who possessed the Innate Chaotic Body. Her strength increased extremely rapidly, but it was impossible for her to become powerful enough to stand up to the Spiritking in such a short amount of time because she advanced slower the higher her cultivation became.

“My strength will not increase in a short amount of time. There’s just not that many resources to support my cultivation, but there is the previous war G.o.d’s corpse that has been sealed on the Wasteland Continent. The seal only requires the last beast fur stored within the supreme divine hall for it to open. Senior Tian Jian, give the beast fur to Tie Ta so that he can open the seal. He might be able to benefit from it,” Jian Chen’s voice rang out. He walked in side by side with Tie Ta. His robes were splattered with blood.

“I’ll go get it right now.” Tian Jian’s eyes lit up, and without any hesitation, he immediately went to retrieve the last beast fur.

Tian Jian left to go to the treasury. However, the Origin realm experts all remained where they were. They did not go with him.

“Uncle Xiu, you’ve finally emerged from seclusion. I scoured the entire world in search of you.” Jian Chen bitterly smiled as he looked at Houston.

Houston gently sighed, “Throughout all these years, I’ve been cultivating in the depths of the Death Nest in a selfless and mindless state. I had no sense of time at all. My strength has increased drastically, but it’s a pity that I failed to see my son one last time.” Houston’s face was filled with regret and sorrow. His eyes seemed slightly empty as well.

When he had emerged from the Death Nest, he had expanded his soul to Longevity Valley. He saw Xiu Mi’s grave. Just how many people in the world had to bear the pain of watching their son pa.s.s away?


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