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“Oh no, Jian Chen has discovered you now. He’s extremely powerful. Old man Chanlong, if you say you had the power to kill Jian Chen or escape from him in the past, you’re definitely not his opponent now.”

“He really is a prodigy for his strength to increase so quickly.”

The trapped soul murmured. Its voice was filled with amazement. Even with the entire Saints’ World in perspective, there were only a handful of people who possessed talent like Jian Chen.

However, the trapped soul frowned soon after, “But it doesn’t make sense. I clearly saw a chance for you to survive in the Dong’an province, so why did you encounter Jian Chen now? Where’s that chance to survive now that you’ve encountered Jian Chen?”

“Your predictions have been rather accurate every time, but you’ve clearly miscalculated this time. However, it’s not too big of a deal. Even if Jian Chen’s strength has grown dramatically in the past few years, I’m not afraid of him,” said master Chanlong. The powerful origin energy that belonged to a late OverG.o.d churned secretly within his body, rampaging about like a huge river.

Standing before him, Kai Ya could not help but become doubtful and confused when she saw how master Chanlong had suddenly become stern. He had also taken out his azure disc and formation banners.

Just when she wanted to ask him about it, an extremely tremendous presence suddenly crushed down from the sky. It immediately caused the expressions of all the people in the inn to change drastically. Even the formation that protected the inn creaked as if it bore a heavy burden; it was like it was about to shatter from the tremendous presence.

A ball of light shone brightly like the sun. It shot over from the distance like a bolt of lightning, moving extremely quickly. It had completely surpa.s.sed the level where G.o.ds could catch a glimpse of it. Only OverG.o.ds could sense it now.

In a short instance, the streak of light made a beeline for the inn where Kai Ya was.

Kai Ya only saw a flash and a white-robed man appeared before her as if he had teleported there. He stood with his back towards her between master Chanlong and her.

“Jian Chen!” Kai Ya basically recognised the familiar back instantly, and she became surprised.

“Kai Ya, go back to the clan first. It’s not safe here,” Jian Chen said without even turning back. He spoke very gently, but he stared at master Chanlong closely. He was cautious and on guard.

He did not know of the relations.h.i.+p between Kai Ya and master Chanlong. He only knew that he could not attack master Chanlong with Kai Ya right by his side at the moment. Kai Ya would not be able to endure the battle shockwaves from OverG.o.ds as a mere Saint Emperor.

“Master Chanlong, you’re a mighty OverG.o.d after all. You shouldn’t take a weak person as a hostage against me,” Jian Chen glared at master Chanlong as he growled. Right now, he was very worried that master Chanlong would strike out first. He had no need to fear master Chanlong at all with his current strength. As a matter of fact, under his full strength, master Chanlong would not even be able to cast down formations.

However, he would not be able to ensure the safety of Kai Ya who was beside him. If Kai Ya were a G.o.d, Jian Chen would not need to worry as much because G.o.ds would be able to resist the battle shockwaves. However, Kai Ya was only a Saint Emperor right now.

Saint Emperors were no different from mortals before OverG.o.ds.

“Hmph, Jian Chen. You sure think highly of yourself,” master Chanlong sneered.

“Yeah, kiddo. You sure think highly of yourself. Even if you’re a prodigy, you still don’t have the right for old man Chanlong to take hostages in an attempt to threaten you. Old man Chanlong isn’t any great person, but at the very least, he respects his own status,” said the trapped soul. His voice drifted out from the formations banners.

Kai Ya could sense the hostility in Jian Chen and master Chanlong’s words. He ignored Jian Chen’s urgings and stood between the two of them. She said to Jian Chen, “Jian Chen, what are you doing? Chanlong is my friend. Why would he use me as a hostage against you? You’ve misunderstood.”

Kai Ya also realised there were probably grievances between Jian Chen and master Chanlong.

“What did you say? Friends?” Jian Chen stared at Kai Ya in surprise as he became dumbfounded. He was basically doubting his ears.

Just how long had Kai Ya spent in the Saints’ World? How long ago had she woken up? Moreover, there was a great disparity in strength between her and master Chanlong, where one was heaven and the other was earth. How could they have become friends?

Kai Ya stopped the aggressive Jian Chen and explained, “Jian Chen, I know you don’t believe me. Although we’ve just met, we became fast friends. I have indeed treated Chanlong as a friend of mine. He’s my best friend beside you.”

Jian Chen sighed gently when he saw how serious Kai Ya was. She did not seem to be joking. Jian Chen said, “Kai Ya, you still haven’t truly understood the person before you. Chanlong is a mighty late OverG.o.d and a formations master. His status is so great, so how can he treat you with any importance?”

Master Chanlong spoke up. He said emotionlessly as he held an azure disc in one hand and a set of formation banners in the other, “Jian Chen, I disdain explaining it to you, but as this directly relates to Kai Ya’s trust in me, I must say something. That’s right, I am indeed a late OverG.o.d and a formations master. I am renowned in this region, but I have indeed become fast friends with miss Kai Ya. In just the short time we spent together, she has become my first friend.”

Jian Chen sneered, “Chanlong, do you think I’d believe you? You’re probably doing this with other intentions. However, no matter what they are, I won’t let you leave so easily today.” Jian Chen gripped the Startling Rainbow sword as his presence surged. It had already locked onto Chanlong.

At this very moment, a black figure charged into the inn with lightning speed. It arrived before Jian Chen in a single instance and grabbed Kai Ya by the shoulder, taking her out of the inn.

Jian Chen had always remained on guard against master Chanlong. He did not stop the black figure at all.

The black figure was Shen Jian in black robes.

Jian Chen had already contacted Shen Jian using his soul during his stalemate against master Chanlong. He got Shen Jian to take Kai Ya away. As long as Kai Ya was present, he would be held back. He would not be bold enough to engage in a battle against Chanlong.

Even though this would reveal Shen Jian’s existence, Jian Chen could not think too much about it for the sake of Kai Ya’s safety.

“I never thought that there would actually be a second OverG.o.d in the Tian Yuan clan,” master Chanlong stared at Jian Chen emotionlessly.

“Chanlong, it’s time for us to settle the grievances we built up in the past. You were lucky when you escaped last time. Today, you’re done for.” The Startling Rainbow sword in Jian Chen’s hands surged with sharp light. He pointed it at master Chanlong.

“You think I’m doomed? Hmph, you still don’t have that power, Jian Chen,” sneered master Chanlong. The azure disc in his hand glowed brightly and a huge formation appeared, revolving around his body.

A huge battle was about to erupt!

However, at this moment, both of their faces changed, and they looked in the same direction.

At the next moment, seven tremendous presences surged out. It enveloped the entire Dong’an province in an extremely brutal manner. Each presence was at the level of OverG.o.ds, and there were quite a few late OverG.o.ds among them.

“The seven great protectors of the Earth Spirit sect from the Heavenly Moon Empire have arrived. Who is the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan? Why don’t you come and receive us immediately?”

“Is the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen present? Come receive us on your knees.”

“That’s right, on your knees.”

“You better move quickly. Don’t make us wait, or don’t blame us for removing your Tian Yuan clan from existence.”

Four clear voices boomed through the air, reaching every corner of the provincial city. Their voices were forceful, arrogant, and condescending.


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