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After Fei He left, general Jin arrived before Jian Chen. He stared at him with some lingering fear. Even though he had personally witnessed the earlier scene, he still found it difficult to accept that an OverG.o.d had actually injured a G.o.dking.

To general Jin, it was like a dream—unrealistic.

“Brother Jian Chen, are you fine?” General Jin asked with much concern. Even his way of referring to Jian Chen had changed.

At that moment, general Jin completely treated Jian Chen as an equal. He even showed some respect.

As a G.o.dking, he was insurmountable. Even in the Xuandao Empire, G.o.dkings possessed extremely great statuses and were people who possessed authority. There was no need for them to behave like this before OverG.o.ds at all.

However, general Jin could not help but be so polite right now.

Jian Chen shook his head, expressing that all was fine. He did not recognise the armored G.o.dking before him, so after exchanging some simple pleasantries, he directly left and returned to the imperial palace.

“Sister Lan’er, did that really just happen? That pervert is clearly only an OverG.o.d. H- h- how did he beat a G.o.dking?” Xing’er said as she held Lan’er hand.

Lan’er sucked in a deep breath and gently patted her own chest, slowly calming herself down. She said firmly, “It’s real. Sister Xing’er, we’ve underestimated this person. His strength is enough for him to rank amongst the top three on the OverG.o.ds’ Plaque at the very least.”

“The top three,” Xing’er immediately covered her mouth.

At the same time, Tian Shuang stood in a garden within the forbidden grounds of the imperial palace as she stared in Jian Chen’s direction. She sighed in amazement.

“I never thought this Jian Chen would be so powerful. He fought a G.o.dking as an OverG.o.d and still managed to achieve victory when the G.o.dking used his battle skill. Even though this was due to the G.o.dking’s underestimation, it’s not easy for an OverG.o.d to injure a G.o.dking.”

“No wonder sister Hao Yue values this person so much. With the battle prowess he has shown today, his future will definitely be limitless. I just wonder how he compares to the supreme OverG.o.d who ranks first on the OverG.o.ds’ Plaque.”

Jian Chen paid no attention to the disturbance the battle had created. He had already returned to his temporary residence in the Xuandao Empire now.

Jian Chen sat before a table in the decorated room. The table was covered with neat bottles.

“There are over a thousand Ten-thousand-year G.o.d Origin Pills. With so many and the eight G.o.dking level plant and monster cores from fairy Hao Yue, I’ll be able to reach the twelfth layer of the Chaotic Body.”

“However, the twelfth layer of the Chaotic Body is equivalent to G.o.dking, but my current level of comprehension remains at OverG.o.d. As a result, I have to quickly increase my comprehension of the Laws of the Sword, or I won’t be able to reach the twelfth layer,” Jian Chen thought.

“It’s just that increasing my comprehension to the major achievement of Sword Spirit is difficult.”

Back on the battlefield on the boundary of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian in the southern region, a piercing smell of blood filled the air. It did not disperse no matter what, and just a single whiff of it was enough to cause people to vomit.

Corpses had already formed a thick layer on the battlefield while the blood had pooled into huge lakes. The battle that had lasted for so many days had created all this, claiming countless lives.

The battle continued. Several dozen G.o.dkings from both sides fought in a particularly intense battle in outer s.p.a.ce. The tremendous shockwaves of energy in outer s.p.a.ce could even be clearly sensed from the distant ground.

Below the G.o.dkings, the OverG.o.ds fought at an alt.i.tude of several tens of thousand meters. They also fought with great intensity. Many of them were already covered in blood. They had not rested at all since the battle began.

Countless soldiers gathered in the fortress below, standing in formations to fend off the ten-thousand-man formations from the Empyrean Demon Cult.

The ten-thousand-man formations had been reduced to over a dozen from the initial thirty.

Both sides suffered losses in the battle. Let alone OverG.o.ds, even two or three G.o.dkings had died.

The sound of a zither hung in the surroundings. It expanded as a visible sound wave, stretching across the entire battlefield.

The sound possessed an irresistible charm. When it rang out, all the people on the battlefield were affected to varying degrees. The armies of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian all became filled with fighting spirit and courage from the sound. They charged at their enemies with extraordinary determination while their battle prowess was fully displayed as well.

Under the influence of the sound, many people from the Empyrean Demon Cult felt their heads grow heavy as their consciousness blurred. In the end, they could only use seventy or eighty percent of their strength.

Originally, the Empyrean Demon Cult’s a.s.sault had forced the armies of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian into a retreat. However, with the zither’s appearance, they were finally able to gather together, becoming matched in strength with the armies from the Empyrean Demon Cult.

On the walls of the fortress sat a beautiful woman in a purple dress. Her beauty was indescribable, so great that it would probably be only seen in heaven.

An ancient zither rested on her legs. As her slender fingers stroked the strings, she produced music that was filled with charm.

Each note formed a visible ripple of sound.

Each note possessed the might of laws.

This woman was Shangguan Mu’er.

The news of the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen, being taken away by the commander of the seventh army, Yaxi Lian, had already spread by now. Naturally, Shangguan Mu’er heard the news as well, so she could no longer pay heed to Jian Chen’s orders for her to remain in the clan from worry. She hurried to the frontlines as soon as possible.

Her arrival had basically turned the situation here around!

Beside Shangguan Mu’er stood, Sacredfeather, Houston, Rui Jin, and so on. They stood around her sternly, protecting her and stopping any people from disturbing her.

All of them were covered in blood and suffered different levels of injury.

Aside from them, the G.o.d ancestors from the Dong’an province stood around her as well, taking part in her protection.

From the Empyrean Demon Cult, there were constantly OverG.o.ds who wanted to break free from their fight and stop Shangguan Mu’er from playing her zither, but they would be completely entangled with their opponents, which made the matter impossible.

The OverG.o.ds on the divine king’s side naturally understood just how important Shangguan Mu’er’s existence was to the battlefield below, so they all kept their opponents busy to the greatest of their ability.

Two streaks of light suddenly shot past a place distant from where the several dozen G.o.dkings fought in outer s.p.a.ce. They moved with unbelievable speed such that even G.o.dkings would only be able to catch a blur.

The streaks of light directly shot past the skies of the Cloud Plane, travelling towards the depths of s.p.a.ce.

However, when the light pa.s.sed by the southern region of the Cloud Plane, it suddenly reversed before stopping above the southern region in the end.

It was extremely distant from the Cloud Plane, even several tens of million kilometers away from where the G.o.dkings fought.

Only now was the streak of light visible. It was a small flying vehicle that radiated with powerful pulses of energy. Among them was the might of the laws of the world.

The flying vehicle was a G.o.d artifact!

“It’s the Third Ancestor’s Zither of the Demonic Cry!”

Two graceful, middle-aged women emerged from the flying vehicle. Celestial bodies flickered through their eyes as their gazes resonated with the laws of the world, directly piercing the distant s.p.a.ce and locking onto Shangguan Mu’er, who was located in the fortress on the boundary of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Shock filled their faces.


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