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Chapter 2178: Xuan Ming

With that, Jian Chen understood that the natural concealing formation he had accidentally barged into was probably an extremely powerful formation. Not only could the old woman avoid being hunted down by the divine generals of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, but she could also avoid being found by supreme experts or people with various secret techniques or abilities.

The meteor that he had accidentally struck with the Anatta Tower earlier was extremely likely to be an important component of the concealing formation. Once it had been destroyed, the natural formation had become flawed. A crack had appeared, allowing the old woman to be hunted down by the divine generals again.

The Radiant G.o.dking probably hid there as well to avoid being hunted down for some reason.

“Senior, we entered this formation accidentally. We had no intention of destroying the formation. It was purely a coincidence, so I hope senior that can forgive us for the trouble we’ve caused,” Jian Chen said apologetically after he understood why everything had happened.

“It’s the will of the heavens. This isn’t your fault,” the old woman waved her hand and said rather powerlessly. She gazed at the gloomy sky above her with her eyes that had seen many things. Deep exhaustion was present within them.

“I could even be found when I hid here. Fate cannot be denied; fate cannot be denied. Since the heavens want me to die, and the heavens want me to pay for my master’s crimes, then I’ll hand my d.a.m.ned life to you. I’m tired of a life where I can only hide as well…” The old woman’s voice was filled with a deep sense of powerlessness as the faint presence of death wrapped around her.

“Is there any reason to be happy about being alive? Is there any reason to fear death? Hahahaha…” The old woman suddenly laughed aloud. At that moment, she no longer cared about her life anymore.

“Senior, don’t be too pessimistic. Didn’t you say that the majesties of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng were not in agreement about hunting you down? If that’s the case, I don’t think it’s impossible to fix this matter,” said Jian Chen.

“Fix it? How would you fix it? If you could fix it, why was I hunted down for all these years, heavily injured many times, where I was only a step away from death? Even my cultivation realm has regressed from Chaotic Prime to Infinite Prime because my wounds were too heavy,” the old woman said in a chilling fas.h.i.+on. Afterwards, she seemed to lose all her power, leaving in low spirits.

Jian Chen remained silent when he looked at the lonely figure of the old woman.

“It’s all because of your fault. Now you’ve done it. Not only is senior Xu doomed because of you, but even I’m doomed because of you,” the Radiant G.o.dking sat on his bottom after the old woman had left and stared at Jian Chen as he sighed.

He did not continue to attack Jian Chen. From the attack earlier, he could already tell that he was not Jian Chen’s opponent.

“I am Jian Chen. May I ask how I may refer to you, friend?” Jian Chen stowed the Anatta Tower away and walked out of the huge pit created by the tower. He clasped his fist towards the Radiant G.o.dking.

“Hmph, who’s your friend?” The Radiant G.o.dking snorted coldly. He resented Jian Chen. Without saying much, he turned around and left.

“Xuan Ming, if you want to hide from that person you speak of, you can hide in the tower. As long as you’re in that tower, your presence will vanish from the surroundings completely. It’ll be impossible to find your existence whether it’s through forecasting or secret techniques,” at this moment, the old woman’s voice rang out from the distance.

The Radiant G.o.dking froze when he heard that. His ashen face immediately regained its brightness from before as he ravished in joy.

He seemed to see a ray of hope in the darkness he faced after he heard the old woman’s words. He had become hopefully again.

Suddenly, he turned around and pleaded to Jian Chen eagerly, “C- can you let me hide in that tower for a while? Once I break through from being a Radiant G.o.dking and condense my soultree, I’ll leave immediately.”

He paused there before continuing, “If you help me out, I’ll owe you my life. I will definitely do everything I can do to help you if I am of any use in the future.”

“Even though I, Xuan Ming, possess a low cultivation, I still have my father. My father is one of the eight vice-leaders of the Radiant Saint Hall.”

As soon as he mentioned his father, pride filled Xuan Ming’s face.

Jian Chen looked at the Radiant G.o.dking in surprise. He had never thought that the Radiant G.o.dking would have such a great background, where his father was actually one of the eight vice leaders of the Radiant Saint Hall.

Although he did not know what level of strength the Radiant Saint Hall possessed, he could naturally tell that the Radiant Saint Hall was quite powerful since a Radiant G.o.dking could talk about it so proudly.

“It’s not impossible to let you hide in my tower. However, I need to know who you’ve offended,” Jian Chen purposefully said calmly. He had no idea how he should ask about Radiant Saint Masters from Xuan Ming, but it was great now. Xuan Ming had actually come to him, which was in his favour.

Xuan Ming immediately became overjoyed when he saw Jian Chen agree. However, when he heard what Jian Chen said at the end, he immediately appeared innocent, “I haven’t offended anyone, nor have I provoked anyone. There’s just a terrifyingly powerful great demon that has become fixated on us Radiant G.o.dkings.”

“A great demon?” Jian Chen felt doubt.

“That’s right, a great demon. This great demon appeared suddenly in the past few hundreds of thousand years. He’s extraordinarily powerful and specifically hunts down Radiant G.o.dkings. No matter how safe the location where these Radiant G.o.dkings hide are, they still can’t escape from him in the end. In the past few years, who knows how many Radiant G.o.dkings have died to his hands. Even I was forced to leave the Radiant Saint Hall in order to avoid this great demon. I planned on hiding in a remote region at the boundary of the Saints’ World.”

“But out of pure coincidence, I accidentally entered this natural concealing formation when I pa.s.sed through this region. When I sensed how powerful this concealing formation was, I just opened a dwelling here and began cultivating here in an attempt to condense a soultree…”

“I was the first person who arrived here. I stayed here for several hundred thousand years. As for senior Xu, she only found this place in the recent few years. Originally, this place was the best hiding place for senior Xu and me because this concealing formation was created naturally, so it could hide the heavenly secrets and render all methods and secret techniques useless. In the end, it was destroyed because you came here…”

Jian Chen laughed dryly. He changed the topic, “What kind of strength does your Radiant Saint Hall possess in comparison to the other organisations in the Saints’ World? Isn’t your father able to protect you as one of the eight vice-leaders?”

Xuan Ming sighed, “Our Radiant Saint Hall is a peak organisation in the Saints’ World. As one of the eight vice-leaders of the Radiant Saint Hall, he’s naturally an expert. However, the great demon’s strength is just too terrifying. He even heavily injured the leader of our Radiant Saint Hall. My father naturally doesn’t have the ability to protect me, so I could only leave the Radiant Saint Hall.”

Xuan Ming seemed to think of a terrifying scene of the past when he mentioned this. He showed deep fear in his eyes.


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