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Chapter 2472: Astonis.h.i.+ng News

Jian Chen began practising the Heaven-severing technique.

The Heaven-severing technique was truly much more difficult to practise than the Soul-destroying technique. Not only was it more profound and required an even stricter grasp and control over Martial Soul Force, but the other most important factor was that it heavily depleted Martial Soul Force.

With Jian Chen’s current Martial Soul Force, he could cast over a dozen Soul-destroying techniques in a single sitting. As he practised diligently, he grasped the Soul-destroying technique extremely quickly.

However, no matter how plentiful his Martial Soul Force was, he would consume half of it each time he cast the Heaven-severing technique. He would use up all of his Martial Soul Force after just two times, and then he would need to replenish it.

“Condensing the Heaven-severing technique is far harder than the Soul-destroying technique. It has already been half a month. I’ve tried condensing it countless times, but I haven’t succeeded a single time yet. Moreover, all of the Martial Soul Force is consumed during the condensation process.” Half a month later, Jian Chen emerged from the cave where Martial Soul Rock could be collected. He sat down on the rocks before the divine hall again and sank into his thoughts.

He thought through the process and all the minor details he went through each time he condensed the Heaven-severing technique during that half a month. He did his best to find the reasons for his failure.

During this time, the arrogant artifact spirit became quiet for once. It no longer bickered with Jian Chen.

“G.o.d dammit, this is utterly despicable. Jian Chen has begun practising a new secret technique for Martial Soul Force. It definitely seems like he’ll continue to experiment on me. What do I do? What do I do? Should I keep provoking him, where I disturb his thoughts with words so that he can’t comprehend the secret technique in peace? But if I anger him, will he keep using the Soul-destroying technique against me?” In reality, the artifact spirit had always been paying attention to Jian Chen. He felt extremely uneasy. He really did not want to go through the h.e.l.lish days created from the torture of the Soul-destroying technique again.

He wanted to mess with Jian Chen and disturb his cultivation, but he was also indecisive. He had no idea what to do during that time.

Jian Chen sat there for three days. He finally cast the Heaven-severing technique again after that time.

Martial Soul Force rapidly rampaged through his soul, slowly condensing towards a point. This entire process lasted for an entire day. Only then did a tiny, black sword that only Jian Chen could sense condense in his soul.

This tiny, black sword was completely condensed from half of Jian Chen’s Martial Soul Force through a special secret technique. It was extremely condensed Martial Soul Force.

“I’ve finally condensed it!” Jian Chen immediately rejoiced when he saw the small, black sword. Afterwards, with a thought, the tiny sword in his soul immediately shot out of his forehead as an invisible pulse, disappearing into the divine hall in an instant.

The divine hall shook violently, like a person convulsing. The artifact spirit that hid in there finally let out a miserable cry.

Jian Chen could not help but smile when he heard the artifact spirit’s cry. It seemed like the Heaven-severing technique had made the artifact spirit suffer quite a lot.

“Artifact spirit, how do you feel now?” Jian Chen asked while holding back a smile.

“Jian Chen, you sly b.a.s.t.a.r.d! What skill do you have in always launching sneak attacks at me? If you’re really skilled, then remove the restraints on me from the Martial Soul Mountain. Let me fight against your fairly,” the artifact spirit said furiously.

“Fight fairly? Does fairness even exist in this world? If it were truly fair, the Elder of Mountains and Seas from your Gloomwater sect would not have chased us everywhere with his cultivation as a Grand Prime.” Jian Chen’s tone became rather cold.

The artifact spirit was left tongue-tied. At that moment, he felt like he could not retort. After all, he was an artifact spirit, not a sly old fox who had an eloquent tongue.

After a moment of silence, he said, “Jian Chen, why don’t we strike a deal? I’ll give you a droplet of h.e.l.l water if you stop attacking me with Martial Soul Force.

Jian Chen stared at the divine hall calmly and said steadily, “It looks like you do fear the Heaven-severing technique a little. Although it’s very difficult to harm you, it can bring you extreme pain.”

“But I have made it clear. Unless you accept me as your master, you’ll be staying here obediently as my practise target for Martial Soul Force secret techniques.”

“Don’t you even think about making me yield to you…” The artifact spirit declined straightforwardly without any hesitation at all. He left no room for negotiation.

The miserable cries of the artifact spirit would constantly ring out on the Martial Soul Mountain during the next period of time. The Heaven-severing technique was far, far more powerful than the Soul-destroying technique. It caused the artifact spirit great pain.

As a result, the artifact spirit was tortured miserably by Jian Chen. He would wail out constantly, only a step away from crying out for his maker.

However, he sure was stubborn. He would rather endure this great pain than yield to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s practice of the Heaven-severing technique lasted for five years. With that, he finally reached a level where he could use the technique at will.

“Eighth junior, you’ve mastered the Heaven-severing technique so quickly?” On this day, Qing Shan come looking for Jian Chen. When he saw how Jian Chen used the Heaven-severing technique smoothly and at will, he was immediately amazed.

He arrived before Jian Chen and could not help but properly study him. He admired Jian Chen from the bottom of his heart and said, “Eighth junior, no wonder your strength has been growing so fast. I heard you personally killed a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime last time. That shocked me for such a long time. Now that I look at it, you really are a rare genius. Those supreme prodigies raised by peak organisations only seem to be enough to be subservient to you now that I compare you to them.”

“You are too kind, senior Qing Shan. I was only lucky.” Jian Chen stood up and clasped his hands towards Qing Shan.

“There’s no need to be modest. I deeply understand just how difficult it is to practise the Heaven-severing technique. It’s not something one can master out of luck.” Qing Shan continued, “Oh right. Eighth junior, the Heaven-splitting Ancestor from the Nine Clouds Plane seemed to be slightly interested in you. He even sent a person to forcefully take you away back on the Desolate Plane.”

Jian Chen nodded. “That’s indeed the case. Senior Qing Shan, has something bad happened recently since you’ve suddenly brought this up?”

“No, no. There’s no bad news. Instead, there is good news.” Qing Shan chuckled as he seemed extremely happy. He took pleasure in others’ suffering. “Eighth junior, you spent your entire time practising the secret technique and paid no attention to the outside world, so you probably don’t know about the huge matter that has shaken up the entire Saints’ World.”

“What’s so severe that it can shake up the entire Saints’ World?” Jian Chen was curious.

“For some reason, the Heaven-splitting Ancestor from the Nine Clouds Plane offended the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. He’s actually being chased around everywhere by the first majesty…”


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