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Chapter 2564: Attendant?

The young star lord’s expression became rather ugly. Originally, his bodyguard had wanted to teach Jian Chen a lesson, but in the end, the bodyguard made a fool of himself under the influence of the Laws of s.p.a.ce. This left the young star lord humiliated.

After all, he was the young star lord, a supreme existence on the Star Brilliance Plane. His foster father, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord, was a peak expert only second to Grand Exalts in the Saints’ World. No matter where he went, he was respected and revered, where no one dared to offend him.

But now, he had received such treatment in the Tian Yuan clan, which made the young star lord furious.

However, just when the young star lord was about to throw a fit, a powerful sword intent suddenly permeated the surroundings. At that moment, the young star lord felt like he had become submerged in a domain of sword Qi. Sword Qi filled every inch of the s.p.a.ce around him as if the region around him had become a sea of sword Qi.

Jian Chen had drawn the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways and nine illusionary stars had appeared. With hazy starlight, he directly stabbed out.

With that, the s.p.a.ce pulsed, and the sharp tip of the sword seemed to stab through s.p.a.ce, directly vanis.h.i.+ng.

However, in the next moment, the tip appeared out of nowhere in front of the young star lord’s bodyguard. With powerful sword Qi, it stabbed forward like it was unstoppable.

“Oh no!” The old man’s face changed drastically, becoming filled with shock. He could sense lethal danger from the strike.

He was a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. It should have been easy for him to deal with Jian Chen, but now that he had discovered that Jian Chen could actually threaten him, he was filled with disbelief.

Jian Chen’s attack used the Laws of s.p.a.ce. Not only was it unexpected, but it was extremely fast as well, so the old man could not respond in time.


The tip of the sword stabbed into the old man’s chest with powerful sword Qi and the power of stars. The old man could not even dodge or block Jian Chen’s attack.

The strike was just too quick, and it was even enhanced with the Laws of s.p.a.ce, making it even more difficult to guard against.

The scene right now was extremely strange. Jian Chen stood over ten metres away in a posture of stabbing out. However, only half of the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways was visible. The tip appeared over ten metres away, buried in the old man’s chest. It seemed like the sword was broken.

This was the wondrous use of the Laws of s.p.a.ce. He could use the Laws of s.p.a.ce to directly affect the s.p.a.ce there.

Jian Chen’s hand trembled, and the sword immediately erupted with sword Qi, blowing open a bowl-sized hole in the old man’s chest. His body flew out of the hall from the great force.

The young star lord was stunned. He stared at Jian Chen and the old man blankly. He was left at a temporary loss.

He had never thought that there would actually be someone bold enough to heavily injure his bodyguard in his face in the Saints’ World. This was the first time something like this had happened to him in his thousand years of being alive.

Squads of armored guards surged over from everywhere outside the hall. They surrounded the old man. Even a few Infinite Primes had come.

“Patriarch, do we arrest this person?” Protector Xue clasped his fist outside. Ever since he was saved by Jian Chen on the Delight Plane, protector Xue served the Tian Yuan clan with even greater loyalty.

“There’s no need. Everyone can go, including you,” Jian Chen stowed his sword away slowly and said with composure.

“Yes, sir!”

With that, all the guards outside the hall immediately vanished. Even the Infinite Primes had left.

It would be best if not too many people knew about this matter, or it would have a negative influence on the Tian Yuan clan. After all, the Tian Yuan clan no longer possessed Ming Dong.

“Young master, I’m useless. I’m not Jian Chen’s opponent,” the old man stood up and arrived before the young star lord, telling him in shame. He coldly glanced at Jian Chen from time to time.

“You useless trash, p.i.s.s off.” The young star lord’s expression was very ugly. He glanced past Jian Chen with a sunken face and said in a cold voice, “The Tian Yuan clan—what an impressive clan, to disrespect me like this. Do you believe that I can wipe you off the surface of this world with a single word? Even your merit with the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng won’t be able to keep you safe.”

The young star lord was completely fearless. He was still very confident, showing no fear towards the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng at all.

According to his knowledge, the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng no longer possessed a Grand Exalt. They only survived because of their first majesty, while he had the Bloodtear Grand Exalt behind him.

“Is there a need for you to be so angry, young star lord? My master and the renowned Star Brilliance Star Lord had close ties, speaking of the past. Why must we juniors make our seniors unhappy? Young star lord, don’t you agree?” A pleasant voice rang out. The voice seemed to be enchanting, enough to sway the minds of people. Those with weaker wills would probably fall into a trance the moment they heard this voice.

The young star lord’s eyes became lost at that moment as well; it was like his soul had been stolen. He subconsciously answered, “Yeah.”

However, right after he had said that, he immediately returned to his senses. A gleam of interest immediately flickered through his eyes, and he stared at the entrance.

Shangguan Mu’er walked through the entrance in her violet dress. She was graceful and slender, possessing great beauty and an otherworldly presence. Her dark eyes were as deep and profound as onyx, and her pupils shone with a wondrous charm. Just a single glance seemed to be enough to steal the souls of people.

She was extremely beautiful, almost picturesque and unrealistic. She was flawless. Even in the vast Saints’ World that was filled with talents and beauties, there were not many people who could match up to her.

“Mu’er, why have you come?” Jian Chen frowned slightly. The young star lord had originally come because of Mu’er. Now that she had actually come here, the situation became even more difficult to deal with.

“The Nine Brilliance Star Lord is an acquaintance of my master. Since the young star lord has come, it only makes sense for me to come meet him,” Shangguan Mu’er said gently. She carried the Zither of the Demonic Cry in her arms habitually, arriving beside Jian Chen.

“You’re the successor of the Third Ancestor, Shangguan Mu’er? The successor of the Third Ancestor truly does have a justifiable reputation. Even I almost fell for your tricks.” The young star lord stared at Shangguan Mu’er with s.h.i.+ning eyes as his heart beat heavily. He had already heard about how beautiful Dao Gongming had described Shangguan Mu’er to be on the Star Brilliance Plane. Back then, he did not take it too seriously. He only thought it was exaggerated.

However, now that he had personally seen Shangguan Mu’er, he understood that he was wrong. Shangguan Mu’er really was as pretty as Dao Gongming had described her to be.

Not only did she possess the beauty of a G.o.ddess, but Shangguan Mu’er even possessed a unique bearing that deeply attracted the young star lord.

Shangguan Mu’er frowned. Her voice immediately became cold as she said, “Young star lord, please watch yourself. Do not disrespect my master.”

The young star lord seemed to become rather infatuated. He stared straight at Shangguan Mu’er as his eyes burned with interest. “She has already departed. Is there a need to be so uptight?”

“I just happen to be lacking a female attendant now that I’ve come to the Cloud Plane to train. Shangguan Mu’er, just be my female attendant. Serve me until my training ends. I’ll ignore the disrespect the Tian Yuan clan has shown to me in return.”


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