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Chapter 2632: Inciting a Rebellion

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Deafening rumbles constantly rang out outside the formations of the city. With each rumble, a powerful shockwave would sweep through the surroundings. The expressions of all the cultivators hiding in the city would change

The strongest among these cultivators were only G.o.dkings, and there were not a lot of them. Most of them were below G.o.dking, including plenty of Mortal realm, Sainthood, and Origin realm cultivators.

The energy that wreaked havoc outside the formation had already reached the Primordial realm, possibly even the level of Chaotic Primes.

The low level cultivators hiding in the provincial city felt like the world was ending.

“Dad, the formations of the city are shaking so much. Can the city stop them…” asked a young girl among the crowd fearfully as she nervously looked at the sky.

“Jun’er, don’t be scared. The city has the Tian Yuan clan. The formation won’t fall. I heard that the Tian Yuan clan has a Chaotic Prime. With that expert’s protection, nothing will happen to the city.” The girl’s father clutched her freezing little hand and comforted her. However, from how nervous he seemed, he was nowhere near as calm as he seemed on the surface.

“Grandpa, will we die?” To another side, a boy looked at an old man. He was afraid.

“Dong’er, the Tian Yuan clan is very powerful. We have to believe in the Tian Yuan clan. As long as the Tian Yuan clan in present, we won’t die,” said the boy’s grandfather in a husky voice as he rubbed the boy’s head benevolently.

This happened in various places across the city. Now that they were trapped and were facing a disaster, there were people in the vast crowds who held blind faith in the Tian Yuan clan, believing that they could survive anything as long as the Tian Yuan clan was present.

However, there were also people filled with despair. They could already tell that the Tian Yuan clan could not even protect themselves, let alone protect them. They were certain that they would probably be pulled into the entire mess, unable to escape from the disaster.

As the strongest expert of the Tian Yuan clan, Xu Ran personally watched over the entire place, maintaining the formation. She hovered in the air as she shone with dazzling light. She seemed to resonate with the formation.

She used her cultivation to support the formation such that it became even more powerful.

Below, the many members of the Tian Yuan clan, from the upper echelon to regular guards and servants, had already gathered. They were all grim. Some female servants had even paled out of fright, filled with fear and unease. They were afraid of death.

“Senior Xu, there should be no problem stopping them with the formations of the city, right?” The emperor of the Pingtian Empire, Mo Xingfeng, asked sternly. The two formations were the last lines of defence for the Tian Yuan clan.

“There won’t be any problems for now, but the young star lord is hurrying over with another group of people. If they attack the formation together, the formation’s energy will be depleted several times faster. Even with me here, we won’t be able to last for too long,” said Xu Ran. She was also grim.

“If the formations were as powerful as when Ming Xie cast them down, just the formations themselves would be more than enough to stop these people. We could even kill them all with the might of the killing formation. Unfortunately, the formations were destroyed by the first majesty. Many of the foundations are already ruined. Even though I’ve repaired quite a lot of it, their power has decreased by far, far too much,” Xu Ran said in pity.

As soon as she said that, a group of people rushed over aggressively from above the provincial city. There were over a thousand of them.

The person leading them happened to be the young star lord.

“How much longer before the formation breaks?” The young star lord stared right ahead with a frown as soon as he arrived. Two Chaotic Primes followed him closely; they were responsible for his safety.

“Young star lord, if you include them, it’ll take a day at most.” One of the Chaotic Primes attacking the formation arrived before the young lord and looked at the experts that the young star lord had brought with him.

The young star lord looked at the fearful cultivators hiding within in the city, and he actually smiled mysteriously. “There’s no hurry. Tell all the cultivators in the provincial city that regardless of birth, regardless of background, as long as they attack the Tian Yuan clan, I’ll spare them.”

The eyes of the three great elders beside the young star lord lit up when they heard that. They all smiled and one of them praised, “Young star lord, are you trying to get them to turn on themselves? Even though the cultivators inside the formation are weak, unable to do anything to the formation, it’s a good way to affect their morale.”

“Hahaha, that’s right. The Tian Yuan clan accepted them into the provincial city to protect them in such a generous manner. If these people begin attacking the Tian Yuan clan’s formations, I wonder how the Tian Yuan clan will feel…”

“I think the people of the Tian Yuan clan will start coughing up blood out of anger. Hahaha…”

The three great elders chuckled aloud. They were all high-ranking members of the Four Symbols Alliance. They had personally experienced the dire straits that the Martial Soul lineage had forced them into when the lineage worked together with the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan.

They immediately contacted an Infinite Prime. The Infinite Prime called out thunderously, where his voice rang out through the entire provincial city as he explained the young star lord’s promise.

Immediately, the provincial city began to surge. Some of the despaired cultivators who understood their predicament seemed to see a sliver of hope. Their dim eyes suddenly lit up, and after a moment of hesitation, they charged out of the crowd and headed towards the Tian Yuan clan.

Immediately, a series of booms rang out from the Tian Yuan clan’s location. Cultivators had already begun attacking their protective formations.

The actions of these people led to a domino effect. Even more people began to take part in the attack against the Tian Yuan clan.

“Stop! You ingrates, how can you do something like this…”

“If it were not for the Tian Yuan clan letting you into the provincial city, you would have died in the wilderness long ago. How would you still be alive right now? How can you return our kindness like this and do something so treacherous…”

“Li Hu, how dare you attack the Tian Yuan clan? I never thought you were someone like this. We no longer know each other. Watch my sword…”

There were naturally many people who defended the Tian Yuan clan in the Pingtian Empire. As there were people who attacked the Tian Yuan clan, there were also people who defended it. They wanted to stand with the Tian Yuan clan even if they would have to risk their lives.

At that moment, the cultivators defending and attacking the Tian Yuan clan formed a messy crowd. The entire provincial city descended into chaos.

In the Tian Yuan clan, Xi Yu’s face had darkened out of anger. Many other important members had very ugly expressions as well.

Although the attacks from the cultivators outside could not even scratch the formation around the Tian Yuan clan, their actions made the entire clan furious.


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