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Chapter 913: Opening of the Octoterra Divine Hall

In the blink of an eye, the time for the opening of the Octoterra Divine Hall had arrived. Jian Chen, Nubis, and Xie w.a.n.g all left the Turtle clan to gather at the Sea G.o.ddess Hall.

Jian Chen still possessed the status of a guest in the Sea G.o.ddess Hall, so he had his area for cultivation. Currently, the three of them sat in the hall as they conversed and discussed about entering the Octoterra Divine Hall.

Nubis had left the saint artifact half a year ago. When they were previously faced with the pursuit of the experts from the Serpent G.o.d Hall and Heaven’s Spirit Hall, he had burned his vital essence as a price to exceed his maximum speed, which led to severe over-consumption. He stayed in the artifact s.p.a.ce for an entire half a year, recovering all his lost vitality from absorbing the old snake’s hidden essence. He had also raised his cultivation to the peak of Saint Ruler once again, now only an inch away from Saint King.

“Mo Ji of the Thousand-handed clan greets the ruler of the Turtle clan.” A husky voice rang from outside, heard clearly by the three of them.

With a thought, he released the barrier around the hall and said, “Come in.” Jian Chen had a very deep impression in regards to the Thousand-handed clan.

The Thousand-handed clan was one of the greatest clans of the sea realm. They were much more powerful than the Taihong clan, with one 16th Star Seasoul Warrior and two 15th Star Seasoul Warriors. They were a famed clan within the territory of the Sea G.o.ddess Hall.

The Thousand-handed clan’s original form similar to the centipedes on land. They were extremely long, with a thousand limbs in total. They were good at poisoning people with their venom and possessed a tenacious life force. Even if their bodies were destroyed, they could rebuild their bodies in a very short amount of time as long as their souls remained. It was extremely miraculous.

The Thousand-handed clan was one of the clans that had purchased an opportunity to enter the Octoterra Divine Hall from him.

A black-robed old man walked in from outside. He was skinny, while his face was covered with a thin layer of hairs. He seemed like a monkey but his deep eyes would flash with a cold light from time to time. His eyes were filled with cold-bloodedness and viciousness.

“Mo Ji greets the ruler of the Turtle clan.” The old man clasped his hands at Jian Chen. Although his voice was polite, he did not carry an expression that matched it.

“Please come in, warrior Mo Ji. May I ask if there’s anything you need for suddenly coming to find me?” Jian Chen smiled as he said mildly.

Mo Ji sat down beside Jian Chen and smiled. “Ruler, we’ll be entering the Octoterra Divine Hall soon. The divine hall is filled with danger; not only do we have to prepare against the attacks from other people, we have to pay attention to the various killing formations in the hall. We can die very easily with a slip in focus. Mo Ji has come to find the ruler this time actually because Mo Ji wants to team up with the ruler. That way, our chances of staying alive would increase greatly. I wonder how the ruler feels about this.”

Jian Chen frowned slightly when he heard that but after a period of thought, he nodded in agreement.

Mo Ji rejoiced when he gained Jian Chen’s agreement. He then left after conversing slightly with Jian Chen.

“Jian Chen, as long as we’re a little careful, we’re strong enough to rampage in there with our strength. Why did you let him join us?” Nubis asked in confusion.

“This is only temporary and we know nothing about the Octoterra Divine Hall. We’ll be able to get a general idea of it from him,” said Jian Chen with a smile. His eyes flickered as he thought of something.

After Mo Ji had left, another three people came to Jian Chen. They were all experts of various clans that were also entering the hall. All of them were of Ninth Heavenly Layer, with shocking talent and great strength. They all wished to join Jian Chen’s group and enter the hall together.

Jian Chen did not turn them down because he knew this was all temporary. Cracks would appear in their truce when they came across something enticing.

Additionally, with so many helpers, they would not need to worry about being ganged up on. After all, no one who entered the hall this time would be weak. Not only would they be of the Ninth Heavenly Layer, there would be plenty of talented people who had already comprehended Saint Tier Battle Skills. They could heavily injure Saint Kings, so Jian Chen needed to deal with them carefully.

The three of them spent three days in the hall. After these three days, all the people who were entering the Octoterra Divine Hall gathered in a huge, empty s.p.a.ce, before they left the palace under the lead of two hall elders and various experts. They flew toward the location where the three territories bordered one another.

Jian Chen glanced at the surroundings and realized that there were over three hundred people who were coming along as well. Other than the sixty people who were entering the hall, the others were experts of various clans and a few elders of the Sea G.o.ddess Hall.

Of the two hall elders that accompanied them, one of them was the elder Hong that Jian Chen was familiar with. The other person was a blue-dressed lady. She wielded a meter-long staff and her face was obscured by a layer of mist. It was hazy and indistinct.

Although the lady seemed very similar to Atlantis that had initially saved them from the experts of the other two halls, Jian Chen knew that she definitely was not Atlantis but someone else.

After several days of flight, the group arrived at the border. Just as they arrived, the experts from the Heaven’s Spirit Hall and the Serpent G.o.d Hall just happened to fly over from afar. They had actually all arrived at the same time.

“One year is up. Let’s get straight to it. Those in possession of the map fragments, please take them out at the same time and bring them together,” hall elder Hong said.

Immediately, eight people took out the map fragments, before they all walked up to the very front of the group.

Of the eight fragments, the Sea G.o.ddess Hall had a total of four pieces, while the other two halls had two each.

Jian Chen stood together with three other people. He could immediately feel that he was being stared at by several sharp gazes with his keen senses, so he glanced around. He discovered that the two hall elders from both the Serpent G.o.d Hall and the Heavens Spirit Hall stared at him darkly. They looked so vicious that they virtually seemed like they wanted to devour him.

Jian Chen remained as usual but he sneered inside. Some time ago, both halls had suffered greatly through his hands. They all had Saint Kings fall and three 16th Star experts had been taken away by Atlantic of the Sea G.o.ddess Hall. It was embarra.s.sing.

“So the map fragment that belonged to my Hao family has ended up in your hands. Brat, what’s your name and which organization do you belong to? Through what means did you obtain the map fragment?” An old voice boomed from the Heaven’s Spirit Hall’s side. An old man stared at Jian Chen with an ugly expression.

The old man knew very well which clans were in possession of the seven other map fragments. Jian Chen was the only one he did not recognize.

Jian Chen looked toward the direction where the voice came from and immediately recognized the old man as the Saint King of the Hao family, the person that Qing Yixuan had robbed all those days ago.

“I am Jian Chen, ruler of the Turtle clan. I naturally obtained this map fragment from Qing Yixuan.” Jian Chen smiled as he clasped his hands at the Saint King. If this person had not injured Qing Yixuan heavily through his Saint Tier Battle Skill, Jian Chen would not have been able to take the map fragment from her.

The old man’s complexion could not help but recover slightly when he heard that. He laughed aloud. “The rumors said that the map fragment Qing Yixuan had taken from me ended up being stolen by two 14th Star juniors. In the beginning, I didn’t believe it but it looks like it’s all true now. Hmph, never did I think that Qing Yixuan of the eight great human experts would be tripped up by two juniors.”

The gazes from many people toward Jian Chen underwent a weird change, now mixed with quite some admiration. Just the courage to steal from the famed Qing Yixuan as a 14th Star Seasoul Warrior was worthy of respect.

At this moment, elder Hong pointed out. Four strands of energy shot out from his finger, fusing and disappearing into the map fragments. Soon afterward, a ripple of energy surged out from the four palm-sized map pieces, which now glowed with a layer of hazy light.

“Everyone, please undo the seal on the map fragments.” Elder Hong looked toward the people of the other two halls.

Shortly afterward, the hall elders of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall and the Serpent G.o.d Hall moved in unison. Two ripples of energy shot out from their fingers and into their map fragments, undoing the seal hidden within.

The other four fragments immediately began to s.h.i.+ne with a hazy glow. The light became brighter and brighter, before reaching an extremely dazzling level. They were likes suns that illuminated the surroundings.

The eight map fragments slowly flew from their hands, before joining together in the air. A while later, the light gradually receded and a meter-wide square piece of leather could be seen floating in the sky. It then flew toward the territory of the Serpent G.o.d Hall with lightning speed.

“The Octoterra Map will lead us to the Octoterra Divine Hall. Follow it!” Someone cried out. Immediately, the people from the other two halls crossed over their borders in pursuit. The three halls had agreed beforehand that they could cross into any hall’s borders during the period of searching for the divine hall.

A group of people pursued the map boldly. It finally stopped in the air above an ancient mountain range after covering hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

Currently, the map radiated with a weird aura as it floated in the air. It caused the surrounding s.p.a.ce to tremble gently and become blurry.

“So this is where the Octoterra Emperor hid his divine hall,” murmured the two hall elders of the Serpent G.o.d Hall as they raised their heads to look at the sky.

In this moment, an extremely powerful ripple of energy ripped open the s.p.a.ce. It formed a huge, black hole and from within it a huge divine hall slowly emerged. The Octoterra Hall had finally descended upon the sea realm.

The divine hall was several thousand meters long and tall. It was completely golden as if it was made of gold and it shone with a dazzling golden light. The divine hall was bewitching.

As the divine hall emerged completely, the black hole above also disappeared. Soon afterward, the map separated into eight pieces again, falling into the hands of the initial eight people.

“Brother Jian Chen, the most valuable thing in the divine hall other than the Octoterra Emperor’s legacy is this divine hall. Once you enter it, you need to find a way to get to the control center of the hall and obtain it,” elder Hong’s voice boomed in Jian Chen’s ear. He communicated with him through a mental message.

Jian Chen nodded expressionlessly. Afterward, he flew toward the hall that was high up in the sky with the other people who were entering.

Very soon, a hundred and sixty experts entered the hall with the help of the eight map fragments. Meanwhile, the people from the three halls did not leave and instead began to wait patiently outside. They wanted to wait until all of them had come out, to prevent any treasures from being stolen on their return journey.


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