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Chapter 317: 317

While Xue Wei and Luoluo were chatting Lin Xiao made his way down the stairs towards the living room .

The courtyard was built in such a way that the shared rooms were on the ground floor while all the bedrooms were on the first floor .

When Luoluo and Xue Wei heard the steps on the staircase, they both stopped talking and looked over curiously .

When they saw that it was Lin Xiao, smiles erupted on their lips . Luoluo jumped to her feet and ran towards him . But where she previously would have thrown herself into his embrace, she now stopped in front of him, her hands clasped between her back and her eyes twinkling as she looked up at him with a brilliant smile .

“You worked hard, hubby!” she said with a sweet smile on her face, her words making Lin Xiao’s face turn black like the bottom of a pot .

Although he did like Luoluo and thought she was cute, he was in no way into children! To be called hubby by such a child, he felt very wronged especially when he saw that Xue Wei just chuckled but said nothing about it .

Xue Wei was simply spoiling that brat way beyond recognition!

“How did it go?” Before Lin Xiao exploded in discomfort, Xue Wei shifted the topic . He was also very curious as to what results the two-colored pill had brought Lin Xiao .

Lin Xiao also quickly forgot about the injustice he had suffered, and a pleasant expression appeared on his face . “Not bad,” he answered truthfully .

“I was very worried that it would boost my spiritual energy levels,” he began . “I had attempted to try training spiritual energy before, but I have almost no talent for it, I never got further than to the Sky Warrior rank, and even that was an arduous journey .

“When I took the pill, I feared it would raise my spiritual energy, but luckily, it enhanced my Qi . I am currently at the peak of the third layer of the Heavenly Knight rank,” he said proudly .

Xue Wei clicked his tongue in amazement . Lin Xiao had raised two, almost three, layers from this one pill, that was terrific results!

“What about you?” Lin Xiao asked as he looked at Xue Wei, but no matter how he looked at it, Xue Wei seemed to be the same rank as before .

“I got my body strengthened,” Xue Wei did not attempt to hide his physical advancement . Although it had not directly raised his rank, it was another thing for his strength, and his future prospects were much better than before due to the pill he had consumed .

Lin Xiao was surprised, and then he frowned . “I am not sure if that is a benefit or a problem,” he said honestly . “It has not done anything for our immediate need for higher rank, but on the other hand it has increased your chances of breaking through the Saint rank later on in life . ”

Xue Wei nodded his head; he too did not know if it was a blessing or a curse to have received the physical enhancement .

Not long after Hei Gou emerged, and his face was also filled with smiles as he proudly showed his strength, which had broken through to the first layer of the Heavenly Knight rank .

The last one to emerge was Bai Tianyi, and even he looked pleased as he stepped into the living room, a smug smile was on his child-like face .

“I too broke through to the Heavenly Knight rank,” he said plainly, filled with excitement . Currently amongst them all, the weakest, rank wise, was Xue Wei .

Although he was weaker than them in rank, none of them wanted to spar against him; they feared that he would bash them up so badly for having overtaken him that they would lose all face .

All of them were very well aware that the reason they were able to advance as fast as they did was entirely due to Xue Wei .

In fact, the reason they could live freely was due to him .

It was not only Luoluo who had been saved by Xue Wei . Without him, Hei Gou would have been caught by his family and killed, Bai Tianyi would have been sealed in the misty village within the Vermilion Forest, Lin Xiao would have been captured and forced to tame beast after beast, and Luoluo, her fate would have been to slowly be sucked dry by the people she had helped initially .

Of course, it was not only them who had been saved . Xue Wei could not even begin to imagine where he would be, had he not encountered his companions along the way of his journey .

He had saved them, but they had also saved him . Not just his life, but also allowed him to keep his rationality .

Without them, he was likely to have succ.u.mbed to his inner demons . To suddenly realize that he was a beast, and not just any beast but a Sovereign Beast .

To lose the one he loved the most because of this could break anyone, but because he had his friends, his brothers, by his side, he had managed to get past it . He was even capable of seeing things in another light and believed that one day they could end up together even with the hatred between their races .

All of this was possible because of the support he was getting from his friends, and he would never belittle them . In fact, Xue Wei was more than willing to give his life to ensure that these friends whom he considered family members would be able to live a life of happiness .

Alas, he was aware that to ensure their happiness, he could not just go and die . To be sure that their lives were filled with joy they needed strength, and he was willing to fight everyone for the sake of gaining the strength to stand tall, increasing the strength to fight for joy and pleasant life .

Soon it was time for the friends to depart their residence as they headed towards the Thousand Treasures Pavilion’s main gates where they would enter to attend the auction .

Previous to this, Xue Wei had been handed a VIP card, so that they would have a booth for them to sit in during the auction . It was quite hard to get access to a VIP card, only the most prestigious families within Treasure City had access, alongside the strongest rogue cultivators and those who had treasures surpa.s.sing a certain value .

Xue Wei had gotten the VIP card because of him putting up such an amount of Rainbow Pills and rare materials up for auction .

When they arrived at the entrance to the Thousand Treasure Pavilion, Xue Wei took out the VIP card and handed it to a servant .

He quickly accepted it and found another person to take over his tasks, before he respectfully led Xue Wei and his friends towards another entrance .

“Who are they?” Someone in the crowd could not help but ask, but as soon as the question escaped his lips, another looked at him in disdain, “I don’t know, but he is special . He had a VIP card, and they are almost impossible to get without an overwhelming backing or earth-shattering strength . ”

“What are you talking about?” another person could not help but ask . “If he had an overwhelming background, all of us would know of him!”

“And his strength is decent, but it is merely at the Knight Rank, he has not broken through to become a Saint, neither has anyone in his group,” someone else commented . “It is known that to get a VIP card; you need to be a Saint ranked expert . ”

The voices in the crowd were a mixture of knowledgeable people and less knowledgeable people who shared their thoughts and information .

Just as Xue Wei and the others had left, a ten-year-old young boy appeared with a splendidly dressed middle-aged man .

He was wearing purple robes, and while a smile was playing on his lips, his eyes were incredibly cold .

The many conversations which had been going on within the crowd suddenly died out, and no one dared to say a word .

Had Lin Xiao and Luoluo been here, then they would instantly have recognized the young boy as the one who had tried to grab Luoluo before, but they had already walked out of sight .

By the time the others caught up, Xue Wei and his friends had already been led into a small booth where no one else could look inside, only those on the inside could see the rest of the auction house unhindered .

The booth number they got was booth number one . It was the utmost honor to be placed here, and not even the usual VIPs were allowed to be seated in this booth .

There was only one person who was allowed, but for once they had made an exception and allowed Xue Wei and his friends inside while the usual occupant of booth one had been moved to booth two .

If Xue Wei had been capable of looking into the booth next to theirs, he would look rather shocked . In there were also people he was familiar with, the people he would have seen were the King alongside Tao Wu .

It is evident that Tao Wu, the pirate King, was the most famous figure in the entire Sea of the Enchanted . His status could not be shaken, and his strength was unquestionable .

These booths were filled with inscriptions that protected the boxes from being looked into by other people, however unknown to Xue Wei, some people were strong enough to ignore these inscriptions, and Tao Wu happened to be such a person .

He had been surprised when he arrived and was told that booth one was occupied by someone else . He had not been insulted by it, nor had he taken it to heart .

However, as a leading figure in the Sea of the Enchanted, he was unsure about which kind of character was more important than him, what kind of person had appeared to make him become their second choice, and when he sneaked a peek into the booth a smile slowly bloomed on his lips but his eyes were filled with disbelief .

He had heard of Xue Wei’s wondrous changes to Yan Dalu from the King, and he was very grateful towards Xue Wei for having given her freedom, and even encouraged her to live her dreams, so that the two of them could reunite, but he had never taken too much notice of him . He was still too weak to matter to him .

Now he understood that Xue Wei and his friends might be more than what met the eye . As a demon, he was unable to sense the Sovereign Beast blood in Xue Wei’s body, so he had cla.s.sified him as a normal human being, not worthy of too much attention .

Now he understood that this group of youngsters was nothing but a group of misfits, freaks who went against nature . The stories that the King had told him about were not as farfetched as he first had thought .

Then a thought erupted in his mind, and his eyes widened .

“Dear, is this Xue Wei friend of yours capable of creating Rainbow Pills?” he suddenly asked the King who was seated by his side, and the King nodded her head .

“He created quite a few Rainbow Pills back in Yan Dalu . Even I was fortunate enough to get to taste one,” she answered honestly .

“I see,” Tao Wu smiled and suddenly understood why the Thousand Treasure Pavilion so valued him .

Tao Wu was well aware of the two-colored Rainbow Pill recipe that was present in the Thousand Treasure Pavilion, but no one had been able to create the pills before . Had Xue Wei succeeded?

This was something that required extra thoughts . If this human was capable of creating two-colored Rainbow Pills, then he had to make good friends with him, and hopefully convince him to refine a few for his own sake .


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