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While everyone was immersed in listening to Ren Long and Prime Minister Long’s conversation, Yi Tianyun has had enough, so he began to attack the enemy immediately!

“What is this! Who the h.e.l.l is that brat!” Imperial Preceptor said annoyedly.

He never expected that Heavenly Dragon Empire had an expert of that caliber, he even released the defensive power of the flag on his hands, but couldn’t fully contain that attack!

“I don’t know, this is also the first time that I saw him!” Prime Minister Long said curiously.

“I think we better start with him first!” Prime Minister said as he pointed his finger toward Yi Tianyun.

With that, the soldiers of Prime Minister Long and Netherworld Empire began to scream and rush toward Heavenly Dragon Imperial City.

“Archer group, prepare your arrow! Be ready to shoot them down!” Ren Long shouted to the marksman.

The groups of archers immediately shouted in agreement and began to shoot the enemy from afar.

The sky was immediately covered with a barrage of arrows, raining down on the enemy!

But the enemy didn’t cower, they began to block the incoming arrow, but many of them couldn’t block it and fell victim to the raining arrow!

The battlefield was immediately covered with blood as the enemies fell one after another.

“Zhirou, let’s go!” Ren Long said to Ren Zhirou to join the battle.

He began to attack as he activated the power of the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure and summoned a 30 meters tall heavenly dragon.

The dragon began to rush toward the enemy and attacked.

Ren Zhirou also activated the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure at the same time, but her cultivation was a little lower than her brother. Thus her dragon was a tad smaller than her brother’s!

But nonetheless, it was still deadly!

The two dragons began to attack the enemy units and killed many of them who got close.

These two dragons were quite powerful, as Ren Long’s dragon was at 7th Level Core Transformation Stage, while Ren Zhirou is at 3rd Level Core Transformation stage!

That was the power of the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure. Once a person was recognized as its master, they would be able to use its power, although another master was using its power too.

The enemy soldier began to scatter as they tried to avoid the two dragons, these dragons summoned by the power of the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure were a little bit unique as they couldn’t die or even take any damage as long as the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure wasn’t destroyed or the person who summoned the dragon wasn’t killed!

“Did they think these two bugs would halt our progress? How impudent!” Imperial Preceptor said as he immediately threw his flag to the sky, and suddenly it split into six parts and separated into two groups and headed towards Ren Long and Ren Zhirou’s dragon.

The flags immediately surrounded each dragon, and a circle of light immediately appeared and trapped the dragons inside!

While they will not be destroyed easily, that didn’t mean that they couldn’t be trapped!

Furthermore, if these dragons weren’t destroyed, Ren Long and Ren Zhirou couldn’t summon another one!

“You two thought that you could do anything you want as long as you had these two dragons, didn’t you? But sadly, your time is up. I will be the one to control those dragons as soon as I absorb your dragon essence!” Prime Minister long said with a sneer.

“This is bad! The Imperial Preceptor was fully prepared himself to fight against our dragons, he came with the Descending Dragons Banner!” Ren Long said worriedly.

“Relax, let’s see what he would do if another dragon comes attacking their ranks!” Yi Tianyun said as he activated the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure himself!

A huge dragon immediately appeared, and this one gave off a powerful aura of the 1st Level Void Spirit Stage!

Surprising everyone on the battlefield.


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