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1323 The small black room of the Heaven’s Will

Skylark ignored the layers of holy light and reached out to grab Scholar Song Shuhang.

Upon seeing this, the big-eyed planet over at the back became anxious—it didn’t want to give Song Shuhang to someone else.

As such, it sped up its spatial transfer. However, due to it having such a huge size, every one of its spatial transfers would require a long period of time as it needed to acc.u.mulate a lot of energy.

Song Shuhang sighed and looked at the possessed Skylark and the big-eyed planet that was in the distance. If Senior White Two and the Nine Virtues Phoenix Sword were also to appear here, then there would really be a ‘gathering of big shots’ today.

[Don’t say my name; I’m hiding nearby. Watch as I give this fat ball a one-way ticket to the Netherworld Realm. With the fat ball messing things up in the main world, I can’t play around in peace.] At this time, Senior White Two’s voice suddenly rang out in Song Shuhang’s mind.

Senior White Two was tracking the ‘big-eyed planet’ in secret. He had not given up on his plans to capture it, and had already prepared to ambush it once more.

But unexpectedly, at this time, he ran into the possessed Skylark. Because of this, Senior White Two had to change his plans.

Instead of catching the ‘big-eyed planet’, it was more important to send the liquid metal ball back to the Netherworld. If he didn’t do so, it would be very annoying if this guy robbed him of the ‘big-eyed planet’.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Should he summon the ‘Nine Virtues Phoenix Swords’, and then let the most powerful figures in the universe hold a meeting?

“Tell me, where did the Scholarly Sage hide my missing part?!” Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark reached out and grabbed Song Shuhang.

“Buzz~” The big-eyed planet descended, appearing directly at the scene. It then suppressed both Song Shuhang and Skylark as it did not want to give Song Shuhang to anyone!

Skylark sneered. By raising one hand, she was able to resist the pressure of the big-eyed planet despite her pet.i.te stature. At the same time, she continued to hold Song Shuhang with her other hand.

Skylark’s body contained the ‘bone of eternity’, which allowed the liquid metal ball to exert its terrifying power in the main world. As such, it didn’t fear the big-eyed planet.

“Now!” Senior White Two suddenly appeared. He took out his black sword and stabbed towards Skylark while saying, “Sword of Inverse Samsara, return to the Netherworld!”

Only Song Shuhang, the liquid metal ball, and the planet with eyes could see that Senior White Two had appeared.

On the live broadcast over at the Yellow Mountain Ceremony, Senior White Two wasn’t visible.

When faced with this sword, Skylark had no choice but to act. The hand that was originally grasping Song Shuhang changed targets, and went for the tip of the sword instead.

“White! It’s you again!” She let out an enraged bellow.

“It is indeed me, you fat ball. Now, go back to the Netherworld!” Senior White Two laughed out loud. The power of the sword burst out, and directly a.s.saulted the liquid metal ball that was inside Skylark. He had actually been aiming to sever the connection between the liquid metal ball and Skylark’s physical body.

“Buzz~” In s.p.a.ce, the big-eyed planet let out a sharp sound—previously, it was almost caught by Senior White Two. This time, it gazed at its enemy with an extremely angered expression.

It shot out cold holy light in an attempt to crush both Skylark and Senior White Two.

“You’re the one who will go back to the Netherworld. Today, I shall end the both of you!” A robotic voice came out of Skylark’s mouth.

In the next moment, the ‘bone of eternity’ within her body was fully activated. The liquid metal ball used it as a springboard to continuously transmit its power.

Evil energy of the Netherworld came pouring out crazily, and this tide-like evil energy blocked the cold holy light from the ‘big-eyed planet’ as well as the Sword of Inverse Samsara from Senior White Two.

In the time it takes to breathe once, the violent evil energy had flooded the entire world, forming a ‘black hole’.

This black hole immediately began to consume the ‘big-eyed planet’ and Senior White Two.

The liquid metal ball had used a big move.

As for Scholar Song Shuhang, who was in the middle of the cold holy light and the evil energy of the Netherworld, he could only be described as very pitiful.

Senior White Two said, “You’re using a big move, huh? Did you think that I’d be afraid of you? Tyrannical Song, cooperate with me!”

Song Shuhang asked, “How do I cooperate?”

Senior White Two said, [Completely open the Inner World’s channel!]

Song Shuhang cooperated with him to fully open the channel to the Inner World.

In the next moment, a power was transmitted from the ‘world of the black lotus’, pa.s.sed through Song Shuhang’s Inner World, and entered the main world.

This power descended on Senior White Two.

After receiving this buff, Senior White Two stretched out his hand towards s.p.a.ce. “I shall now let you see my ultimate weapon!”

s.p.a.ce was torn apart.

After that, a small sun emerged—Senior White’s pet No. 1, the part-time ultimate weapon [You’re Busy T233] had appeared.

Senior White Two grabbed Song Shuhang and entered the small sun.

The small sun faced Song Shuhang, and said, [h.e.l.lo, No. Tyrannical Song. Nice to see you again. ‘You’re Busy T233’ smiles at you.]

Song Shuhang: “…”

Wasn’t Senior White Two’s little sun still incomplete? This sun should have no real offensive power, and is only able to emit light and heat. That’s why its main role is to be pet No. 1, while its role as an ultimate weapon is still merely part-time.

Why was it summoned over here at such a time?

Senior White Two said, “I shall let you take a look at my greatest masterpiece. You’re Busy T233, fuse! With me as the power source, use the World Extinction Cannon, and let them have a taste of a cannon shot.”

[Understood. World Extinction Cannon ready, ready to fuse,] You’re Busy T233 said in a robotic voice.

Afterward, a pillar of light appeared and enveloped Senior White Two within it. With this, he became an energy source for the ‘small sun’.

The reason the small sun was still ‘incomplete’ was that Senior White Two still had yet to find a suitable ‘energy core’ for it. But now, with himself as the energy core, the small sun had directly transformed from a ‘pet’ into an ‘ultimate weapon’.


At this time, at the live broadcast over at the Yellow Mountain Ceremony.

Everyone that was watching the live broadcast was stunned.

No one thought that things would progress this way after the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect had finally surrounded the deities.

A planet, a black hole, and a small sun, three parties were clas.h.i.+ng.

…The small sun ‘You’re Busy T233’ was also visible on the live broadcast.

The big-eyed planet shone with holy light as it rolled around with all its strength.

The black hole was spinning frantically, attempting to swallow the big-eyed planet while at the same time trying to threaten the small sun.

The surface of the small sun opened, revealing a black muzzle.

“My friends, do you want to try out a shot?” Senior White Two’s voice could be heard coming from the small sun.

The World Extinction Cannon took aim at the black hole formed by the ‘liquid metal ball’ and fired.


At that moment, n.o.body could see anything other than the golden cannon light.

This genuine ‘World Extinction Cannon’ had enough power to plow through the surface of an entire planet in a single shot.

Song Shuhang stared closely at the brilliance of the ‘World Extinction Cannon’, and his heart was overcome with excitement—because he was the one controlling the cannon.

It was up to him to lock on and trigger the launch.

Sure enough, controlling something like this Extinction Cannon is the dream of every man…

The cannon light shot towards the ‘black hole’.

Senior White Two laughed, and said, “Go back to the Netherworld!”

While he was in the middle of laughing, he suddenly stopped.

He then muttered, “Not good.”

Inside the black hole, the liquid metal ball said, “Not good.”

The big-eyed planet also said, “Not good.”

The three big bosses had exclaimed together.

Song Shuhang curiously asked, “What’s wrong?”

As soon as his voice fell, he felt that the whole s.p.a.ce had ‘solidified’.

It was as if someone had pressed the ‘pause b.u.t.ton’.

Everything had gone still.

The light of the ‘World Extinction Cannon’, the evil energy of the Netherworld that was emanating from the black hole, and the cold holy light cobweb that had been thrown by the big-eyed planet all froze.

Did time stop? Song Shuhang had such a thought in his mind.

No, that can’t be right. If time stopped, then I shouldn’t be able to think right now.

[d.a.m.n, I’m going to have to pay a high price again.] Senior White Two’s voice rang in Song Shuhang’s mind.

Song Shuhang suddenly realized. [Did the Wielder make its move?]

Senior White Two said, [Matters have gotten out of hand, I’ll be withdrawing first. I will leave a sh.e.l.l here to suffer on my behalf. After this is over, remember to collect You’re Busy T233.]

Song Shuhang hurriedly asked, [How am I supposed to do that?]

This is a planet-sized thing, how am I supposed to collect it?

Senior White Two said, [Don’t worry, number T233 will fully cooperate with you when the time comes.]

After saying that, his body suddenly became motionless, and it stayed within the ‘pillar of light’.

Senior White Two said, [Remember to close the Inner World.]

Song Shuhang heeded his reminder and closed the Inner World.

At this time, the outside world had changed.

In s.p.a.ce, the light of the ‘World Extinction Cannon’ was wiped away.

It was as if something that had been drawn with a pencil was erased. The cannon light slowly disappeared.

After that, the ‘black hole’ that had condensed around Skylark was also wiped away little by little.

The holy light net of the ‘big-eyed planet’ was similarly erased.

After the holy light, the evil energy, and the cannon light were all erased, the ‘invisible hand’ began making its next move.

The first target was the big-eyed planet. The hand ‘pinched’ it, and a spatial crack opened up, revealing a bottomless dark world.

It was a pure black s.p.a.ce with nothing inside it.

The big-eyed planet was thrown inside the crack, which then closed up.

Was it confined into a small black room?

Then, it was Skylark’s turn to be grabbed.

Skylark cried, “No, you can’t do this to me! I’ve got some news about the ‘Scholarly Sage’, and I will soon be able to find the part we’ve lost. Give me some more time, we still have a chance!”

However, it was useless. Another crack had opened.

This time, it was a pure white s.p.a.ce with nothing inside it.

Skylark was thrown into the pure white s.p.a.ce. Afterward, the crack closed up.

Another big shot had been locked up, but this time they were sent into a small white room.

Finally, it was You’re Busy T233’s turn.


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