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Chapter 1587: My luck value today is at its peak!

“There is only one truth. In fact, Senior White, you’re both the white horse!” Song Shuhang stood on one leg like a golden rooster and spread out his arms as if they were the wings of a crane.

This posture was particularly sensational. After seeing it once, he couldn’t help but imitate it.

And when Song Shuhang made this pose, behind him, the virtuous lamia and Fairy Creation stared at him intently—their two pairs of beautiful eyes s.h.i.+ning brightly.

Senior White: “…”

Senior White Two: “Can you stop posing in this d.a.m.n posture?”

Sure enough, letting Song Shuhang stay by their side was of no use. It only served to make things even more chaotic.

In fact, with the realms that he and the main world’s White were at, there was no need for a bystander to oversee the situation. In short, the concept of ‘those involved being unable to see the situation clearly’ did not apply to them.

Sure enough, I should just send him flying or kill him once first.

Song Shuhang saw Senior White Two’s expression worsening again and knew that he had to save himself once more.

Fortunately… he had already prepared for this situation. When it came to resolving the doubts about the ident.i.ties of the two Senior Whites, he had a very convenient ability.

Song Shuhang said, “Actually, Senior Whites, I might have a way to get you some information and maybe even resolve the questions you want to be answered.”

Senior White said, “Let’s hear.”

“My secret appraisal technique,” Song Shuhang said. “As long as you two cooperate with me, I might be able to use the secret appraisal technique to get some useful clues.”

Just thinking about using the secret appraisal technique on a ruler of the Netherworld and the mysterious Senior White brought him great excitement.

If it was before, Song Shuhang definitely wouldn’t have dared to do this—even if he were to use his feet to think, he would be able to figure out that the price for using the secret appraisal technique on either Senior White or Senior White Two was definitely not something that he could bear.

But now, Song Shuhang had gotten a lot more proficient with the secret appraisal technique, and he could control the price he’d pay to a certain extent. When the price of the ‘secret appraisal technique’ reached a critical point, he could forcibly stop it. As such, as long as he was careful, there would not be any danger to his life!

Moreover, as long as the two Senior Whites actively cooperated with him, the price he would have to pay would be a lot lower.

On top of that, he now had a lot of information about the two Senior Whites, and that would help in reducing the price even more.

He only needed to appraise them for a specific portion of information. With a clear goal, the scope of the appraisal would be reduced, further reducing the cost.

The most important thing was that he now had the pseudo-eternity smoky mode as well. This mode was a huge, exploitable bug when it came to the ‘secret appraisal technique’. With it, Song Shuhang could be even more unscrupulous when using the ‘secret appraisal technique’.

Under such a controlled situation, they might really be able to find some vital information by relying on the secret appraisal technique.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword: “…”

Ever since Song Shuhang swallowed that ‘Rebirth Pill’, his entire person seemed to have changed.

There was now a sense of self-indulgence in his actions.

Appraising the ruler of the Netherworld was something Scarlet Heaven Sword did not even dare to think about, yet Song Shuhang actually dared to bring it up.

“Then you can start with me,” Senior White said. “I will cooperate with you as much as I can.”

He had a certain understanding of Song Shuhang’s mysterious ‘secret appraisal technique’. He knew that it was a very practical magical technique that would cause Song Shuhang to spew out a lot of blood.

Senior White rolled up his sleeves and pa.s.sed his hand to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang took a deep breath.

Actually, he had wanted to appraise ‘Senior White’ since long ago, but this was definitely akin to seeking death if he were to do it without Senior White’s consent.

But now that he had Senior White’s consent, things were different.

Senior White nodding represented his approval. As such, Song Shuhang’s next appraisal would be blessed by Senior White’s mysterious luck.

In the coming moments, his luck value would be at its highest it had ever been.

“Pseudo-eternity smoky mode!” Song Shuhang activated the skill of his colorful monster core.

Afterward, the portion of the Defiant Whale Warrior’s Glove that was at his fingers receded, allowing him to touch Senior White’s arm.

88,888 voices rose in his mind, and the secret appraisal technique was activated.

Song Shuhang had guessed right.

The moment his fingers touched Senior White’s wrist, his luck value had been buffed and boosted.

When his finger touched the wrist, many things on Song Shuhang’s person underwent a change.

Inside the Inner World, the two seeds which he had produced through the Impregnating Gaze and Embryonic Gaze combo instantly germinated and bore fruit.

The first seed was the seed that contained the ‘Ancient Heavenly City’s Canteen No. 111’.

When the seed germinated, the Ancient Heavenly City’s Canteen was ‘born’. After being birthed, the canteen directly fused with Song Shuhang’s Inner World and became one with it.

At the same time, the fusing of the Ancient Heavenly City’s Canteen and the Inner World became the final push that the Inner World needed to ‘evolve’.

Song Shuhang’s Inner World burst out with dazzling light.

In the next moment, it entered a phase of ‘evolution’.

This was the evolution that Song Shuhang had been waiting for. What was certain was that after this evolution, the Inner World would obtain new functions, and the future Inner World would certainly not hide as fast as it did currently.

This was extremely convenient.


Then, there was the second seed, which had been produced from the Sixth Stage Celestial and contained a drop of ‘ancient divine witch blood’. This drop of blood was originally the equivalent of a Fifth Stage Golden Core. But after the curse within it had burst out and swallowed the energy of 55 Celestials, its quality had surely improved.

Similar to the Ancient Heavenly City’s Canteen, after the ancient witch blood was ‘born’, it went through a process of purification and became incomparably pure. It then quietly remained suspended in Song Shuhang’s Inner World, right beside the branch of the monster tree Miruru.


The branches of the monster tree did not show weakness. Its roots seemed to have been pierced with an epidural needle as they continuously extended and pierced into the depths of Song Shuhang’s Inner World.

At the same time, there were several emerald green leaves that began to grow on them.

In addition, from Miruru’s branches, there was a faint emotion of ‘joy’.

Although it was still very faint and difficult to detect, it implied that Miruru’s new shoots had begun to develop their own consciousness.

This was a good start, and it meant that her new shoots had the potential to become a monster tree again.


The ‘Seven Colors Wonder Fruit Seed’ was also stimulated and quickly sprouted and grew. It exuded a strong vitality, and as long as it did not die halfway, it would definitely grow up healthily and eventually bear many fruits for Song Shuhang.


Finally, even the invisible saber insect underwent some changes. It repeatedly expressed the idea of ‘evolving’ to Song Shuhang and asked to be supplemented with energy.

Song Shuhang’s clone was transferred to the Inner World, where it used the Saber-Nurturing Technique and half of a demodragon medicine vial to provide nourishment and energy to the invisible saber insect for its evolution.


Good things happened again and again!

Good things came at him in waves.

Moreover, these were only the lucky things that happened in his Inner World. There were also some other forms of luck that Song Shuhang still could not understand and would silently develop on their own.

For example, deep in his consciousness, he seemed to have been enlightenment on the ❮Three Thousand Sabers Scripture❯. Now, his ‘saber intent armor’ was one step closer to its next transformation!

Another example, his ‘royal blood demon core’ began to resonate with his body. This was a prelude to it soon entering the ‘Golden Core Composition’ phase.

Another one, Papa Song and Mama Song, who were on vacation, played a lottery at a roadside and won the grand prize, which was a couple’s Three-Day Tour of Moonlight Island.

Another one, Gao Moumou, who was originally worried about his word count, suddenly had his brain go into overdrive. His fingers were flying on the keyboard, and he couldn’t stop himself from typing madly. Gao Moumou hadn’t enjoyed this feeling for over half a year.

With Song Shuhang as the center, ‘luck’ began radiating outward!

This was how it felt to be loved and taken care of by the heavens.

How wonderful.

From Song Shuhang’s pupils, golden runes came out and fell on Senior White’s body.

The golden runes condensed a golden clock, whose hands began to move counterclockwise.

Song Shuhang’s smoky body burst apart, with smoke leaving his body in great quant.i.ties.

If he were in his physical state… At this time, he would have been spewing out blood as if he were a shower nozzle.

And depending on the amount of blood lost, he might have even died.

Fortunately, I have the smoky state.

I haven’t reached my limits yet. I can still hold on for a while longer.

[All I need to identify is information about Senior White, the young man in green robes, the white horse, and the desert. The scope of the appraisal has been reduced to only these.]

[The information I already have can also be added to the results of the appraisal.]

[Senior White is fully cooperating with me, my luck is heaven-defying at the moment!]

[I can do it!]

After ten full breaths and a long appraisal process.

The smoky Song Shuhang was only left with what looked to be his ‘skeleton’.

The smoky state could either manifest itself as a cloud of smoke or could realistically imitate all the detailed structures of Song Shuhang’s body. However, it was still smoke in essence.

The clock shattered, and the golden rune returned to Song Shuhang’s eyes.

At the same time, the information from the secret appraisal technique appeared in his mind.

The secret appraisal technique succeeded!

Song Shuhang originally felt that the chance of failure would be great. But since Senior White himself wanted to see the result of the appraisal, the secret appraisal technique worked smoothly.

[Name: White.

Race: Human.

Realm: Unknown.

Age: Unknown.

Parents: Unknown.

Life-Bound Magical Treasure: Meteor Sword, Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure.

Hair Color: Black.

Hair Length: Long hair that reaches his back.]

The first portion of information from the appraisal was a string of ‘unknowns.’ However, Song Shuhang still saw an important point.

‘Race: Human.’

This meant that he wasn’t a spirit born from the desert.

In addition, the realm is unknown? Isn’t Senior White at the Eighth Stage Profound Sage Realm…?

While he was in thought, more appraisal results emerged in his mind.

[Because his friend ‘White’ died suddenly, he impersonated him and lived for more than 70 years as him. After these 70 years, he traveled through the universe, and because of an accident, he arrived in the present world.]


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