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Chapter 1757 Are you trying to make things hard for me?

Soft Feather was still running inside the hamster wheel when a shadow directly went through the railings of the wheel, landing on the ground.

The inner demon was made of shadow, and it was jet-black in color.

After saying her piece, Soft Feather’s inner demon raised her head slightly, and her beautiful eyes swept through the fellow daoists present, smiling as she silently knelt on the ground.

She was an elegant and beautiful inner demon.

“Oho!” The eyes of the Dragon Blood Tribe’s old tribal chief suddenly lit up.

This color was just right, black and beautiful.

She fitted right into the aesthetics of the Black Dragon World.

Unfortunately, he was already an old man now. If he were 100 years younger, perhaps he would have given it a go.

Well, probably not. Although this young black girl fitted the aesthetics of the Black Dragon World, there was still a gap between the aesthetics of the Black Dragon World and the Dragon Blood Tribe. For example, she didn’t have beautiful dragon scales, so that sadly reduced her points in their eyes.

Moreover, she was an existence similar to a clone, not a real body.

Sigh, things had all kinds of defects, and there was nothing perfect. This was simply how life was.


Song Shuhang looked at the elegant inner demon. As he saw her, he found himself having a lot of things to say, but they ultimately remained stuck in his throat, and he had no idea how to voice them out.

How could there be such an inner demon?

This was too unscientific… but very Soft-Feather-like.

“It really is an inner demon.” At this time, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword confirmed it aloud. “I’ve been in contact with the power of inner demons cultivated by the leaders of demonic sects before, and their aura was very similar to the one right before us.”

Doudou also confirmed, “It is indeed an inner demon. Anyone who has come into contact with inner demons would recognize her as soon as they met her. There’s no doubt about it.”

Lady Onion said, “But isn’t the character of this inner demon a bit too good?”

“Well, it is the result of all my ‘favorites’ being merged together.” Soft Feather chuckled. Her slender legs continued to move swiftly. She was in a very good mood now, and she felt great delight in showing her ‘work’ to her seniors and fellow daoists.

Song Shuhang was holding the ‘chaotic age fruit’ in his hand, and he took a bite out of it—he felt so shocked that he had to eat something first.

After taking a bite, Song Shuhang felt a change in his physical state.

His original appearance of an uncle began to fade quickly, and he felt himself returning to a youthful appearance. Oh, it seems that my luck is pretty good. With just one fruit, I was able to recover my youth.

Just as Song Shuhang thought this, he felt his body begin to shrink and his hands retract into the sleeves.

Song Shuhang exclaimed, “Oh no!”

“Shuhang, what did you do?” Doudou looked at Song Shuhang.

While he said that, Song Shuhang’s body began to stabilize, and he finally settled into the appearance of a youth who was about 12 years old.

“I’m fine. I was just so shocked that I ended up eating a ‘chaotic age fruit’. I’ll try eating another one later.” Song Shuhang lifted his sleeves and pants.

At this time, Soft Feather shouted, “Senior Song, how was my answer? Did I get it correct this time?”

“Ah, I almost forgot to check the answer.” Song Shuhang quickly lowered his head, and looked at the psychic energy ball.

Green, green, green!

As soon as Song Shuhang confirmed it, a sound was uttered in the hamster wheel. [Correct answer!]

Soft Feather said triumphantly, “Hehehe, I knew it.”

“This answer is indeed beyond my expectation, but it was not the type of answer I wanted.” Doudou again regretted that this answer could not satisfy his desire for gossip.

At this time, the voice in the running wheel sounded again. [Second question: Doudou, how did your Chu Chu Complex come to be?]

Soft Feather shouted, “Senior Song, I protest this! Are you trying to make things hard for me? How am I supposed to know how Doudou’s Chu Chu Complex came to be?”

Doudou laughed. “Hehehehe~”

Now, run wild inside the hamster wheel, Soft Feather.

Song Shuhang said, “There is nothing I can do. It looks like I’ll have to stop the hamster wheel first. This way, I should be able to select new questions.”

Soft Feather said regretfully, “Can’t you change the questions now? I wanted a perfect score with no wrong answers.”

“Eh, I don’t know how to do it. It seems I’ll have to study how to operate this magical treasure,” said Song Shuhang. After he said that, he stopped the hamster wheel.

Then, he began to redownload the ‘exam question data’.

№ Hamster had left behind all the 300 questions made by Senior White Two.

After downloading the questions, Song Shuhang chose the ‘random questions’ mode.

“Wait, Soft Feather. Switch with me.” Doudou lay on the hamster wheel, and said, “Each person gets one round.”

Soft Feather blinked. “Each person gets one round?”

Doudou said, “Yeah, so it’s my turn now. I’ll switch with you once I’m done.”

“But if each person gets one round, then it should still be my turn to play.” Soft Feather’s little hand stretched out from the railings, and stroked Doudou’s head. “Because Doudou, you are a dog.”

“…” Doudou.

Soft Feather, you really have changed since joining the Nine Provinces Number One Group. You’re completely different from the cute Soft Feather that had just joined the group!

Scarlet Heaven Sword asked curiously, “Fairy Soft Feather, your inner demon, does it have any ability?”

The inner demon named [b.u.t.terfly Song White Creation Yellow Trigram Lychee Six Dou Phoenix] had been quietly kneeling on the side with a peaceful smile on her face all this time.

“I don’t know. I just cultivated it. As for what abilities it might have, I’ve never had the opportunity to test them out. In fact, this is the first time I’ve summoned it out for others to see. Should we try seeing what it can do?” Soft Feather hugged her knees and sat inside the hamster wheel.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “If it is an inner demon, then it should have all the abilities of an inner demon.”

Doudou asked, “Then how about you get it to test things out on me? This sounds quite interesting.”

“Let me take your place.” The young Song Shuhang stretched out his hand, and said, “I have Fairy Waiting for a Promise protecting me, and the influence of inner demons is minimal on me. This will make it so that there shouldn’t be any accidents. In addition, I’m also very interested in what abilities Soft Feather’s inner demon might have.”

Light of virtue restrained the power of inner demons, and this made him the most suitable test subject.

Doudou thought for a while, and then reluctantly said, “Alright then, I’ll let you have this opportunity.”

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “Thanks, Doudou.”

“Alright,” Soft Feather said to her own inner demon. “b.u.t.terfly Song White Creation Yellow Trigram Lychee Six Dou Phoenix, show Senior Song what you can do! Whatever it is you can do, use it all on Senior Song.”

Hearing her words, the inner demon nodded.

She stood up and patted her long skirt lightly. In the next moment, her aura changed from graceful and elegant to charming and seductive.

She came in front of the young Song Shuhang, squatted down slightly, her eyes level with Song Shuhang, and then said softly, “Senior Song~”

Lady Onion couldn’t help but say, “The Ultimate Seducing Skill of a Pretty Female Monster?”

At this moment, the inner demon lowered her head slightly, and prepared to kiss the young Song Shuhang’s face.

Soft Feather, who was in the hamster wheel, hurriedly shouted, “Eh? Wait!”

“Please save me, Senior Song.” The inner demon said softly with a voice that only Song Shuhang could hear.

After that, she continued to move toward Song Shuhang’s face.

But at this moment, the virtuous lamia suddenly emerged from Song Shuhang’s face, leaned in, and took the kiss from the inner demon.


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