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Chapter 74: I’ll show you my resolve

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Song Shuhang clenched his fists. This man’s appearance matched completely with the description given by Lin Tao. He’s the person who forked out money to have Shuhang’s information sought out.

Sure enough, it’s this fellow. In the morning I told Jiang Ziyan that I would have the resolve. Right now, all that’s left is to see what levels my resolve has reached!

At this time, the long-armed man suddenly turned around, and gazed in Song Shuhang’s direction.

He then lowered his head, unlocked Zhao Yaya’s phone, and made a phone call.

The phone in Song Shuhang’s pocket rang, it was Zhao Yaya’s number. He had been discovered by the enemy.

This was within expectations. After all, he had only trained in the foundation building techniques for two days, and also just started to practice the mental energy techniques today. It was within expectations for the enemy to sniff him out.

Song Shuhang answered the call.

The long armed man revealed a weird smile, then spoke in Zhao Yaya’s voice, “I’ve found you, Student Song Shuhang.”

He spoke just this one sentence, and hung up the phone.

Next, the long armed man carried the unconscious Zhao Yaya, and quickly paced towards the blind alley behind the wedding photography shop.

Song Shuhang turned off his phone, and shut his eyes with force to calm his soul. Moments after, he left Guo Xin building and then went on to pursue the long armed man.



In the blind alley.

Zhao Yaya was slumped against the wall, and it appeared that she had not been hurt.

Song Shuhang stood five meters away from the long armed man.

The long armed man raised his head to look at Song Shuhang, and displayed a proud smile. Using Zhao Yaya’s voice, he said, “You’ve come, Student Song Shuhang. Ai ya ya~, you seem to be in a bad mood.”

But in reality, Song Shuhang was expressionless.

“Interesting, earlier when you were inside the building, you weren’t surprised by my presence at all. Rather, you only had anger. You knew about me from the very beginning? How unexpected, I originally wanted to give you a surprise.” The long armed man continued to speak with Zhao Yaya’s voice.

Song Shuhang was expressionless.

“Is my voice bothering you? Don’t be so angry, changing voices is just a very simple voice altering trick.” The long armed man was very complacent. As he spoke, he recovered to a low and hoa.r.s.e male voice.

It wasn’t just the voice, it also seemed that the long armed man’s build could also go through some changes if he felt like it.

“However, it makes me very happy that you came. Because that means that you care about this woman very much. Her ident.i.ty is that of your cousin, right?” The long armed man said in a strange voice, “To actually worry about the safety of an ordinary person, how hilarious! Well then, Senior~ Song~ Shu~ hang! Answer me, are you going through ‘mortal world tempering’ or are you an ordinary mortal?”

Song Shuhang still remained expressionless.

“I’ve checked all of the information concerning you. You’re just an ordinary brat. All of the information regarding you since your childhood indicates that you’re a complete mortal!” The long armed man suddenly hysterically howled, “I can’t understand why the Altar Master would have so many qualms towards a mortal like you? He even believes that you’re a senior cultivator in the midst of ‘mortal world tempering’ and that all of the information regarding you are false. He also believes that your so-called friends and family are just some strangers to you, and can’t be used to threaten you. He believed it so much that he withdrew from Jiangnan University City’s region!”

Song Shuhang remained expressionless, but he gained a meaningful piece of intelligence.

“He even completely vetoed my intelligence, and took away my original reward of Body Tempering Liquid. All of this is because of you, Song Shuhang! You’re obviously a mortal, why is Altar Master so paranoid for?” The long armed man madly shouted, “Well then, tell me, Song Shuhang. Tell me that… you’re an ordinary mortal! Then, in this blind alley which won’t receive the attention of anybody, let me kill you! Then I will tell Altar Master that you’re a mortal, and I will claim the Body Tempering Liquid which I deserve!”

“Don’t think about escaping from the palm of my hand. I’m a cultivator who has opened both eyes and nose acupoints, you don’t have any chances of fleeing! There won’t be anyone who would come to rescue you in this blind alley! I will kill you, then use the Corpse Dissolving Liquid to dissolve you. You won’t have any opportunity!”

The long armed man took off his, revealing a pair of totally bloodshot eyes.

He was totally ruined. He obviously had Song Shuhang investigated clearly, and the precious Body Tempering Liquid was about to fall onto his hands. Which could’ve increased his cultivation by another level and help him open the third acupoint, the ear acupoint.

But it was right then, when Altar Master reproached his report as an error. Not only did he lose his reward of Body Tempering Liquid, he was even stripped away of his portion of the Body Tempering Liquid for this year.

What’s even more significant was that he had lost the trust of Altar Master, and his future had become bleak.

All of these added together was an overbearing blow to him, it was beyond what his heart could take. Therefore, he decided to look for Song Shuhang secretly, by kidnapping Zhao Yaya.

His plan was to kill Song Shuhang, so as to prove himself to Altar Master.

“Oh I see, I get the full story now.” Song Shuhang who had remained taciturn suddenly spoke in a deep voice.

It’s no wonder that that ‘Altar Master’ who’s behind the scenes never directly stepped in to s.n.a.t.c.h the spirit ghost from me. He instead chose to go through a long detour, by secretly investigating me, and sent his subordinates to probe me. He has been very cautious.

It turns out that this person is like Soft Feather in the beginning, who believed that I am a powerful Senior.

Song Shuhang made a conjecture. When he and Soft Feather stepped into J City’s Luo Xin street, they had already been watched by Altar Master’s people. Then, due to Soft Feather constantly addressing him a senior by mistake, when they saw the powerful combat prowess of Soft Feather, they mistakenly believed that he was an incredibly powerful senior who was going through mortal world tempering.

Next, having been through the matter of Medicine Master’s acute poison, Altar Master must have confirmed that he was an expert.

What’s most significant here were the words detailing that Altar Master had withdrawn from the Jiangnan region, which meant that he was within the Jiangnan University City’s area before…… which means that the second person who got poisoned could be the Altar Master.

The enemy has qualms about him, and this was considered great news to him.

“Then right now…” Song Shuhang stared at the long armed man. He needed to borrow the resolve that his opponent that engraved upon him; the resolve to face the merciless world of cultivators.

The long armed man had carefully selected a dead end that no one would discover. In addition, the long armed man was in possession of some Corpse Dissolving Liquid that would destroy any traces of a dead body.

As long as this matter is properly concealed, there would be virtually no one who could discover this murder case for the time being.

His opponent was a cultivator who had opened the nose and eye acupoints. Perhaps the Stink Pill that the Medicine Master had given to him would be of use. But before he used the Stink Pill, he needed his opponent to first reveal an opening, at the very least, he needed him to leave Zhao Yaya’s side.

“Answer me, Student Song Shuhang!” The long armed man had a crazed expression, he pointed his handleless blade at Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang said in a deep voice, “Body Tempering Liquid.”


“The thing you want, it’s this isn’t it?” Song Shuhang fished out a small bottle from his left pocket, and used his thumb to pop open the cap. Suddenly, the Body Tempering Liquid’s unique stench spread out.

“The Body Tempering Liquid!” The long armed man’s body jolted for a moment.

“Do you want it?” Song Shuhang replied calmly.

“Throw it over to me!” THe long armed man yelled.

“Then come over and take it from me. I’m only an ordinary mortal, what are you wary of? I can give the Body Tempering Fluid to you. As long as you let my sister go, I can give you even more.”

The long armed man’s eyes opened wide, “More?”

“That’s right, I can give you even more. Enough for you to use for a long long time!” Song Shuhang’s voice carried a demonic attraction as he spoke.

The long armed man was in an unclear state. His eyes showed confusion as he stared at Song Shuhang, and he carefully proceeded forward.

Song Shuhang clasped the bottle of “Body Tempering Fluid”, ready to hand it over obediently, his face full of innocence.

As he approached the bottle of Body Tempering Fluid, the long armed man’s eyes brightened. Suddenly, he stomped hard on the ground with his right leg as his body shot towards Song Shuhang like an arrow leaving its bow, his right arm reaching for the bottle of Body Tempering Fluid.

No matter whether Song Shuhang had any tricks up his sleeve, as long as he used his superior speed to s.n.a.t.c.h the bottle over, he had nothing to fear.

If this Body Tempering Fluid was real and Song Shuhang could continuously provide him with Body Tempering Fluid, perhaps he could consider sparing their lives… temporarily!

His mind was clouded by greed, his eyes were entranced by the treasure. His whole brain was filled with thoughts of Body Tempering Fluid which led him to neglect questioning himself: Exactly why did Song Shuhang possess so much Body Tempering Fluid? How could he possibly be able to offer so much Body Tempering Fluid?


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