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Chapter 216: Corpse Coffin Twin Devils

“Why hasn’t the Benevolent Travel Temple’s array been broken yet? Did something happen to your people at this time?”

A figure covered in black fog looked at the Benevolent Travel Temple in the distance that was still covered in a golden membrane. He spoke with a displeased tone.

“Do you think the Relic PaG.o.da is a wooden building in the slums? Don’t worry, I’m already prepared. As long as the information provided by that fool Kong’e is not wrong, we’ll definitely destroy the Benevolent Travel Temple today!”

The person standing beside him calmly glanced at the black fog before casting his cold gaze at Benevolent Travel Temple.

In the distant sky of Benevolent Travel Temple, ten flying s.h.i.+ps with the Hundred Tempering Mountain flag flew up from a hidden col and flew towards the Benevolent Travel Temple at full speed.

However, on these flying s.h.i.+ps, there were not only the people from the Hundred Tempering Mountain. There were also a large number of bloodthirsty and cruel demonic cultivators and chaotic rogue cultivators hired by them.

Benevolent Travel Temple was one of the four major sects after all. It had an astonis.h.i.+ng background and strength.

They had been betrayed by the upper echelons of the sect, got ambushed by the demonic cultivators and the Hundred Tempering Mountain. They had been beaten up badly and suffered heavy losses.

Even so, it was almost impossible to completely destroy them with just a few hundred people.

As long as the people from the Benevolent Travel Temple recovered, the hundreds of cultivators would not even have the chance to escape.

The demonic cultivators who launched a sneak attack were the maximum number of people that could be sent in without alerting them.

Their mission was to cause chaos and destroy the array node of the Benevolent Travel Temple and stall for time as much as possible.

The true main force was still hidden outside the Benevolent Travel Temple’s perception range.

The composition of the fleet was extremely complicated. It was formed by the disciples of the Hundred Tempering Mountain, the remnants of the former Demon Sect, the small sects and forces that had joined them, and a large number of rogue cultivators who were only here because of spirit stones.

If the Benevolent Travel Temple was attacked by this fleet again under such terrible circ.u.mstances, it would only be a matter of time before it was destroyed.

“Those six old fellows from the Benevolent Travel Temple have already been trapped by the black lotus. The few from the Dharma Hall have also been lured away. It’s our turn next!”

“Destroy the Benevolent Travel Temple! It will be our first battle to tear apart the hypocritical peace of the Great Mountain Region!”

“Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up! Children, fly over at full speed! I can’t wait to partic.i.p.ate in this banquet!”

“Newcomers, if you dare to drag me down, I’ll kill you first!”

A group of fellows with terrible personalities shouted excitedly on the s.h.i.+p. They looked forward to all the blood and slaughter!


The medicine man that pounced towards Jiang Li and the others was directly sent flying by Elder He’s punch, and he exploded into a ball of poisonous fog in the distant sky.

With a Nascent Soul present, even a suicidal attack would not work.

“Take care of each other. Be careful!”

After saying this, Elder He no longer watched. The aura on his body rose steadily and directly rushed towards Situ Tingxin of the Hundred Tempering Mountain, who he had not successfully fought last time.

The beast blood tattoo on his body seemed to be coming to life as it swam and roared on Elder He’s burly body.

With the enhancement of the Beast Blood Diagram, Elder He vented his anger on the other party with infinite strength.

At this moment, the situation on the battlefield became more and more chaotic.

Under the aftermath of the battle of more than ten Nascent Soul cultivators, the square seemed to have experienced a level-18 earthquake. Most of the cultivators present could not even stand up.

Most of the low-level disciples even lost consciousness under the surging aura. There were even many who died on the spot after their souls were shattered.

Fortunately, the Benevolent Travel Temple’s Nascent Soul cultivators had the advantage in numbers. They risked being injured and suffering losses to bring those high-level demonic cultivators away from the battlefield.

Elder He also threw rapid punches that could not be seen with the naked eye, pus.h.i.+ng that person from the Hundred Tempering Mountain far away.

The huge colliding energy blocks left one after another. The raging storm gradually stopped, giving the remaining disciples some breathing room.

Soon, the remaining monks started to organize.

The monks in their best condition faced the enemy bravely, and the disciples who were heavily injured but barely able to move helped the heavily injured disciples move.

There were also monks who knew rune arrays that immediately rushed to the array node of the Relic PaG.o.da. As long as they activated the array, they could use the Buddhist light to augment their disciples and suppress the demonic cultivators. The danger would be resolved immediately.

At this moment, the poisonous fog that was formed by the self-destruction of the alchemist also began to spread. As the concentration decreased, although the power was no longer as terrifying, it was still a fatal poison.

Jiang Li and the others’ s.p.a.ce was compressed, and they were forced to retreat. They collided with two demonic cultivators.

The monks of the Benevolent Travel Temple ahead wailed as they fell to the ground. The protective golden light on their bodies was polluted and destroyed by some force. Immediately, their bodies rotted and died a tragic death.

The two demonic cultivators looked disheveled. Their skin was dry and their faces were ugly. They were neither human nor ghost. The two pairs of fish eyes were still swimming in their sockets. They did not look like living people.

Senior Brother Xiang Yuanba’s expression became serious. He, who had been traveling outside for a long time, recognized the two of them at a glance.

“Junior Brother, be careful. That’s the Corpse Coffin Twin Devils!”

They were two famous Core Formation realm demonic cultivators.

In the Great Mountain Region, there were many famous demonic cultivators. However, after becoming famous, there were not many demonic cultivators who could live well.

These two were among the successful ones.

They were extremely cunning and grasped a special Zombie Manipulation method. They were usually very cautious and almost all their attacks were done by puppets. No one had been able to capture them all this time, so they could live freely until now.

Sometimes, they would even go to a gathering of cultivators to kidnap cultivators and turn their corpses into puppets before sending them to set up stalls to sell goods.

It could be said that they were two extremely vile fellows.

The key was that they were not the weakest Void Core stage cultivators among the Core Formation realm cultivators, but had reached the True Core stage and already transformed from Void to True!

“Heh, haha. Wife, take a look. There’s a handsome baby with long hair here. This baby is much prettier than those smelly monks.”

“I want to wear his skin and do it with you again. What do you think?”

The Corpse Coffin Twin Devils were actually a pair of husband and wife. After the male devil saw Jiang Li, he took a fancy to Jiang Li’s skin with a single glance and even threatened to skin him alive and wear it to perform a s.e.xual role-play!

“Darling, you are so good to me. I will definitely die of joy when we use this skin.”

The female devil also looked at Jiang Li. She seemed to be infatuated with his looks, and it was really disgusting.

Jiang Li was furious when he saw this, and he directly stomped the ground and stabbed with the Earth Spike Technique.

Eighteen sharp Nine Nether Wood Spears pierced out from the ground and instantly pierced through the two people.

However, looking at the two figures, they were no longer demonic cultivators. They were clearly two skeletons that had died long ago.

“Hehehehe, Heaven Disabled Ghost Claw!”

“Hehehe, my husband, you must not tear that handsome skin. Earth Disabled Ghost Claw!”

Along with two strange cries, the two corpses not far away from Jiang Li and the others suddenly rose up, and a ghost claw grabbed towards them from the bottom of the right side.

The other ghost claw fell from the top left side! The two ghost claws were sharp and together, their combined power was definitely not simple!

The Corpse Coffin Twin Devils actually used the corpse puppets as bait. They wore the skin of dead monks and disguised themselves as corpses to launch a sneak attack.

This attack came quickly and ruthlessly. Jiang Li and the other two could only push each other and hurriedly jump away.

The two ghost claws combined together, and a terrifying Yin qi spread out from them. It was accompanied by a series of ghost cries.

“Heh, haha. He’s just a Foundation Establishment disciple. Die!”

The female devil chased after Senior Brother Xiang Yuanba. The ghost claws in her hand waved repeatedly, and the two sides fought intensely.

On the other hand, the male devil stared at Jiang Li as if he really wanted to skin Jiang Li and wear his appearance as he said!

“You want to skin me? I’ll beat your fish eye to a pulp!”

Jiang Li faced the other party’s ghost claw and raised his hand to punch.

A loud clang sounded. The collision between the two caused the ground beneath their feet to crack.

The sharp ghost claws ruthlessly scratched Jiang Li’s arm, emitting an ear-piercing sound like metal being cut. The yin spiritual qi wanted to invade Jiang Li’s body, but it was firmly blocked by the Innocuous Overlord Body.

Although the other party was very injured, he was still unable to easily break through Jiang Li’s terrifying defense.

Jiang Li’s fist still had the advantage. In this collision, with his Foundation Establishment cultivation, he sent the other party back five to six meters.

“Kid, what strength you have!”

The male devil looked at Jiang Li in bewilderment. He could not imagine why the aura Jiang Li revealed was only at the Foundation Establishment realm.

Was he a genius, or was he hiding his strength?

It was not important. Death was the same no matter what!

“Heh, haha, strength is useless against me. Accept your death obediently and hand over your skin!”

The male devil clearly did not think much of body cultivators. He brandished his ghost claws and pounced towards Jiang Li again.

Swoos.h.!.+ Jiang Li waved his hand, and pitch-black chains climbed onto his iron fists, forming two heavy chain gauntlets.

A famous demonic cultivator at the Core Formation realm True Core stage was not comparable to the two useless Void Core cultivators Jiang Li had seen before.

Against him, it was worth using the Dragon Imprisoning Lock.

Wrapped in chains, his hammer-like iron fist smashed towards the enemy. This punch was so powerful that even a Core Formation cultivator would vomit blood on the spot.

However, a look of success flashed across the other party’s eyes. A dirty rag suddenly unfolded in front of the male devil.

Jiang Li’s fist directly struck the ordinary rag.

However, the heavy fist that was like a speeding train was stopped by such a dirty rag in a gentle manner.

The male devil turned around and directly used his ghost claws to scratch eight hundred scars on Jiang Li’s body.

Jiang Li was just about to withdraw his fist and counterattack, but after the rag was beaten until it caved in, it took the opportunity to wrap around his arm. No matter how he pulled, it was tightly wrapped around his hand and could not be removed.

“Give up, kid. You’re bound by my Thousand Spirit Corpse Wrapping Cloth. Only by chopping off that hand can you separate from it again!”

Jiang Li naturally did not believe that nonsense, but the rag that tightly wrapped around his arm actually started to squirm. It was as if a thousand mouths had appeared within it, and they started to crazily devour his arm and the Dragon Imprisoning Lock.

Fortunately, Jiang Li’s skin was thick enough. Under the enhancement of the Overlord Body Art and multiple defenses, the ghosts were unable to injure him at all.

When those ghosts bit his hand, they would be burned by the Anti-Demon Golden Skin and turn into white smoke.

However, the Anti-Demon Golden Skin that he obtained at the Qi Refinement realm was no longer of much use now. At the very least, it could not affect this kind of artifact at the Profound-rank or above.

“This thing of yours is useless.”

Jiang Li puckered his lips and disregarded the rags in his hand as he brandished his fist and charged forward once more.

However, a huge pulling force suddenly appeared on the corpse wrapping cloth, firmly dragging Jiang Li’s right hand, causing his speed to decrease greatly. He was unable to catch up to his opponent at the True Core stage.

The other party looked at the eight hundred scars on Jiang Li’s body and discovered that the ghost claw that he was proud of was actually unable to injure a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

However, the demonic cultivator laughed strangely again.

“Hehehe, so what if his skin is hard? Sometimes, being hard will only make him die in more pain! Little babies, it’s time to eat! Eat his flesh bit by bit!”

From the sleeve of the male devil, a large number of moths surged out, turning into a cloud of insects that surged towards Jiang Li.

The cage wrapped around Jiang Li’s left hand stretched out and flung at the other party. Because the speed of the Dragon Imprisoning Lock was not fast, it could not bind him.

Jiang Li could only pull back and scatter the moths.

However, not only did the moths not scatter in fear, but they also seemed to have been triggered. They surged towards Jiang Li with large amounts of powder that fell from their bodies.

[Name: Dancing Poisonous Moth]

[Type: Poisonous Insect]

[Age: Egg Production]

[Gender: Female]

[Source of Nutrition: Meat]

[Habit: Crowd Hunting, Parasitic Eggs]

Jiang Li directly threw an appraisal over. The information he received made him have gooseb.u.mps.

Although Jiang Li was quite bold, he was also filled with disgust towards the disgusting parasites that lurked in the host’s body and nibbled at their life.

This was especially true for the type of eggs that were produced in other creatures’ bodies. The kind that could reproduce inside others’ bodies was really shocking.

Yin Wind Art!

Jiang Li blew a gust of cold wind towards the swarm of insects, causing many to die on the spot.

However, for some reason, a lot of powder exploded from the dead moths, and the powder that fell from the Dancing Poisonous Moths seemed to be unaffected by the cold wind and still floated down towards him.

There were even specks of powder that were being absorbed into his body unknowingly!

The poisonous powder was extremely disgusting. It could block the windpipe and make the prey lose their ability to resist.

Moreover, inside the poisonous powder, there were actually d.a.m.ned eggs hidden. After prey lost their ability to resist, these eggs would break open and eat everything from the host.

Two statuses quickly appeared on Jiang Li’s interface.

[Affected by the Dancing Poisonous Moth’s powder. Added Status: Dancing Poison.]

[Status: Golden Core Protection, Detoxification Effect, Poison Resistance, Mind Resistance Effect. Part of the effects of Dancing Poison are negated.]

[Affected by the poison powder of the Dancing Poisonous Moth’s powder, Added Status: Blocked Airway, Suffocation.]

Jiang Li was not afraid of the poison, but if the powder that blocked his airway was not cleared, the suffocation would never end.

The cleansing status was only effective on the surface of the body and could not affect the lungs at all.

This made him unable to breathe, it was very uncomfortable. Soon, his face turned red and he started to lack oxygen.

This demonic cultivator was truly demonic. All kinds of unscrupulous methods emerged endlessly, easily causing him to fall for it.

However, Jiang Li did not panic at this moment. He calmly looked at the other party, and then he took out a porcelain bottle and directly poured all of it into his stomach.

[Overdose of Dustfall Pills. Added Status: Immaculate Body. After the effect ends, resistance will weaken, and dust allergy will be applied to the body.]

[Immaculate Body: A clean body, a clear mind, and a pure soul. Duration: 7 days] (− +)

This Dustfall Pill was a high-grade Profound-rank medicinal pill. It was practically the highest-grade spirit pill that could be bought with spirit stones.

Jiang Li ate another seven pills in one go. It felt as if there was a river of water flowing through his intestines. In just a breath, all the impurities in his body were cleansed.

Because it was too clean, after this effect ended, he would be even more unable to endure filth and foreign objects than ordinary people. His body’s resistance in all aspects would weaken, and it would be easy for him to have an allergic reaction to foreign objects.

However, as long as he maintained the Immaculate Body forever, there would be no problem.

His lungs recovered and the various hidden illnesses and impurities in his body were swept away. Jiang Li felt as if he had removed a thousand kilograms of dead weight. His body had never been so relaxed!

“You’re done for!”

Jiang Li looked at his hand that was bound by the corpse wrapping cloth, and with a command in his mind, a ball of Ghost Lantern Cold Flame that was suffused with a dark green color appeared in his right hand.

As soon as Ghost Lantern Cold Flame touched the corpse wrapping cloth, it immediately burned crazily as if it had touched gasoline.

The ghosts let out a miserable scream. The shroud quickly loosened and was about to escape, but Jiang Li could not let it do as it pleased.

The chains that were originally wrapped around his left arm immediately swam to his right arm and tied the corpse wrapping cloth!

The corpse wrapping cloth could not escape and the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame would not let it go. The thousands of hungry ghosts on the cloth were burned in a few breaths! The entire cloth was also destroyed by the flames.

“How dare you destroy my artifact! Die!”

The male devil was originally waiting to see Jiang Li’s internal organs get eaten, he would eventually die in pain.

However, after eating a bottle of pills, he suddenly became fine and even destroyed his artifact.

The male devil felt sorry for his artifact, and he roared as he charged towards Jiang Li. Originally, with his cultivation and ability, it would not be a problem for him to fight Jiang Li for another 300 rounds.

However, the disadvantage of the demonic cultivators was exposed. Their minds were filled with negative emotions, making it difficult for them to maintain their rationality.

A claw directly collided with Jiang Li’s right fist. The Dragon Imprisoning Lock seized the opportunity and directly coiled around his hand like a slithering snake. In an instant, it firmly bound this person.

The chains immediately lit up with spiritual light, suppressing the Core Formation cultivator’s strength and spiritual qi to the bottom. He fell to the ground like a mortal.


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