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Chapter 1219: Why Do You Have To Choose The Difficult Way

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Her hands were cuffed together behind her back, her mouth was stuffed with a ball, and a collar with a chain was placed on her neck. Camilla was taken aback, and she tried to struggle.

This collar had the same effect as the spirit binding rope. Once it was put on, Camilla realized that her magic was sealed instantly. She couldn’t summon it no matter how hard she tried.

Although the handcuffs on her wrists were covered by fur, she couldn’t get out of them without magic.

The hollow ball in her mouth made her cheeks puffed out and almost filled up her mouth. She couldn’t talk, and could only make smothered murmurs.

As for that weird collar and the metal chain connected to it, they reminded her of the dogs that were locked up by the humans, or those poor women who were locked up by the perverts in the stories.

In the blink of an eye, Camilla discovered she was captured by Mag again. Even though it wasn’t done by that shameful rope boundage, the current set of equipment made her feel even more shameful and frightened.

This fellow really was a pervert!

A normal man would not have such a set of perverted instruments in his bed at all times, and every move he made was well-practiced as if he had done it many times before.

“Hmm… Mmm…” Camilla tried to look calm, but she was panicking badly in her heart.

What is this pervert trying to do to me?!

Maybe he wanted to lock me up here?

Maybe putting the collar and chain on me was his way of treating me like his dog?

Numerous thoughts flashed through her mind. She didn’t expect she would be tricked by the same stinky man twice.

“My skills didn’t get rusty at all.” Mag was surprised at his own adeptness. As a dog lover, he did often put on a collar for his puppy so he could take it out for a walk.

This could explain why he was so adept at it. This had to be the reason.

Of course, as a polite gentleman, Mag’s purpose was purely to protect himself from molesters when he ordered this weird set of equipment from the System.

As expected, he got to utilize it today. He had caught a female molester (bat) on the spot tonight.

As for putting a ball in her mouth, his objective was to prevent her from making weird noises and interrupting others’ sleep when he needed to interrogate her later.

However, the soundproofing done by the System was so good that he didn’t have to worry about people hearing him without putting the ball in.

The collar was made from a small portion of the spirit binding rope that Mag cut off from the one that Camilla used previously. t.i.t for tat was definitely the right thing to do.

Mag turned on the light at the bedside, and, as if he was still that gentle, nice boss, smilingly said to Camilla, “I know you are panicking, but don’t worry, I will not do anything to you.”

Camilla was a little relieved after she saw Mag’s smile. He was right. He was only a restauranteur; he wouldn’t really dare to do anything to her. She was Countess Bartoli, the princess of the vampire tribe…

“However, you seem to have broken our contract. We have agreed that I will only return the Photostone after you have worked in the restaurant for one year. Then, we will have nothing to do with each other anymore.” Mag picked up a whip on the floor and twisted it in his hands. “But, what are you doing here in my room in less than a day’s time?”

“Mmm… Mmm…” Camilla tried to explain.

“You don’t have to explain. These things have already told me about your intentions.” Mag swung the whip and made it crack at Camilla’s ears.

Camilla quieted down immediately. She dared not move nor make a sound as she looked at Mag. This fellow almost hit her beautiful face.

“Don’t worry. I am a good man.” Mag tossed the whip in his hand behind him and smiled again.

Camilla was relieved after she saw Mag tossed the whip away. It seemed like this fellow didn’t have the guts to do anything to her.

Mag turned his wrist around, and a white goose feather appeared in his hand. He began to get close to Camilla with a perverted smile.

Camilla stared at the feather in Mag’s hand in a shock. What was this fellow trying to do by taking out a feather? Was he trying to make her submit to him with this feather?

Heh. Ridiculous. How would Countess Bartoli submit to him because of a feather?!

“Now, you have two choices. The first one, nod your head and swear on your ancestors’ name that you will submit to me for one year. You will neither defy me nor go against me. The second one, shake your head and accept my punishment until you nod,” Mag told Camilla seriously.

Let me submit to you? Dream on! Camilla glared at Mag and shook her head with conviction. She didn’t care what methods he used to torture her; she was never going to submit to him.

“Since you do not have the contractual spirit, I have no choice but to utilize certain special techniques.” Mag sighed lightly before bending over to grab Camilla’s ankle.

“Hmm!” Camilla got a shock and tried to pull her leg back. Was this pervert trying to do that to her…

But Mag’s hand was so strong she couldn’t free her leg no matter how hard she struggled. Suddenly, her foot felt cold and her high heel shoe was removed.

Mag tossed that stiletto aside as he looked at the fair foot and delicate toes that curled up nicely due to nervousness. He calmly asked Camilla, “Nod or shake your head?”

Camilla shook her head determinedly, but her gaze was terrified. She had heard about perverts who had foot fetish before. Could this fellow be one of them? What was he trying to do with her cute little foot?!

“Why do you have to choose the difficult way?” Mag sighed. He began to hold the feather like a drawing pencil, and gently swiped across the base of her fair foot.

“Hmm…” Camilla felt as if she was electrified, and her mind went blank. Then, it felt like countless ants were crawling across the spot that the feather had just touched. That tingling sensation made her body tense up. Her m.u.f.fled mouth could only make out a meaningless moan.

“You have the power to decide. Whenever you are ready, you just have to nod,” Mag said calmly. The feather was drawing circles at the bottom of her foot and in between her toes as if it was drawing a painting.

“Hoo, hoo…” Camilla felt her mind went blank. She knew a man was toying with her foot so the tingling sensation was magnified infinitely, but her mouth was covered and her hands were tied. She couldn’t call for help.

Although her rational mind told her she couldn’t submit to this fellow, after 10-odd minutes of a.s.sault by the feather, Camilla, who was soaked with sweat, finally nodded her head.


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