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Chapter 1231: The Princess Conquered By The Eggplant With Garlic Sauce

The Andre Family represented the highest power in the Roth Empire.

Of course, the huge Andre Family had numerous members. However, King Andre only had one princess who was 16 years old and happened to be called Vanessa.

Mag had just read all the information about the Roth Empire that day. This princess, who was highly favored by the king, had rarely appeared in public in recent years. As she wasn’t a crucial character, there wasn’t much written about her in the information. It was also mentioned as a possible secret ailment’s result.

Now, Mag was almost sure what that secret ailment was. The caries that he saw.

For a beautiful maiden, it was indeed difficult to accept the caries that were affecting her looks and grace.

Mag appraised Vanessa for a moment. He had to admit that the Andre Family genes were indeed very good. The tall and handsome Sean, the brooding Josh, and the beautiful Vanessa… except the third prince who looked like a monkey, they were all very good-looking.

The king had just sent someone to summon me to Rodu a few days ago. Why did this princess come to Chaos City on her own? What’s the motive of her trip? Mag had many questions in his mind. The peace treaty renegotiation between the species was going to start soon. Given Princess Vanessa’s status, she should be staying in the palace obediently during this troubled period. Coming to Chaos City wasn’t a smart thing to do.

On the other hand, Vanessa and her companions had already placed their orders, and were waiting for their food to be served patiently.

Because of what transpired earlier, the ambience between them was a little awkward.

Randy wanted to say something to relieve the awkwardness. For example, he didn’t mind that Miss Vansa’s teeth were rotten, or even if her teeth were rotten, she still had a beautiful smile.

But after some serious consideration, he finally chose to remain silent. All these words would only hurt, and not console her.

Vanessa’s emotions had slowly calmed down. Compared to the behind-the-back snickering and unabashed sarcasm, Randy’s reaction was already very restrained, and he didn’t mean any harm.

However, she still felt inferior about her caries which still looked rather frightening.

Abraham remained seated quietly as he observed Vanessa carefully. This la.s.s was very outgoing and energetic when she was young. She always pestered him to bring her around to eat good food. She had become quiet and reserved in recent years because of her teeth. He also wouldn’t get to see her once for half a year. If coming to Chaos City could resolve her issue, then her leaving the palace wasn’t such a bad thing.

“The eggplant with garlic sauce that you’ve ordered. The sweet tofu pudding will be served later. Enjoy.” Yabemiya placed two bowls of steamed rice and a helping of eggplant with garlic sauce in front of Vanessa and Lola.

“Thank you,” Vanessa said politely, but her gaze was totally attracted by the fish in the plate. The fish that was split open in half and carved beautifully. A thick golden red sauce was drizzled over the fish meat.

A rich meat aroma a.s.sailed her. All the aromas of the meat dishes she had before couldn’t compare to this one.

“It smells even better than in my dreams,” Vanessa murmured. She knew it was an eggplant and not a fish on the plate, but the chef’s excellent cutting skills and unique cooking method made this eggplant look exactly like a fish.

She had dreamt about this eggplant with garlic sauce many times, but she only realized her imagination was inadequate when the real thing was placed in front of her.

Isn’t this a fish? Lola was also sizing the dish up curiously. She had heard the princess talk about it many times, and it was the cause for their daring escape from the palace.

They crossed half of the continent to come to Chaos City all because of this eggplant with garlic sauce. This was simply crazy.

“Taste this eggplant with garlic sauce that you have been pining for,” Abraham said with a smile.

“Mm-hm,” Vanessa answered, and quickly placed a piece of eggplant in her mouth with her chopsticks.

The soft eggplant seemed to melt in her mouth instantly, and then the four distinct tastes of sour, spicy, sweet, and savory exploded in her mouth at the same time.

It inspired her usual calm taste buds like a dormant volcano had suddenly exploded, and its lava was giving her tongue the most intense rush.

Every taste was so distinct, yet they intertwined with one another so harmoniously. It made her lose herself in the taste uncontrollably.

The taste buds were trying to resist it initially, but then they gave in to the taste and celebrated. She swallowed slowly after her mouth had experienced the mad rush of tastes. The exquisite taste lingered in her mouth.

“Oh! What an unbelievable taste!” Vanessa praised. Even though she had read Derrick’s article, and imagined how it tasted numerous times, she realized words were inadequate when it came to describing the taste of the eggplant with garlic sauce after she had tasted it for herself.

The revelry and craziness at the tip of the tongue and the lingering aroma had all displayed the charisma of this vegetarian dish.

Vanessa knew she was totally conquered by this dis.h.!.+

The simple combination of the savory eggplant with garlic sauce with a bowl of steamed rice had blossomed into an unbelievable scrumptious taste. Vanessa, who only had had some dry rations during her journey, couldn’t stop eating.

“Is it really so delicious?” Lola looked at the princess, who was a picky eater, yet was so happy and excited, with a hint of suspicion on her face.

Vanessa raised her head up from the bowl, and said, “Join me, Lola.”

“I am not hungry. Please go ahead.” Lola swiftly shook her head. According to the rules, she wasn’t allowed to sit at the same table with the princess, let alone eat together with her.

“There are not many chances to savor good food like this. It would be a waste to miss it.” Vanessa pushed the other bowl of steamed rice to Lola, and smilingly said, “This is an order.”

“Let’s eat. After all, it’s on me today,” Abraham also said with a smile. He knew Vanessa always treated this maid who grew up with her exceptionally well. Furthermore, he didn’t mind who was eating together with him at the same table.

Since both the princess and the duke had spoken, even though Lola wasn’t very willing, she didn’t dare to reject anymore. She picked up a piece of eggplant, and put it on the steamed rice before eating them together.


The eyes of Lola, who didn’t expect much, glowed. The soft eggplant seemed to have melted on the rice, and the sour, spicy, sweet, and savory gravy had seeped into the rice. The more she chewed, the better it tasted.

“It is the unlikeable eggplant. How did it become so delicious…” Lola’s heart was filled with shock. She had tasted many scrumptious foods cooked by many famous chefs as the princess’s personal maid, but she had to admit that none of the chefs’ delicacies was comparable to this.


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