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Chapter 1372: Holy Light, Purify These Dirty Demons!

The night came again, and Jane was clearing up the mess after the restaurant had ceased its service. Mag and his family were already up on the balcony.

“Little Ay, tonight we will be eliminating the bad guys and maintaining the world’s peace again. Are you ready?” Mag asked seriously as he crouched down, and straightened Amy’s night camouflage clothes as he looked into her eyes which were not covered by the black scarf and balaclava.

“I am an without emotions.” Amy nodded coldly.

“Uh? This is weird.” Mag stared at Amy, and felt that this little girl had been completely led astray by her mother.

“Isn’t this very cool?” Amy looked at Mag perplexedly.

“That’s right. We’re without emotions who focus on killing the bad guys,” Irina said haughtily. She had already removed her camouflage, and put on her white long dress again.

Mag smiled helplessly as he looked at the mother-daughter duo.

Alright. He also wanted to nurture Amy’s character to help the weak and punish the evil, so it was good that she learned that from her mother.

“Ah Zi.” Mag waved, and Ah Zi dashed down from the sky like a purple lightning. It spread its wings to slow down its descent before landing on the balcony quietly. Even though it had folded in its wings slightly, they still covered the entire balcony.

“Come here.” Mag tossed the 10 beggar’s chickens that he had prepared in advance to Ah Zi one by one, and Ah Zi ate every one of them with a single bite. It chewed with a crackling sound, and its tail was swaying instinctively. It even looked at Mag expectantly after it had finished eating.

“That’s all we have. I will make you more next time.” Mag patted Ah Zi’s head with a smile. Given its appet.i.te, 10 beggar’s chickens could only be considered as an insufficient supper.

“Ow.” Ah Zi rubbed against Mag’s palm with its head lovingly. Although it wasn’t full, it was still very grateful.

“Let’s go then.” Mag picked up Amy and leaped onto Ah Zi’s back. Irina leaped onto Ah Zi’s back too. Ah Zi spread its wings, rose up into the air, and quickly disappeared from Carapace Island’s sky.

“Such a strong wind suddenly came.” Jane, who had just gathered all the rubbish together, held onto her skirt quickly as she looked up into the sky with befuddlement. The moon was hanging in the sky and she saw nothing, so she continued to clear the rubbish.

Meanwhile, two black figures poked out their heads from an alley nearby, and gazed toward the crayfish restaurant.

“Do we act now?” a demon whispered.

“Let’s wait a while longer. We will act after they’re asleep,” the other demon whispered in reply.

“That lady boss and the girl are so pretty. Let’s have some fun with them after we got the money.”

“Hey, we think alike.”

“They can earn tens of thousands of copper coins every day. We will have a good life no matter where we go.”

Two low laughters reverberated throughout the alley.


The purple-striped griffin flew all the way northward, and a red island about 650 km away from Carapace Island appeared in their view.

Fel Island was the territory of fel demons. As a powerful tribe that ranked at the seventh place, the fel demons were known for their powerful and evil natural talents. They could absorb others’ powers and use them as their own. Because of their evil talents, their power could increase exponentially.

Furthermore, there was an unnamed island that was full of weird rock formations about 160 km north of Fel Island. It looked like an uninhabited island, and not even a magic beast could be seen there.

“It’s right there,” Irina said in a cold voice as she pointed at that black uninhabited island on the sea.

“Go down, Ah Zi.” Mag patted Ah Zi’s back gently, and it dived down immediately.

As they got closer and closer, Mag could sense the presence of the demons. It seemed like Irina’s intel was correct. There was indeed something hiding on this island.

Ah Zi glided close to the uninhabited island at a low alt.i.tude, while Irina closed her eyes. A powerful spiritual power gushed downward like waves.

Irina opened her eyes, and softly said, “That’s the entrance to the cave. There’s a total of 40 demons. The most powerful one is an 8th-tier demon, and the rest are just small fries. The elves are trapped in the rock cavern in the cave. There’s a total of 320 elves.”

“Ah Zi, go to the cave’s entrance,” Mag ordered.


Ah Zi let out a cry as it transformed into a purple lightning, and flew toward the cave’s entrance rapidly.

A demon was snoozing at the cave’s entrance, and he opened his eyes drowsily when he heard some sounds. Then, he saw a giant griffin descend from the sky rapidly.


Before he could finish speaking, a giant paw already pressed onto his head, and squashed him straight into the ground.

Sounds of hurried footsteps could be heard in the pa.s.sageway, and Mag had already gone in with his sword drawn.

Sounds of the melee weren’t intense, as it was a one-sided slaughter.

In that short period of time, Mag had already taken care of the dozens of demons in the pa.s.sageway, and the alarm in the cave finally rang.

“Dying silently is too merciful for them,” Irina said with a cold expression as she looked at the sealed pa.s.sageway.

Mag kept his longsword and stepped to a side.

Irina walked forward gradually with a bench in her hand.

Amy was following closely behind her, holding the magic caster’s staff up high with both hands.

“Boss, we’ve got enemies infiltrating the cave!” a demon said as he barged into a cave suddenly in panic to a fel demon who had tied a naked elf to a wooden frame, holding a b.l.o.o.d.y whip in his hands.

“Why are you panicking? This is our, fel demons’, territory. Who would dare to infiltrate it?” The other fel demon whipped the elf, and left a b.l.o.o.d.y mark on that fair body. His gaze became even more excited with her cry of pain.

“But, all our brothers out there are dead. We’ve sealed the pa.s.sageway, but the enemies could come in very soon,” the previous demon continued frantically. They were employed by the fel demons, and such infiltrations had never happened before under their protection.

“Useless idiots.” That fel demon tossed the whip to the ground before grasping the face of the elf on the wooden frame with a smirk. “Baby, I will come back to play with you shortly. I will have to send you all away in the next few days, so I don’t get many chances like this.”


That elf spat out a mouthful of b.l.o.o.d.y saliva on that demon’s face, and coldly told him, “Princess Irina will kill all of you sooner or later.”

“Irina? She can’t even save herself, how is she going to kill others? Maybe I will even have a chance to tie her up here like you in the future and toy with her as I like.” The fel demon wiped away the saliva on his face, and lifted his hand up with an increasingly ferocious expression.


A loud bang sounded in the pa.s.sageway, and glaring holy light lit up the dark underground cave.

“Holy Light, purify these dirty demons.”

A cold voice sounded.


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