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Chapter 1541: In Action!

Outside the city south’s prison, the orcs in black, who were surrounded, watched a man kick the ceiling cover of the jail cell away in awe. Their hopelessness turned into joy and a little bit of fear.

Even ghosts and devils could not be compared to him. He simply appeared from above and landed among a group of orcs, just like a wolf appearing in a flock of sheep. Even the 9th-tier magic casters could not keep up with him, and were all beaten up into minced meat.

He alone could go against 1000 opponents.

The scariest part was that after the end of the fight, the orcs in black just watched the man disappear into the distance without having seen his face clearly.

He only left them with a sentence. “Connie told me to save you all.”

“It’s Princess Connie!!!”

“Princess Connie did not die!”

“She’s back with formidable help!”

Everyone suddenly let out cries of surprise and joy after being stunned for a moment.

All this while, there had been news that Princess Connie had been killed, and therefore Young Master Ferdinand was the chief’s only child left.

They didn’t think that Princess Connie even found such a formidable helper to reinstate the Falk Tribe instead of dying.

Now that the prison was destroyed, the orcs that were held captive could escape with the help of the orcs in black.

Little fellow, I can only lure these old things out so you have some more s.p.a.ce. Rex rushed towards the noisy battlefield. These orcs might be a little stupid, but they were still the building blocks of the future government. He had to save some of them.

He had always been good at killing.

Of course, after staying in Bastie Prison for more than 100 years, he was no longer so temperamental.

However, the moment he set foot on this piece of land, his blood started to boil with pa.s.sion. He wanted to kill. He longed to kill.

This piece of land was her hometown.

He once set foot here and sat by the cliff to watch the sunrise.

And at that time, she was sitting somewhere not far away, watching him quietly.

She was a kind lady.

She should not have pa.s.sed away so quietly just like that.

He had to kill these people. These people drove her to her grave.

There were too many people here, all of them looking abhorrent, so the only thing he could do to calm his raging heart was to kill them.


Just as Mag was about to set off, the black bat that had been sitting quietly on his shoulder suddenly spoke, and Camilla’s voice came out from it. “There is an intense fight in the city’s southern region. Two 10th-tier powerhouses came out from the palace, and they are rus.h.i.+ng to the southern side with people with them.”

“Hm?” Mag was a little surprised. Irina had yet to set out, so this sudden movement seemed a little strange.

Could it be that the Hairless Monk has already taken action? That was the only method that Mag could think of that could successfully lure the two 10th-tier powerhouses out.

“If that’s the case, we should get started too.” Mag smiled. With the Hairless Monk’s partic.i.p.ation, the difference in capabilities between both sides narrowed down.

“Then I’ll go to the city’s western region to loiter around. I’ll try to get close to the palace. If you meet with any danger, I’ll rush over immediately,” Irina told everyone. She stood up, and a large spell formation that was almost the size of the entire room appeared underneath her. With a flash of light, everyone in the room disappeared, and the fire on the oil lamp on the table also went out.

Mag and the rest could only see a flash of light, and they were already outside a grand and imposing palace.

“When you run into danger, give me your location,” Irina told Mag again before disappearing.

Mag looked at the palace that gleamed as the fire lit it up. He squinted slightly. There was a light s.h.i.+eld three meters away. It was like a bowl cupped downwards, covering the palace.

“Follow me. I know how we can avoid all the traps and sneak in through the protective s.h.i.+eld.” Connie rushed over and beckoned everyone over. After that, she went into the bushes on the left.

“Let’s go.” Mag was the first to follow behind Connie. This was her house, after all. Even though the owner of the house had changed, they could not possibly change everything.

After walking nearly halfway around the palace, Connie brought everyone through a secret pa.s.sageway that was hidden by some dried shrubs, and only entered when she was certain that they would not cause too many changes to the dining area.

“Doesn’t this place look like a hole for little dogs?” Amy asked softly.

Everyone had a strange expression. That was what they were worried about too.

“The cats we rear in the palace would occasionally go in and out through this hole. We do not have dogs in the palace,” Connie explained. After that, she walked towards the hole, and said, “I’ll go in first. We can communicate via the walkie-talkie if there’s anything important.”

Everyone saw Connie disappear into the pa.s.sageway very quickly. They hesitated for a while, and also went ahead through the tunnel.

The other side of the pa.s.sageway was an inconspicuous tree hollow.

This pa.s.sageway brought them into the palace without causing any changes to the protective s.h.i.+eld.

Mag looked around, and could quickly pinpoint their location based on some landmarks. “This should be the garden. There’s no rush to go in deep. We can start our operation when Gary is also lured out.” He told everyone to calm down, stay put, and wait for instructions.

Irina’s and Rex’s operation had already successfully lured 30 powerhouses away. Once Gary couldn’t take it and left the palace, they would be able to search the place freely.

The strong magic waves from the western region quickly spread over. Even at the palace, Mag and the others could clearly feel how terrifying the impact and the strength of the initial wave of shock must have been.


“There are even 10th-tier powerhouses?” In the pa.s.sageway to the secret chamber, Gary paused in his tracks and looked to the west as though he had a premonition. His gloomy face changed a little as he pondered deeply for a while. He turned around decisively and walked towards the exit.

“Send my orders out. Get Basil back to the palace!” Gary ordered once he returned to the hall.

“Yes!” A loud response came from outside the hall, and two orcs quickly left after receiving the orders.

“You want to lure me out so that you can come in to search the palace, eh? I do want to see if you can s.n.a.t.c.h him away from me,” Gary scoffed, and turned back towards the pa.s.sageway.

The interior of the pa.s.sageway was adorned with luminous gemstones. The gentle lights from the stones lit up the 10-meter-long pa.s.sageway which led to a s.p.a.cious room.

A young orc was sitting by the table. In front of him was a boiling pot of tea.

“Someone’s here to save you,” Gary said sarcastically as he sat in front of the young orc.

“I didn’t think that there would still be people that would come to save me.” The young orc laughed in self-mockery. He suddenly coughed violently twice, and quickly used the white handkerchief in his hand to cover his mouth. He slowly tightened his grip on the handkerchief as a spot of red started spreading outwards.


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