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Chapter 1726: My Junior Is So Cute!

Chaos School’s vision was to let children grow happily. Therefore, the term-end party was set before the term-end examination. There would be no complimenting students for achieving good results, but there would be a segment before the performances where the school would award students for having good morals, being helpful, and having made contributions… and other encouraging awards so that everyone could see these students as their role models.

“Next, congratulations to Amy from elementary cla.s.s two for winning the contributions award for this term! She has defeated the Roth Empire’s representative team with the Chaos School representative team in a challenge, and has contributed greatly to the school!” the said with a smile.

“Amy, you’ve won an award.” Daphne jumped from her seat, and was even happier than when she won the good-morals award.

“It’s the school’s contribution award with only one winner!” Ignatsu was also very agitated.

“I guess so.” Amy was a little confused. “But, I didn’t do anything. I didn’t even go to cla.s.s often… How did I win the award?”

“Go on, you deserve it.” Mag caressed Amy’s head with a smile.

“Mm-hmm.” Amy nodded, stood up, and hopped over to the stage.

“The contribution award was actually awarded to an elementary student. How shocking,” a parent of an older student said sourly.

Many parents were equally bewildered. After all, this was the grandest award, and was always only awarded to those older students who had made great contributions to the school. However, this time, the award recipient was actually an elementary student who’d just enrolled in school one year ago.

“Mother, you didn’t watch that duel. If it weren’t for Amy, Chaos School would have lost to the Magus Tower. She is well-deserving of this award,” the parent’s son retorted. After that, he looked forward with twinkling eyes, and said, “Look at her skipping around, how cute!”

“Yes, little Amy is the legend of Chaos School. She’s super cute and super powerful.” The students all started to explain to their parents. They had no objections regarding the award’s recipient.

Amy skipped to the stage and looked up. Her vision was blocked, and she seemed to be a little stunned.

“Aiya, she’s blocked.” Daphne looked at Amy’s back view, and exclaimed, “She looks so cute even when she’s s.p.a.cing out!”

“But there are steps at the side.” Ignatsu covered his face.

Mag laughed out too. The little fellow was so busy running through her performance in her head that she did not notice how the other award recipients got onto the stage. The steps on both sides of the stage were rather concealed, so it was not very apparent at first glance.

“Why did she stop?”

“Did she get lost on her way to the stage? She’s stuck because she couldn’t find the steps to the stage?”

“So she can only go straight?”

“Hahaha, my junior is so cute!”

The, who was standing at the center of the stage, could only see the top half of Amy’s rabbit ears. He was also wondering why she stopped there, and was not coming up on stage.

Emmm… did everyone jump up the stage? Amy looked at the stage in front of her, and was confused. However, she did not see steps anywhere. It seemed like this was the’s test for everyone.

After she realized that, Amy bent her knees slightly and jumped up onto the stage. She landed stably in front of the, and her rabbit ears even shook a little.

The sudden jump gave the a scare. However, when he saw the little fellow looking at him with her large, round eyes, he could not help but smile, and said with a chuckle, “Our little friend is full of energy, even the way she comes up on stage says so.”

A roar of laughter erupted in the hall. No one would dare to blame such a cute little fellow.

“Congratulations, Amy. I hope you can continue to be as bubbly and energetic.” The pa.s.sed the award to Amy.

“Thank you.” Amy bowed at the, and before the applause stopped, she had already skipped back to her seat downstage happily.

“Er…” The looked at Amy, who was back in her seat. He could only swallow down the encouraging speech that he had prepared.

Amy’s contribution to Chaos School did not just stop at helping the school win the elite team from Magus Tower.

Because of Amy, Chaos School could engage as their close combat magic tutor, and have a new magic room and several academic buildings. Such a contribution could not be measured with a single contribution award.

“Alright, now, let us sit back and enjoy the performances brought by our students.” The did not speak further, and went straight to the topic.

“Father, look at my award.” Amy placed the award in Mag’s hand as she waited eagerly for a compliment.

The award had a golden base, and the school’s logo was carved in red. Instead of the two tacky words “contribution award”, there were three silver stars carved in the top right corner of the badge. There was even a pin at the back so that the badge could be pinned straight at the collar.

“My Little Amy is great.” Mag smiled and stroked Amy’s head. The little fellow had adapted really well to school life, and was well-loved by her schoolmates. She did way better than he did back in those days.

After all, he became the common target of all male students because he was too popular among female students.

However, Amy was different. Even Daphne became her little fangirl.

“Hehe.” Amy smiled gleefully. It seemed that getting praised by Mag made her happier than winning the award.

After that, a few children went on stage to introduce the performance.

Mag had not seen such performances ever since he graduated from elementary school. The students’ performances were rather clumsy, and their voices were all young and childish. Watching the performances with Amy seemed rather interesting too.

Luna came over to remind Amy to prepare to go onstage.

Amy rose and looked at Mag as she very seriously instructed, “Father, I am going backstage to get ready. You have to sit here obediently and watch my performance.”

“Mm-hmm. I’ll be sitting right here.” Mag nodded with a smile.

“Go, Amy!” Daphne cheered as she held her fist out.

“Remember to go up from the steps,” Ignatsu reminded her softly.

“Mm-hm, mm-hm.” Amy nodded before following Luna backstage.

“Uncle, what is Amy performing?” Daphne asked Mag curiously.

“Yeah. She won’t tell us.” Ignatsu was also curious.

“She didn’t tell me, either, but we’ll find out in a bit.” Mag smiled and shook his head. It looked like the little fellow kept her secret very well. She would always shut herself in her room to practice, and did not even divulge any information.

The performances continued. After two performances, the little emcee introduced, “Next, let’s welcome Amy from elementary cla.s.s two to perform her solo dance: the rabbit dance!”


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