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Chapter 1798: I’ll Take Your Life Today!

In the cave, the powerhouses looked at the octopus monster that had a few hundred tentacles severed and was almost buried by stone and sand, and then at the hold right on the roof of the cave in awe.

Alex did not die.

But it seemed his clothes were destroyed by the lightning.

Therefore, he spiraled up and left… while chopping off a few hundred octopus monster tentacles.

Everyone felt even more shock as they looked at the mess in the cave and the octopus monster that was howling hysterically as it banged on the seal.

However, when did the tentacles of this octopus monster become so easily severed?

The stones and dust were automatically repelled when they came into the 1-meter radius of Irina. There was finally a smile on her worried face; at the same time, she was a little puzzled.

“Young and outstanding,” exclaimed.

“He… seemed to have broken through.” Urien’s eyes lit up.


Outside the cave, when everyone saw the purple lightning disappear on the horizon, they each had different expressions.

In the middle of the charred, black crater was an even deeper hole of around five meters, reaching all the way into the ground.

“Alex is still alive!”

Michael was excited. He could finally rest a.s.sured.

The powerhouses from Lantisde were also elated.

The powerhouses all saluted in the direction Alex left in. He was a hero who did not care about the cost, and almost gave up his life to save the world.

The eyes of the Roth Empire’s knights were glimmering. The general they were familiar with seemed to be coming back again!

The magic casters from the Magus Tower appeared to have mixed emotions. Alex was after all the legend of the Roth Empire. Although he had already left, they still felt a sense of pride at this very moment.

“Such presence… could he really have transcended to the legendary tier?” Douglas muttered to himself as he watched the figure disappear into the distance.

“Legends are still legends. Old fellows like us couldn’t find the way to break through after so many years. How could a young lad in his early 30s get past so easily?” Franklin shook his head. He paused for a while, and said, “However, if he could endure such a terrifying thunder strike, he must have improved a lot during the three years he went missing. I might not be able to defeat him later.”

“In any case, I wouldn’t be able to survive that thunder strike,” Louis muttered under his breath.

Everyone’s expression changed upon hearing that. Although they were all at the 10th-tier, Franklin and Louis were still the cream of the crop. Even though there was no specific ranking, no one would usually compare themselves.

But why would they put it out there that they could not defeat Alex? Wouldn’t that mean that Alex had already become the best powerhouse of the entire Norland Continent?

Th-this is impossible! Josh clenched his fists as he bit into his lip until it bled.

Alex did not die, and the devil was resealed. All his plans had been foiled by Alex. He had lost his money and his woman.

The worst part was that instead of decreasing, Alex’s powers increased, and he was even better than before.

That was no good news to Josh.

He… how is he alive? Westin’s face turned as pale as a sheet. He heard Franklin and the others, and stumbled backward as he turned to leave.

“Westin. Back then, you attempted to me. Since the crisis has been dispelled, I’ll take your life today!” Suddenly, an angry exclamation came from the sky. The purple lightning returned, and before Westin could even see a figure, a black longsword was already flying over from the horizon.

“Oh no!!!”

Westin activated all his protective s.h.i.+elds all of a sudden. At the same time, he clutched tightly the black rod in his hands, and he hurled it towards the flying sword immediately after turning around.

As a 10th-tier demon, he put almost all the power he had acc.u.mulated throughout his whole life behind this rod.

A blood-red figure appeared above the rod. The weapon made from the metal of the deep ocean was his best bet throughout his years roaming around the line.

All he needed to do was block this attack from Alex. The rest of the demons and Chaos City would never watch him die here without doing anything.

The black sword was very fast. It appeared narrower than three years ago, and there were even silver threads of electricity on the sword. It appeared as though it could cut even the s.p.a.ce up.

The rod, as thick as a thigh, hit the black longsword, causing the sound of the howling wind. It felt as though the figure was letting out a ghostly cry, making fear come out from within.


It was a crisp sound, but the tip of the sword had yet to appear.

The rod was sliced in two like tofu.


Westin only had time to let out a fearful cry. The longsword had already stabbed through all his protective s.h.i.+elds, and had already pinned Westin to the ground!


One half of the sliced iron rod landed on the ground beside Westin’s head, as though it was a wordless tombstone.

It was eerily silent.

The demons, who were about to stop Mag, paused in their steps. They looked in shock at the lifeless Westin, who was pinned to the ground, as their eyelids twitched fervently.

Michael’s lips moved. But he did not say a word.

All the powerhouses could not contain their shock.

Westin could only be considered average among the 10th-tiers, but was still a 10th-tier powerhouse who had gained fame for a long while. There might be many people at the scene who could defeat him, or kill him at a certain cost, but they would admit that they could never kill him so easily.

That single blow was as quick as lightning. Westin died without being able to put up any effective resistance.

Everyone looked up at the figure sitting on the back of the purple-striped griffin in the sky. There was no question that he had already transcended to that legendary level, and become the strongest man in Norland Continent.

What made everyone fearful was that Alex, who was undefeatable when a sword’s length away, had broken the limit of distance, and had a flying sword as fast as lightning, so he could easily kill a magic caster who was casting a spell far away.

“Protect me!” Josh’s face turned as white as a sheet as he stumbled towards the two knights closest to him.

The magic casters and knights from the Roth Empire quickly got into formation to surround Josh as they looked up nervously at the figure in the sky and that black longsword that was equally famous compared to its owner.

There was an extra silver lightning symbol on the Tian Du sword, which made it seem a little more tyrannical.

Everyone knew that from today onwards, it would take the top spot among weapons.

The Tian Du sword flew to the sky, and levitated at a man’s height above Josh.

“Alex, you cannot kill me! I am the second prince of the Roth Empire! If you kill me, you’re putting yourself against the entire world!” Josh shouted with a little tremble in his voice.

He felt the fear of death at the edge of the sword. At this moment, the fear was ever so real, as real as Westin’s corpse.

Although he was surrounded by several 10th-tier powerhouses, just like how it was during the back then, Alex was no longer the same person that had to protect his child in front of him right now.


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