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Chapter 1808: Feels Like We’re Earning?

Mag put up a new notice at the entrance.

“New product of the day: stir-fried octopus tentacles, octopus b.a.l.l.s!”

Mag was suddenly grateful to the city lord’s castle for not announcing the characteristics of the devil to the people. Otherwise, no one would ever try his new product.

“Father, let’s go back after breakfast. I’ve already told the boss yesterday.” Babla brought the Moon Nation King and entourage to the restaurant. She knocked on the door, and glanced at the little blackboard hanging on the door.


The moment Babla and the people from the Moon Nation saw the two new dishes, their eyes flicked open, and they were dumbfounded.

“I… suddenly don’t really have any appet.i.te. Why don’t we skip breakfast.” Babla stroked herself to soothe her churning stomach. The moment she saw the tentacles, she could not help but recall the countless terrifying tentacles of the octopus monster in the dark cave.

“Good idea. Let’s go back to the palace for breakfast.” The king nodded with a smile. This restaurant owner was rather interesting to launch these two new products at this time.

The other powerhouses from the Moon Nation did not have any opinion. Although they were really looking forward to the restaurant owner’s culinary skills, the impact from the octopus monster was really quite big. Many of them even had nightmares last night.

Babla rang the doorbell. Miya opened the door and let them in.

“There’s still 20 minutes until opening. What do you want to eat?” Mag looked at Babla with a smile.

“Boss, we’ve decided not to eat breakfast in the restaurant. We’ll be going back earlier.” Babla had regained some color on her face. However, she felt as though she was unable to eat for a period of time.

Mag looked at Babla, who appeared rather unnatural. He could guess that she felt revolted by the two new dishes on the board, and could not help but find it funny.

“Mr Mag, thank you for taking care of my daughter all this while. This is a little token for you. I hope that you can accept it.” King Kenneth went up, took out a large case the size of half an adult from his scepter, and put it in front of Mag.

Mag glanced at the case that could fit a woman. The edges were encrusted with gold, and there were gemstones of various sizes embedded. No matter if it was gold or other more valuable things inside, it was certain that it was a huge sum of money.

“Your Majesty, there’s no need to be so kind. Princess Babla is a very outstanding talent. Even if she wasn’t staying in the restaurant, I am sure she would be able to lead a good life in the Norland Continent,” Mag said with a bright smile.

It was the first time Babla heard such praises from Mag, and she could not help but raise her chin higher proudly. “But of course, I am the princess of the Moon Nation.”

Kenneth smiled dotingly.

“Everyone, if you’re in a rush to go back to the Moon Nation, why don’t you bring some food to have on your way. Breakfast is basically prepared.” Mag would naturally not let them leave empty-handed after accepting such a large case of treasures. Otherwise, it would seem that people from the Norland Continent were very petty.

Upon hearing that, Babla, who did not have any appet.i.te, could not help but open her eyes wide, and asked Mag, “Boss, can we take away the tofu pudding as well? I want to bring back one for my mother.”

According to the rules, tofu pudding could not be taken out.

Mag frowned, and thought for a while before asking, “How much time do you need to teleport back? And how much time would you need to send the tofu pudding to your mother?”

Babla thought for a while, and said, “Teleportation only takes a split second. It takes around two minutes to reach my mother’s palace from the underground palace.”

“The texture will not be affected if it’s delivered within three minutes. Alright. I will make an exception, and let you take away the tofu pudding.” Mag nodded.

It was not that he was usually not understanding. Firstly, it was because there was not a lot of tofu pudding to go around, and it was already insufficient for those eating at the restaurant, much less for takeaway. Secondly, the tofu pudding could not withstand b.u.mpy rides, as it would break apart easily. Besides, once it turned cold, the texture and taste would drop significantly, and it would be very different from eating on the spot.

“That’s great! I want a set of sweet tofu pudding!” Babla said happily. She did not expect that Mag, who always talked about the rules, could actually agree to this request.

The moment she felt happy, Babla also felt a little hungry. She thought of the fact that she would not be able to eat the food from Mamy Restaurant after returning to the Moon Nation, and said, “I want another set of tofu pudding and two youtiaos.”

After that, King Kenneth and the Moon Nation entourage ordered their breakfast with the help of Babla.

Mag packed everything up with a takeaway box one by one, and the group brought their breakfast along as they stood at the teleportation portal in the center of the restaurant.

“Goodbye, everyone. I will be back soon.” Babla waved to the others.

“Big Sister Babla, remember to bring a bunny back. Father said that bunnies are delicious,” Amy shouted.


Babla’s voice dragged, and disappeared with a flash of white light.

Everyone waved to the air, and then started preparing for morning operations.

Mag carried the heavy case in his arms, and walked upstairs slowly.

The case was very heavy, around 200 to 300 kg.

The weight would naturally be nothing to Mag. However, he had to act as though he had difficulties carrying it to maintain his persona.

When he reached the study room on the second floor, Mag lifted the cover of the wooden case.

He only cracked it open, and a dazzling light filled the entire room.

Mag quickly closed it back. He turned to lock the door, and pulled the curtains before opening the wooden case again with a peace of mind.


An entire case of dazzling gemstones was presented to Mag. There were rubies, emeralds, sapphires, chrysoberyls, and diamonds…

“This employee was such a good investment.” Mag picked up a dazzling sapphire, and tossed it up in his hand. Any gemstone could fetch more than 1,000,000 copper coins, and there were up to 400 to 500 of such gemstones in this case.

A king indeed. This is just a small token. Mag picked up two random gemstones, and closed the lid. He circled around the study, and finally s.h.i.+fted a bookshelf away, dug out a small hole in the wall behind, and hid the two gemstones inside.

He s.h.i.+fted the bookshelf back to its original place, and looked around again. After making sure that he did not leave any traces behind, he opened the door, and left with a bright smile.


“Wow, Boss Mag is actually launching two new products today!”

“Two new dishes after two rest days, feels like we’re earning?”

“What’s an octopus? What is an octopus tentacle? Can someone explain it?”

“Octopus is seafood. It looks just like a flattened winter melon with many tails at the end. It’s seafood that could be easily found by the sea. However, not many people eat it.”

The customers lining up at the restaurant door looked at the notice, and discussed it fervently.


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